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Square Enix Reveals Why Kingdom Hearts 3 And Final Fantasy XV Won’t Be Coming To Wii U


Square Enix has revealed exactly why the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV won’t be coming to the platform. The development studio says that both games won’t be coming to Wii U as they use DirectX 11 which isn’t compatible with the console. The team said that Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 is being developed using DirectX 11, so porting between Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One would be easy .

Thanks, Valesca and ikeezzo

328 thoughts on “Square Enix Reveals Why Kingdom Hearts 3 And Final Fantasy XV Won’t Be Coming To Wii U”

    1. lets face it people, when ur buying an xb1 and ps4… ur buying one console, they are the exact same thing. same graphics, same power, same tech.. same architecture basically, they are compatable in the same ways a dell is compatable with hp… sony and microsoft actually work very closely together to ensure that they speak the same language, however, Nintendo systems speak a different language than the others, making developers go against the sameness of the the other two. why do u think 3rd parties so easily support these systems. Nintendo is not playing the game that developers want them too, and so it will hurt them in the long run when it comes to 3rd party support. I am amazed after so many RROD that microsoft had and system failures Sony had, that people trust anything they put out, when in the end a Nintendo system will last you well over 2 years and thousands of hours more than The Exact Same Console the other companies monopolize off of. If it wasnt for Nintendo right now… ur 60$ kingdom hearts 3 game would cost you 100$… dont believe it, well kill Nintendo and find out.

      1. TRUE!!
        COME ON!!
        I really think its very possible to port the game to Wii U, I would love to buy KH III if they let us!!
        I thought we would see KH III and KH HD 1.5 on Wii U after the games on the Nintendo DS and 3DS, please be consistant Square!!!
        As for the ps4, STOP PRAISING IT, it only gets credit for the mistakes and flaws of other companies. People are not seeing what they are doing wrong and dont take in mind what other companies do right!!!
        sony is a big threat to Nintendo now, if ps4 is succesful, x1 gets more multiplatforms, more games skip Wii U and may throw Nintendo back to last place!!
        for that reason Wii U is not doing well. I dont have much money, I only have the enough for my favorite hobby, and I love Nintendo for being a true dedicated Videogame company, I buy their consoles and look foward to see other companies follow their lead and buy well made 3rd party titles made with Nintendo Hardware in mind at least. I want my console to have everything on it, and not buy another. All of U that say they are buying a Wii U and a ps4, U must be very rich to buy a console just for some games, sure its fine, but doesnt solve the problem!!!
        Kingdom Hearts III
        GTA V
        Star Wars Battlefield
        Metal Gear Solid 5
        We need those.

        1. You still need competition – otherwise the market stagnates and nothing would matter…which is why people buying Sony is absolutely fune if it promotes a competitive atmosphere in the gaming industry, which it does/can/will.

          I’ll just get both, and enjoy ALL of the things…

        2. I really do hope MGSV doesn’t come to the Wii U, because Nintendo MGS games usually suck balls. Just my opinion

        3. Their reasoning is complete and utter BS… the Wii U supports OpenGL 4.0 specification. Any effect the PS4 can do, the Wii U can do, albeit in lower resolution (720p instead of 1080p)

          This is just BS because Sony purchased exclusivity.

          1. If they purchased exclusivity, then these two games wouldn’t be heading to the Xbone as well as the PS4… I wish they did buy exclusive rights. The PS4 has faster and better components and they wouldn’t have to dumb anything down for the weaker of the two…

        4. Too bad, Wii u won’t get any of those games. Stop kidding yourself, just buy a PS4 if you want to play those games listed. Why did you waste money on a Wii U expecting 3rd arty support?

        5. nintendo is in last place. why should 3rd parties support something when nintndo cant support themselves? new ip from nintendo ha never will happen. also the lack of vitual console things on wii u such as n64 games, gamecube games and hell wii games. the 3ds can get gba games via download but only if u bought it before price drop so why not open it to the public? because they dont care. the in abillity to have linked accounts between wii u and 3ds is un acceptable i have to buy a game twice because they r lazy. no dvd or bluray support? gamecube backwards? lol and where my double gamepad support? haha tue pro controller not having a mic jack. hard drive? 32gig is not enough and externals r a pain to look nice. the wii u is fun im typeing from it right now got the zelda limited edition ejoying zelda,pikmin, and mario. but third partys for kingdom hearts to jion would be nice its not the end of the road. and its definitely not a reason to have a wii u. to say people r rich to have more consoles is to say there rich if the own a car and a house. its pathetic to have just enogh money. maybe u need to save and get a job. i have xbox 360 250gb slim with kinnect, ps3 250gb slim with ps eye, ps vita, 3ds xl, wii u deluxe, ps4 with eye and all exclusives paid off, xbox one with all exlusives paid off. cudtom building a pc, red mario wii modded, ps2, all old systems nes all the way to gamecube. but i did not buy this all at once. i am a true gamer you r a casual weakling and a fanboy

      2. Nintendo has a similar architecture to the past Xbox 360 now… I mean the PowerPC, the ATI and all.

        But I can’t understand how the hell they can argument like this. The Wii U has a ATI graphics chip… Afaik from the 5xxxx generation. Those SUPPORT DirectX 11 features, and on Windows PCs, DirectX 11 in general.

        The fuck?

