Miyamoto Says Nintendo’s Game Ownership Policy Should Operate “Like A Toy Company”


Legendary video game developer Shigeru Miyamoto believes that games, like a physical toy, should remain the property of their owner. Miyamoto says as a consumer you should be able to keep things for a long time and have those things from your youth that you can go back to and experience again. This is a far cry from Microsoft’s controversial policy with the Xbox One which has transitioned game ownership to a more licence-based approach.

“What’s really important is viewing Nintendo almost like a toy company where we’re making these things for people to play with,” he said. “As a consumer you want to be able to keep those things for a long time and have those things from your youth that you can go back to and experience again.”

“I really want to retain that product nature of the games that we create so that people can do that and have that experience. To me that’s something that’s very important about entertainment itself. So from the approach of continuing to create things that are entertaining for people, that’s an important direction for me that I want to maintain.”



    1. He is still smarter than your father. That is not an opinion, it is a solid fact. Miyamoto single handedly saved gaming as we know it today with super mario brothers. released in 1983. He created sony playstation one. Research history.


      1. There is no forgiveness for such incompetence!
        Go castrate thyself as penance for your unforgivable mistake!


    2. You don’t want to go there with copying. I can bring up a bus load of hardware and software that copied off Nintendo. Wanna try me?


    3. C’mon ma man…or woman, really? Have you been paid by Sony? Chill lovebug. ‘Oh no, Sony come’s out with the 1500th Final Fantasy (I like them games by the way)’ that’s not stale at all…really…wait what? Microsoft are the first ones at E3? Will we really say everything they said but in reverse to gain everyones attention? Noooooooooooo. Really? (that was all Sony right there by the way) All three companies are amazing. But Nintendo has the kids in their hearts somewhere AND SCREAMING WITHOUT A POINT DON’T DO SHIT! (that was screaming right?) ;)


    4. It’s not really copying…
      That’s like saying Nintendo is copying because their employees breathe air just like Sony employees are breathing…
      Just wondering, but other than Microsoft, who actually likes DRM policies?


  1. good guy myiamoto, you liked your nes back then and you still like playing it scores of years later? that’s your luck because we’ll keep doing things this way


  2. games as toys, wow, who would ever realize that… thats really all they have ever been, take ur action figure, move it around, strike a pose, the end.


  3. Thank you Shigeru…thank you. All three consoles are great…really…games today are incredible..really…no it’s true! I often see people consume games…not play ’em…I was hoping for more novelties from Nintendo, that’s true, but then again, we forget we need patience sometimes. I think the industry is bubbling, Ouya included, and that we need these things to make good games. Mister Miyamoto get’s one thing that many have forgotten..these are games…and I’m a hardcore gamer. It has nothing to do with DRM…it has more to do with how long and how hard it was (that IS what she said, there it’s out ;)) and how intense and what experience you had with that game. We only have so many dollars in our pockets after all, what is it that we really want? A game that looks like a movie? A movie that looks like a game? Do you want to be immersed in the game so much as you can’t tell the difference? Do you want a certain distance between you and the screen? Is what I’m writing already too long? ;) I think Mr. Miyamoto has at least one thing right, these things belong to us, the kids in us, as much if not more, than to the industry.


      1. It’s a shit version of the PS4 technically and has a forced kinnect…. I might have the slighest consideration of buying one if you weren’t forced to buy a kinnect , which bumps up the price by about $200/£140


      2. I’ve always been open to different consoles, but the logging-in once every 24 hours kills it for me and many others, due to bad internet connections or the fact that we don’t spend every day of our lives glued to our consoles! That is the XBox One’s biggest flaw (along with the inability to borrow games restricting the try-before-you-buy mentality that many people have). Many people will still buy it and many people will be left with bricks connected to their TVs. This console will end Microsoft’s gaming console days, if not now then soon.


  4. Wow it would be cool ifi could play the digital games i purchased that are on my broken wii on my new wii because i think its unfair that i have to rebuy them when i knew i already owned but hey what do i know about the subject that sony and microsoft can already solve with it being attached to my account


    1. You should just take you Wii to technical support. They can transfer those content to your new device and account, if you want. I had a similar problem with my 3DS and they did it for me just fine.


  5. I don’t really fully understand what Miyamoto means, or why this is something unusual? I feel the exact same way. I keep ALL of my games, and I plan to play them with my own kids some day. I won’t even let anyone borrow them (unless it’s my niece, and she plays them at my house).


  6. pikmin 3 is the last of miyamoto’s good games.

    He talked about a 3rd mario brother, which I personally think is a fail idea.

    No disrespect to him, but he really is an old man now, and the whole world has changed.

    Most of his games are held very dear to me in my heart. I would like to thank him for all he has done.

    The way things are now, the 3DS is looking strong, but the Wii U is looking weak.

    I think nintendo should give up on home console, and keep up the good work in the handheld console market, and also try to get into the mobile/tablet market.

    I’m also glad Nintendo inspired the playstation, because to me, in the end, they have gotten it right.

    Just like a toy, my wii u will not last long, but the memorys will last forever.


    1. And still his games sells a lot better than most shooters. Just take a look of Mario Kart, NSMB, Mario 3d Land sales. Even Mario Party and Mario & Sonic sold more than 1,5 million. You tottally missed the point of what he said. Yes, the world has changed, but the love that TRUE gamers feel for their games is still the same.


      1. I have been gaming for 23-24 years, and I know what I love, and what I now don’t love.

        Like I said, if toys are to be remember’d, then I’ve had the best of them. And now they just don’t appeal to me anymore.

        I loved Rare, they are gone. I loved the new feeling of N64 games, those days are gone. I loved the funkyness of the gamecube.

        Although the Wii was a step forward with the virtual console, and Mario Galaxy, (which now seems like it was nintendos last resort in the first place). It was not appealing to me. twilight princess was a launch title, but also a gamecube game. And skyward sword, which was to me, the very last idea, you could get out of a zelda game, although I did like the very realistic old story that followed you thoughout the game. It just seemed to say to me, this is your present for being a zelda fan all these years, but this is the end of something special.

        The thing is, nintendo have broken the very fabric of these games. Now they are picking up the pieces, and trying to give you something, that they think you need.

        We needed everything before now, but we really don’t need broken games.


  7. i was laughing my ass off when they revealed super mario 3d world. the whole emphasis on cats, just had me rollin, and i was expecting something more like super mario world not 3d land


    1. I was expecting a fresh experience, no shit.

      Either, super mario galaxy 3 or Universe. A experience like the one we got with super mario 64, would have also been welcome. Some people have said a sunshine 2.

      The cat thing is ridiculous, it makes mario and his friends look stupid. Most people like cats, but who in there right mind would want to be a cat?

      My friends are laughing at this, and this does make mario a lesser man.


    1. Well normally you would just transfer it over to your WiiU, but if it’s broken that’s too bad! Broken toys go in the trashcan!


  8. At first I thought Miyamoto was talking about the YouTube LPers bullshit saying we own the games so we should be able to do what we want with them.


  9. Hmm so that explains why digital games brought on a WiiU are tied to the actual console & not the gamer-id or account ?


  10. I see Nintendo continues to stand by what they believe in. The reason they breathed new life into the video game industry in the 80s was because they marketed it as a toy for all ages, and continuing to do that still works for them, rather than making it seem like an “entertainment box.”


  11. and thats why i got my NES, SNES, GBA, Game Cube, Wii, and N64, all my games, controllers, pheriperals with me (:

    special mention: my stolen 3ds and ds :(


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