        And even then, I don’t know if they actually use DirectX. It’s a Microsoft product, the Xbox one probably uses it, but Sony would only be able to have these APIs if Microsoft gave them to Sony.

        1. Nope. It was modified to run Dx11.
          What I’m saying is, the Wii U HAS Dx11. BlOps2 uses the shit.
          But the original cards didn’t. It was too low-end.

      3. Nintendo is such a persistent company keeps on trying to be a lot different than Sony and Microsoft. That is why Wii U is not getting games even Final Fantasy XV nor Kingdom Hearts 3. That just shows how poor the hardware Wii U uses is. Wii U is not a truly next gen console, not when PS4 and Xbox One already exist now. Wii U is indeed a failure and Nintendo has to realise that and improve it soon.

        “sony and microsoft actually work very closely together to ensure that they speak the same language, however, Nintendo systems speak a different language than the others,” I agree.

      1. I really doubt they would do that over a petition.
        Its not like they would be forced to, and even if they did, it would be terrible quality.
        Don’t try and make them do a “because they wanted it” port, it’ll just end up like Dark Souls on PC.

        1. It actually does make a difference, companies do not know there is an interest until consumers express it. This is one of the reasons Apple does so well, their customer’s are very vocal about what they do and do not like, and Apple responds to the feedback they are given by customers.

    1. Exactly my though, oh well the game is still far away so hopefully they will change their mind if the Xbone have low sales. Which is the only true reason Wii U ain’t getting it ATM…

      1. They dont lie…… the DX is eqvivalent to OpenGL, but the Wii U uses the older OpenGL version which is eqvivalent to DX 10 (or older)

      2. The OpenGL equivalent to Dx11 is OpenGL 4.0…. the Wii U supports the full OpenGL 4.0 suite…. Dx11 has a few proprietary things in there, but it is basically dx10.1 (the most important features like tesselation haven’t changed from 10.1 to 11, and OpenGL 4.0 supports all of that)

      1. Fruits of labor?
        And before going with that small install base BS.
        There is absolutely no guarantee, that PS4, and especially xb1 will have any larger install base by the release of these games.

        1. But shouldnt.
          They cant go out and fund every third party dev/publisher to get multiplats on Wii U.

          I understand, if they fund exclusives, but multiplats, not so much.

        2. I don’t think Nintendo can. I think Sony signed/money hatted this exclusive, so it won’t have a chance to come to Nintendo until that agreement expires and Nintendo is willing to money hat, which they probably wont because Iwata stated they will only money hat exclusives, not multiplats.

      2. Consumers… they would sell more than enough copies to justify the port. Even if they wrote the game exclusively for Wii U, there is still enough of a base for them to profit, so a port would be a fiscal non-issue.

  1. DarklordNintendoFan

    Bullshit! Nope. Refuse to accept this as an answer! Because we all know that it’s complete bullshit.

    1. WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU BITCHING? By buying a Nintendo console you guaranteed yourself that you would not receive any popular 3rd party game. You bought it so you could your rehashed first party games which is fine. You made that decision not them. They don’t want to put the effort to release a game on a console that isn’t selling.

      1. DarklordNintendoFan

        It isn’t selling BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF 3RD PARTY GAMES! The morons are doing this to THEMSELVES! Nintendo isn’t doing this to themselves! And rehashed games? When were Nintendo games ever rehashed?! Sequels are SUPPOSED to be somewhat similar to one another, but you CANNOT play Super Mario Sunshine and then Super Mario Galaxy and claim that the two play EXACTLY THE SAME! Because they do not! And we WANT THIRD PARTY GAMES BECAUSE WITHOUT THEM, THE CONSOLE WON’T FUCKING SELL!

        1. Third party sales wouldn’t make much difference, because people buy Nintendo hardware primarily for Nintendo first party games, of which there are currently very few. And yes, recently, they have gotten into a trend of, maybe not rehashing, but definitely playing it a little too safe.

          1. SCREW SQUARE!! we have monolith soft and X to look forward to, i can bet anything that X will shit all over ANYTHING square puts out, although i will admit final fantasy vs i was looking forward to, and after the name change it got, i will be buying it on my PS4, but regardless i bet X will be a better game, just like xenoblade chronicles was a much better game then final fantasy 13 and the rest, monolith soft are mostly made up of ex square employees, the ones who actually made good final fantasy games, since they left square dropped in quality big time, they are not the same square they used to be, monolith soft is the new square or i should say the old square lol

            1. Don’t say that to Square. If anyone, you should say that to nintendo. They are the ones who didn’t use Directx 11

            2. First you bought wii u full well knowing final fantasy was on playstation consoles period unless you are really bad consumers not sure what your buying. WII U doesn’t have memory speed or storage to handle ft or kh3. No mural himself made game to his designs not consoles why ps3 not getting games either. Stop crying you have your short under performing X game ha ha.

        2. Ya… I bet your one of those bitches who complain that Call of Duty is the same thing every year but when it comes to a Mario game holy shit that is something totally brand new…

          1. While Mario does get repetitive, Call Of Doody doesn’t even have a good storyline. LET ALONE, do they have the same shit going for it. Your point is invalid.

          2. With Call of Duty, they DO recycle every god damn thing. With Mario? There are always new gameplay mechanics. They never constantly reuse the same shit over and over again. The New Super Mario Bros. series may do that, but the true 3D Mario games? Yeah… no. They’re different and if you don’t see that, you are a class A moron.

          3. let’s be fair, mario has much more variety in its platformer genre than call of duty has in its shooter genre, however, nintendo has been making their mario games too safe and predictable recently. super mario kitty land and new super mario bros u didn’t impress anyone.

            1. Oh yeah,
              I will admit that the nsmb series needs to die or change soon and 3d world, I think its gonna be the new nsmb series I think they’re gonna pump them out at a fast pace.

          4. Aside from the nsmb series IT IS SOMETHING NEW, they just recycle the characters so they can focus on what matters, the gameplay.

            I’m always annoyed by you kind of people who have clearly never played 2 seperate mario games in your life and have the audacity to rant about it, i’ve played cod and while i’m a fan of blops 1(I think it was the only cod with something new and some damn effort) barely anything else has changed.
            Play super mario sunshine, galaxy and then super paper mario, they’re nothing alike.

        3. but when third party games come, no one buys them!. what could you possibly want the developers to do if people won’t buy anything on a nintendo console other than mario or zelda?!. they tried, they brought big franchises to wii and most failed, they were even good quality fun games, they did the same on the wii u and they all failed. what the hell do you want them to do?

          1. I bought AC3. It’s the least game I play on Wii U yet the most graphics. It’s not that fun. Infact it was boring. Will I try AC4? Hell naw!! NSMBU is the game with the least graphics I own yet I play the most because it’s fun. I bought AC3 because of the graphics. In the long run it sucked….unless you like movies on games.

          2. DarklordNintendoFan

            What big name third party games did they bring to the Wii other than No More Heroes, MadWorld, and House of the Dead? Most third party titles for the Wii were shit, because they just saw it as a quick cash grab. The Wii, while being a great system in its own right, had shit support because of the lower graphical capabilities of it. Third party developers only care about having amazing graphics, so a lot of the games on the 360 and PS3 skipped the Wii. However, the Wii U is now on par, if not, better than the 360 and PS3 graphics wise. So there is absolutely no fucking excuse not to release GOOD third party games to the system. They have absolutely no fucking idea rather they’d sell or not, because they’ve never actually bothered to try!

            That’s why Platinum Games is so great. They’re actually releasing Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U, because they’re taking a chance! And once these moronic developers realize that they can make a profit from the Wii U, we’ll be seeing more and more third party games make their way to the Wii U. And not to mention, haven’t you seen how pissed off Wii U owners are that we’re constantly getting shafted by these developers who, quite frankly, just don’t give a shit? Even great third party titles that we DO get, like Injustice… we don’t get the whole thing. Where the fuck’s that DLC that’s already on the 360 and PS3? Seriously, stop fucking shitting on Nintendo fans, third parties! And they wonder just why the third party games that do get released don’t sell well on Nintendo platforms.

            These shitty third parties are in the wrong, here! Not Nintendo fans. We actually WANT good third party titles, but we’re not getting them because these third party companies just want to shit on us, constantly.

            1. Wiimote might have also been one reason for shitty 3rd party.

              PG is not releasing Bayonetta, theyre developing it on Nintendo’s cash,
              I hope they appreciate this change theyve been given.

          3. To be fair, they havent really tried on wii u, ubisoft released zombiu(arguably the only good third party so far) and i heard it got good sales.
            but everyone else has been bringing over shitty ports that everyone already has had for a good year already(especially ea releasing a ME trilogy pack for the same price of the wii u version of 3 is ridiculous), and then they scratch theyre fuckin heads like oh I guess people dont buy third party on wii U, we don’t buy becuase you don’t give us anythign worth buying.

        4. The lack of most 3rd party games = Wii U is not powerful enough….. its on par with Xbox360 and PS3 and new consoles from Sony and MS are WAAAAAAY MORE POWERFUL

          1. More powerful my ass. The gaming consoles can only reach a certain point which the wiiu has already reached. Console cannot become infinitely powerful! !

        5. I can say New Super Mario Bros. plays like the old ones.
          I can say SSB is SSB.
          I can say Pokémon is the true CoD of JRPGS.
          And you probably would blow me off. Nintendo isn’t doing that much. Its a shame really, I do like them.

          1. Because they weren’t new releases. They were ports WAY after the fact. You can’t lazily port something months and years later and expect booming sales.

            1. Well, AC3 and black ops 2 were only 1 or 2 month old.
              Arkham City (the best out of those 3), was already over a year old.

        1. i wouldn’t want to put my game on a console that would require me to spend extras of millions more to re design on a weaker console (wii u) and not even get the sales it deserves. yes believe it or not, to adjust a game for different and weaker technology takes additional money, time, and man power. bringing next gen games on wii u is worthless.

          1. It cost more money to support a next 8 core console. Remeber according to Wii U haters, its current. Now all of a sudden the hardware on Wii u is too different and unique. Wii U haters go back and forth.

          2. DarklordNintendoFan

            Fun fact: The Wii U isn’t weak. In fact, we haven’t even seen it to its full potential, yet. It’s funny… when it was the 360 and PS3, both systems had a ton of games that looked a lot like PS2 and original XBox games, yet all the fanboys kept saying that they needed time before they started looking amazing and TRULY next gen. And they were right. About 2 years later, PS3 and 360 games started looking absolutely amazing. Oh, but when it’s Nintendo, it’s a TOTALLY different fucking story. Give them a year or 2 and the graphics will compete quite nicely with those of the PS4 and XBox One. Or are you just going to be a hypocrite again and claim that it has already reached its peak?

            1. Its much weaker than PS4 and Xbox One hardware wise (GPU, CPU and RAM) and the Wii U is on par with Xbox360 and PS3, the CPU is weaker but the Wii U has more RAM and a slightly better GPU (Wii U has a DX 10 GPU but the GPU is low clocked and its low end).

            2. “Give them a year or 2 and the graphics will compete quite nicely with those of the PS4 and XBox One. ”

              1. Some of the Xbox One and PS4 games are already looking like next gen games or on par with PC high video quality (graphics wise)

              2. Wii U graphics will not be much better than Xbox360 and PS3 games, on the other hand…. PS4, Xbox One and PC graphics are going to be miles ahead of Xbox360, PS3 and Wii U graphics.

              1. DarklordNintendoFan

                Actually, PS4 and XBox One games look like PS3 and 360 games. Really not much of a jump in graphical capabilities, Sony and Microsoft. But then again, there’s really not a whole lot they can do nowadays when it comes to graphics. People keep claiming that the graphics have taken a MASSIVE jump in quality, but… those people need to open their eyes a little bit. PS4 games and XBox One games don’t look much different than PS3 and 360 games…

              2. Dude, Nintendo fans dont buy for graphics, they buy for the quality and good times that nintendo games bring (asside from a few examples which, i admit, are repetetive). If you are buying games just because you think they look pretty, then you need to check your priorities…..

      2. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Assassin’s Creed, Mass Effect, Batman Arkham City… Those are pretty popular. The best of them is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate though.

        1. But Watch Dogs will support all DX versions (from DX 9 to DX 11 or DX 10 and DX 11 only). Just google: “list of DX 11 games” and you will se…. 99% Ubisoft games supports atleast DX 10 GPUs (if not all DX GPUs).

          The Wii U is powered by DX 10 or DX 10.1 GPU…. the PS4 and Xbox One are powered by an DX 11.1 GPU

    2. You’ve got a point. If the CryEngine3 can run on the console, then why can’t the other next gen engines be compatible.

    3. so all developers are bullshitting then. that’s an unbeatable force. let’s face it, next gen ps4 xone and pc games won’t come to wii u. they will use the technology those 3 systems use and that technology won’t be supported by WII U. WII U is on its own, and no home console can survive on its own for a long time. or what?, don’t tell me you expect super mario kitty land to be the saviour for WII U. by the time nintendo comes up with something truly epic and deep in the vein of star fox, metroid, or a NEW zelda, the wii u will be as good as dead without third party support.

  2. And PC? I guess not. I haven’t cared for what Square Enix has to offer after everyone who was anyone left and formed Mistwalker and Monolith Soft Inc.

    1. by your logic, third party support doesn’t matter. it actually does matter a lot. it gives nintendo the time it needs to fully develop the games it needs, it keeps the fans and owners of wii u patient for the next big nintendo or third party game in general, it also makes nintendo additional in dollars for every third party game that is sold due to shares. the support is crucial especially for an HD home console. the less support it has, the worst it is going to be. each game that doesn’t make it to wii u is a death sentence to the console at this point, and nintendo doesn’t have the man power and money to save such an expensive to develop for console by themselves.

        1. You are talking about DirectX hardware capabilities but they are talking about the DirectX programming API !

          1. The ps4 shouldn’t have directx11 either only an opengl equivalent since directx is only used on Microsoft operating systems.

            1. if wat u said is true then thats bull square are just being lazy but if the wiiu starts selling in the coming months they’ll take it back just watch

                1. hey bro u no like pussy? lol no but seriously u may not like but the more i see the more interesting it looks but i do believe it will help move units

        2. It was just a rumor…. the Wii U has no compatibility with DX 11.

          The Wii U is DX 10 or DX 10.1 eqvivalent (so, the Wii U is using OpenGL)
          The PS4 and Xbox One are DX 11.1 (DX is reserved for Xbox and OpenGL for PS4, but its eqvivalent to DX 11.1)

          1. The Wii U has a Radeon 5xxx level GPU. This one supports DX11 out of the box.

            I don’t know how people come up with these wild things

        1. It was played on the PC and it has only the button layer….. the developers confirmed it on the official site. So, that was not running on PC. CryEngine supports DX 9, DX10 and DX 11 (and OpenGL ofc)

    1. dx 11 or similar technology is not supported by wii u. they would have to re design the entire game on an entirely new engine. it’s not worth it making the game all over for a dying console.

  3. It’s a shame, but I honestly wasn’t expecting to see either title appear. Square Enix is one of the few companies that actually bothers to make games specifically for Nintendo technology. Dream Drop Distance was fucking sweet, and I hope they make a Kingdom Hearts game specifically for Wii U.

    1. I hope not. I would not want to waste money on a Wii U for KH. Hopefully if Nintendo gets another KH, it’s on handhelds, not their cheap consoles.

  4. Disappointing news… I must admit.

    Although (and I know we’re talking equivalencies) DX 10.1 can actually do almost everything DX 11 can , DX 11 is just much easier to achieve certain things.
    Still though you have to ask why Nintendo didn’t just put a slightly better GPU in to make it easier for the devs.

    For example Shin’en have been singing praises about the Wiiu’s GPU claiming its several generations agead of PS360 and it can do things they can’t. They also said they will be using tessellation in their forthcoming Wiiu game.

    It only takes a glance at the shading in Mario Kart 8 and the lighting in X to see that the Wiiu’s GPU is at least a noticeable notch above current gen.

    Nintendo and their stubborn ways , modifying the crap out of some 2009 card instead of just putting a better one in lol.

    Just bring Smash , Zelda etc and i’m happy ;)

      1. Ok , I just remember reading something about how the difference between DX9 and 10.1 is huge compared to DX 10.1 and 11. Because 11 is effectively a streamlined version of 10.1 with a couple of new features…

        1. When you count same graphics/same video quality… the DX 11 is faster than DX 9 in rendering etc. But the DX 11 is equal to tesselation and you cant do that on low end GPUs or basically Wii U (Wii U = low end DX 10 GPU), you can run it on low end DX 11 GPU but it will be slow, so, you need a relatively strong DX 11 GPU to run tesselations.

          1. Tell that to Shin’en who have confirmed they will be using tessellation in their forthcoming Wiiu game , thought to be a new Fast racing league game.

            Wiiu’s GPU has been hugely modified by Nintendo and AMD. It’s not comparable to off shelve and that’s why nobody can confirm what it is , it’s just speculation.

      1. I’m not crying at all , just being logical. I know that’s difficult for you to comprehend though with that T-rex brain of yours , troll.

        I’ll play KH3 on my PS4 :) and I’ll be playing X and Smash bros on my Wiiu.

        My penis = suck on it.

        1. But I want Bayonetta 2 instead of Smash Bros and the simple “2014” makes me expect those games to launch mid :'( 2014 and that guess is without likely delays. :'(

          1. 2014 will be an empatic year for Nintendo with one super AAA exclusive ever 2-3 months with lots of other good stuff in between.

            1. Lol, to your comment above, and I agree. Next year will be glorious. I am pretty fucking upset with every developer turning their heads away from Nintendo, though. Pretty much bullshit, in my opinion. Then the xbox trolls and such gather here to talk shit. “KIDDY SYSTEM or HAHAHAHA NO THIRD PARTY SUPPORT” They use these two over and over, it’s almost pathetic. Bunch of idiots.

  5. Those games are only coming to ps4 and xone, right? Because if i see that crap of… “we have versions for ps3 and xbox360” .. ohhh Square Enix.. your going down !!!
    WiiU deserves at least Kingdom Hearts 3.
    FFXV i dont think WiiU can be handle.

  6. They’re sure able to port it when I look at the DX11 Crysis3 on DX9 like PS3/360’s…….

    But it would also look that way……and I am not talking about it being the same as the …..PS4 game.

          1. The Wii U is basically DX 10 or DX 10.1…. but they are using an eqvivalent to that and thats called OpenGL, the PS4 is using a new version of OpenGL or eqvivalent to DX 11.1 (new GPUs or Xbox One GPU)

  7. PS4 doesn’t use DirectX. Poor excuse, especially for a developer that’s supposedly well-respected.

    1. That right, you go gerbilSoft guy! Nomura is probably feeling pressure from this stituation. in a interview before he hated the xbox.

      Plus kh adn rpg are better sold in sony system. See ff13 and ff13-2 sales. Mricosoft uses do well with shooters. was dissapoint kh series and versis known as ff15 go to mircosoft, but they could just port it to the wii U.

  8. complete and utter bullshit… the old consoles never used DX either and they received plenty of games
    additionally wii U has already been confirmed as being almost completely dx 11 compliant (by shin’en and unity.. both not exactly amateurs in the gaming industry)

    1. meant to say they received plenty of DX based games
      obviously the wii U doesn’t support DX at all however it does support the equivalent effects

            1. yeah it does.. at least according to what i read

              don’t see what this has to do with the xbox one however.. if anything this would negatively affect wii U as it’s the only console without DX

        1. well apparently it does use DX

          however this excuse is still bullshit because of aforementioned confirmations by shin’en and unity

          1. But this is a hit to amd opengl. I think they would not take this kindly if it is true. Also there goes the Xbox one if this is true.

            1. the PS4 will still support openGL.. but i agree it would be better if PS4 didn’t use DX.. shouldn’t give that proprietary crap any more publicity

              1. By Microsoft not having dx exclusively to the Xbox one it means that they can miss a lot of PC ports by not being necessary to port for it easier like it was with the 360.

                    1. Install base. Xbox one will suffer the same fate has wiiu and even more so with all the restrictions.

                    2. not too sure about that yet.. there may be enough people who’ll buy it anyway becuase they don’t give a crap about their consumer rights.. just look at steam and how popular it is

    2. Damn I’m fucking pissed now i waited for this game to come to the ps3… not lying here bought it because of that main reason and for full price! i was certain that it would come to the ps3 but now it won’t even come to the Wii u this is just like you saying “complete and utter bullshit” if they want the game to be on wii u they could

  9. “Easy” and “success” are two things that rarely going well together, for the wellbeing of SE I hope they do not go too easy hoping success come along.

  10. And yet they’re putting FFXV on the PS3. . . . .Yeah this is bullshit, Square-Enix is being lazy, there hardly any difference between Directx 10.1 & Directx 11 which the Wii U has equivilent capabilities with OpenGL….
    Bad choice Square, bad choice…

    1. Only Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Not Final Fantasy XV. Originally it was slated for PS3, but that was back when it was announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Since it is now XV, it is only PS4 and Xbox One.

    1. Licensing fees…..

      Also DirectX runtime/API =/= DirectX hardware capabilities.
      Nintendo could have got that stuff too but ask them why they didn’t want to pay the not so big price.

      1. there are no licencing fees

        anyone can use DX free of charge
        it is however still proprietary and owned by microsoft

        the reason why nintendo doesn’t use it is because the wii U is using a powerPC cpu

        1. correction: that last part is wrong and licencing is only free to game developers

          it’s probably, like you said, related to licencing fees

    2. anyone may use DX without the need of a licence

      the reason the old consoles never used DX is because DX was made for x86 processors and will only run on those

      1. Have you heard of the Xbox 360? It uses DirectX, and has a PowerPC processor.

        Microsoft allows developers to use the DirectX API royalty-free when writing Windows software. They do *not* allow console manufacturers to implement a DirectX-compatible API in their systems. Think about what Microsoft would do if Apple implemented DirectX on Mac OS X.

        1. hum.. guess i got that wrong
          yeah seems you’re right

          i’ll take that back :)

          all the more reason to finally abandon DX as an API

            1. yeah already noticed you posting that

              well i just hope it doesn’t mean wii U getting even less games because it’s the only console not using DX…

              1. Most properly-written games have the rendering backend separated entirely from the game logic, which makes it possible to replace it with a platform-specific backend like DirectX, OpenGL, PSGL (PS3), GX2 (Wii U), etc.

                That being said, many “modern” video games are thrown together as quickly as possible without any regard to code quality, so anything can happen.

                  1. that’s pretty much without question^^

                    with “some” work any game can come to any platform :P

                    but it stands to reason that they wouldn’t have to remove any effects from their games since the wii U should be able to display most if not all DX11 effects
                    tesselation has been confirmed by shin’en and unity has confirmed that it should be possible for their engine to display all its DX11 effects

                    1. The only third party game that people realty want on wiiu and it will probably will not be make. And they say why they don’t make money :/.

                1. well even if the game doesn’t have to be completely rewritten to port it it’s still some additional effort to adapt it to another graphics API

                  if the wii U sales pick up a lot in the future that shouldn’t be much of an issue.. but if they don’t then most 3rd parties may decide that it’s not worth it :3

                  1. It won’t even if Wii u sales goes up they just don’t care why because xbox1 and ps4 aren’t even out yet they are just lazy that’s all. if we only could rage on them like the rest of the world did with rayman legends

                      1. oh sorry thought it was related your other post on the Kingdom Hearts all rage must have blinded me. Thanks for replying anyway.

      1. that’s correct

        just like the xbox360 and PS3 used dx9 equivalent shaders
        however saying that the wii U doesn’t support DX11 effects and using that as an excuse is just wrong

      1. Versus XIII / XV looks like one that, although an ARPG, channels the true spirit of the core FF games.

        I think Nomura and his team will do a good job. It’s the same team that worked on a lot of the classic Final Fantasy games and the core Kingdom Hearts series. Also, dat gameplay:

        1. You’re kidding right? Almost everyone who worked on the “Classic” Final Fantasy’s left before the merger between Square and Enix. Don’t get me wrong Nomura’s team will do fine, but people are seriously over hyping this game.

          1. It’s not the EXACT teams. Of course not everyone is still there; and by “classic” I’m talking PS1/PS2 era FF, not NES era.

            A lot of the devs who worked under Nomura for games like FF VII, VIII, X, and Kingdom Hearts are still on the team creating this game.

            1. While yes some developers of past Final Fantasy games work under Nomura for Kingdom Hearts, it isn’t any “Key” developers or creative minds behind the genius of Final Fantasy I – XI. Which is what I was referring to. Everybody jumped ship after the merger and the director of all the Tactics games left midway in development of Final Fantasy XII.

      1. Its not coming to the PS3 anymore, I thought the same thing too. But nope, its only on PS4 and Xbox One.

          1. Looks like you didn’t do a good research then. The whole original interview, called “The Future Q&A”, is up on Famitsu, the WiiU -is- mentioned. If you don’t know any Japanese, there are always translators, even though they might not translate it perfectly you’ll get an idea of what they are talking about.
            Or you could also just look for English websites, the issue is up on several video game based sites. It’s not that hard, really.

    3. Oh well. By the time these games come out in 2016, everybody who was going to get a Wii U will have gotten one by then anyways.

          1. It was said during a Q&A event of Square Enix. Next time you should bother to actually look something up before claiming it’s fake.

    4. I dont care for neither of those games, but the real thing is… you can “ditch” DX11 if they want to port it to the 360/PS3/WiiU, PC games come with DX9,10 and 11 all the time, so this is some kind of BS

      1. So this might not be real… hopefully it is FSLSE and Kingdom Hearts is coming to the Wii U. I mean, dosn’t it make sense to sell a game like KH’s on a Nintendo platform? More Nintedo ans play Disney-related titles. 💋

    5. I’m pretty sure the Wii U is capatable with DirectX 11… Why is Square Enix giving lame excuses? I THOUGHT THEY BELIEVED IN NINTENDO!! 💋

      1. Well…this “statement” by Square Enox may not even be true. So we’ll see for sure in the future… 💋

    6. I could give less of a shit about Kingdom Hearts’ shitty story at this point. Final Fantasy XV, though, is the first Square game I’ve been excited for in over ten years. Guess I’ll be getting a PS4. That is, if there’s more exclusives that interest me. PS3 had like, nothing. Still better than 360, but that’s not saying a whole lot.






    8. They wasted all their fucking time on the KH 3D for the 3DS, with their special new combat system and the special touchscreen controls only to throw them away for some standard bullshit that is unoriginal.

      1. The 1 of 2 games I am looking foward on my future PS4 is Kingdom Hearts 3, and Final Fantasy looks gayer than ever.

        1. I never got into final fantasy, but I am a fan of Kingdom hearts and I thought their move on the 3DS gave promise of KH 3 coming to the wii U, guess I was wrong.

    9. isnt this ironic, if kingdom pussy was on wii u and not ps4 it would be called a baby game, but since its the other way around it isnt. reality check kingdom hearts is like the gayest game ive ever seen. literally, disney mixed with final fantasy, always looked pathetic to me. yet sony wont admit this is a pussy ass game because its on fucking sony. (even i know that there is a big fanbase still). thats exactly one of the many reasons why sony fanboys are the worst of the 3 and trash their name.

      1. Is that why all of the KH games exclusive for DS/3DS were called baby games? They weren’t, were they? If it was on Wii U you probably wouldn’t be insulting it, but nope, not exclusive for Wii U? Your reaction is to throw a bitch fit over it.

    10. Proud Nintendo Fanboy

      Any Disney-related game like Kingdom Hearts BELONGS on the Wii U. Disney is like the film version of Nintendo. They go hand in hand. Which makes me think, can you imagine a Kingdom Hearts game with Nintendo characters mixing with Disney characters? I mean, instead of Sora, Donald, Goofy, Mickey and the others? That would be interesting.

      1. Nintendo needs to give permission to use Mario on next wreck it ralph movie and fast! Then we’ll hopefully get the game thanks to Disney

      1. Arnold swollenpecker

        9, 10, 12 were great!!! Thirteen was soul crushing. Everything i thought it was gonna be never materialized.

    11. Fuck Square Enix right now like seriousl all because theyre a lazy bunch of bitches that dont wanna put effort into building KH3 on a different system. “Oh Ps4 and XboxOne are tge same so its EASY to PORT” Fuck you. I cant stand lazy developers. They all need to fuckin burn

    12. Arnold swollenpecker

      No thing Im getting a PS4 to plop down right next to my wWii U. You really cant own just one console.

      1. oh u can i dont insult my fingers with dualshock and i point and giggle at sonys vile sloppy analog sticks

        and i aim with wii remotes in fps games NOT LOL SHOCKS

        1. Can a developer create a the game using different architechture that is capable…..oh yes as countless times its been done. Lol dumbass fool trying to troll

    13. I guest it is true about the third party software conspiracy. But it doesn’t matter because NINTENDO will never give in to these crazy demands of becoming only a software company. We will not give in to terrorist threats!!!

    14. Game Design and c++ student.

      Well I was expecting it for Wii U, but I guess that is not the case. I will play it on my PS4 in the future. I rather play it on the hardware company that it started on than that money hungry microsoft Xbone.

    15. The person who said this was clearly a PR guy who didn’t know what he was talking about. The mere fact that he said something along the lines of “We’re using a tool called DirectX 11” should have told people that. As others have mentioned, Sony also doesn’t use DirectX. They and Nintendo use there own custom libraries that are like OpenGL.

    16. the problem FF series is its not been that good since FF10 and the best was FF7, all i think is they spend to much time on the graphics and not enough on story line or games play. the voice acting is terrible and makes you cringe with those happy go luck YAY!!!!!. makes me feel sick to the shriveled husk of my soul.
      Direct X is a windows and Xbox thing sounds a bit suss there i don’t think ps 4 would go for it as it means giving money to it’s rivals

    17. this ongoing joke needs to stop. devs need to stop getting lazy and stop trying to make the wiiu fail. this is getting ridiculous. we all know the wiu is more than capable of handling both those games.

    18. I like how these third parties always find a way to blame Nintendo for their own laziness. It’s remarkable.

    19. They’re just cowards. Bring the games to the Wii U regardless because I’m not getting anymore consoles. I’m done with gaming after the Wii U is finished regardless of its outcome.

      Btw, SE won’t read these comments. Just tweet them and sent angry emails, letters and even petitions to get the games brought to the console.

    20. I’m sending out a warning to all the lazy third party publishers who refuse to release games for the Wii U or give it fair treatment. If you keep this charade up, I’m just gonna boycott all your games and company. Bottom line.

    21. Anyone else think that both Sony and Microsoft are paying third parties to not port there games to Wii U?

      1. DarklordNintendoFan

        We’re not going to admit it, because it’s not true. Remember when the 360 and PS3 were first released? Those seemed to be quite underpowered, as well. But you fanboys kept claiming that they’d pick up steam. And you were right about SOMETHING for once! They DID pick up steam and the games started to look amazing! They no longer looked like previous gen games! The same thing’s happening with the Wii U, but you morons are so hypocritical, you are just claiming that the system’s underpowered despite the simple fact that… it’s really not. In due time, the graphics will easily rival that of the PS4 and XBox One.

        You just have to remember one little thing… the Wii U is Nintendo’s first attempt at an HD console, so it’s going to take a little time before the graphics are on par with the PS4 and XBox One. But it WILL get there.

    22. This is such BULLSHIT! Bringing Kingdom Hearts 3 to Shitbox Loser is the worst idea in history because Square Enix is going to lose money cause no ones gonna play on it. The 0.5 % of people whos gonna buy Shitbox Loser wouldn’t know shit bout the story cause it the only game in the series that the console is getting and people would say worst game ever. Square Enix is just playing stupid right now, they brought the spin off / side quest games to Nintendo handhelds and those sold heaps and also brought more fans to the series and also helped Nintendo in make more money. Square Enix should stop the idea on bringing it to Shibox Loser and bring it to the Wii U

    23. I call bullshit on this. If Kingdom Hearts III is coming to PS3 then it sure as hell could work on Wii U. Also FFXV was originally being developed for PS3. What happened to the seven years worth of development for PS3? Can’t they just downscale what they obviously upscaled for Xbox One and PS4? I think Square Enix is just being lazy and so I say fuck them.

    24. Fuck those lying Japs. Why didn’t Hitler target them instead of Jews. What a fucking joke. The wiiu can run those weak ass games. No wonder the industry is in the toilet, 3rd parties don’t have a clue how to run them own businesses. It’s costs very little to port to the wiiu. Fuck Fuck Fuck those ass hole cock stuckers

    25. get a grip sony and ms casual fans


    26. Man, that sucks. I was hoping these titles would eventually make their way on the Wii U. I thought Wii U supported direct x 11 though? Oh well. I’m just going to wait it out and see if those games come to pc.

    27. Not that I dont believe the story.
      But is there any even remotely official, more credible source?

      All the sources I found, takes back to that NeoGaf forum post.

    28. But the PS4 also doesn’t use DX11, it’s owned by Microsoft. The PS4 uses OpenGL 4 i think, which is what the Wii U i also using.

      1. Quite few sources claim PS4 uses DX11.
        Also, MS uses Blu-ray, that Sony co-developed, so as in royalties, its not such a huge loss to Sony.

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    30. TOLD YA ALL

      I said it since day one…. Wii U supports DIRECT X 9 and 10, NO DX 11 Support.

      Thew Unreal Engine 4 support only DX 11, END!

    31. DarklordNintendoFan

      Come to think of it… what’s the reason as to why Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX skipped the Wii U, Square? HMM?! What’s the god damn reason?! Last I checked, the games in that collection don’t use DirectX 11, so that excuse won’t fly! FOUND A FUCKING LOOPHOLE IN YOUR EXCUSE, SQUARE! YES I DID! So, tell us… please… inform us of your pathetic fucking excuse as to why Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX skipped the Wii U, as well.

      The Wii U could EASILY handle it, as well as KHIII… it’s just the developers being lazy and not wanting to implement the gamepad. Come the fuck on… you don’t need to do much with it! You could simply just add a map to it and be done with it! Not too hard.

        1. DarklordNintendoFan

          Doesn’t matter. Has it stopped other developers from adding gamepad support to old games? Like Batman, Ninja Gaiden, and Mass Effect? Granted, all of those were terrible ports of year old games (way to be lazy as fuck, developers), but they at least had gamepad support, despite not having it originally. And let’s not forget Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, that re-release of a Wii game that didn’t originally have gamepad support, either.

    32. Nintendo only uses consoles with poor graphical quality because that’s all they need to create a good game I admit I am sooooooo very sad that kh3 isn’t coming to wii u but x box one……REALLY! all the people who played dream drop distance will go out and buy a wii u just so they can finish up what they started and realize that its not coming to wii u and that’s where more people become nintendo fans….that is all :)

      1. Also to my previous comment I’m not mad just confused on why they didn’t finish up with what they started and also many people who are nintendo fans will get kh 3 and since the nintendos sales shot up 875% after xbox became a cable service I think square will make plenty of money creating a game that most of those 875% new wii u owners will buy ( just because a game is 3rd party doesn’t mean it’s not a good game ) and nintendo will be perfectly fine…. PERFECTLY FINE. They have enough money to create 2 bad consoles because they been throwing out amazing games probably before most of you were born…my point is send kh3 to wii u….PLEASE!!!

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    34. Okay Nintendo fans lets be straight, you weren’t getting final fantasy games and you knew it when buying your system. There were no final fantasy main stream games on consoles since Super NES days. You bought console for your kiddy games like Zelda, Mario and Donkey Kong. Nomura said period, he won’t downgrade his game or vision, he went on PS4/Xbox one over even the PS3. Its his game and he knows how to make it a great game. So stop complaining since you saw on E3 and now want it. You never were going to get it.

      1. Last I checked, Zelda, Mario, and Donkey Kong weren’t kiddy games. Because by that logic, so is Kingdom Hearts. Which means that, by your horrible fucking logic, it would find a home on Nintendo’s console quite nicely. Sooooo… yeah. You’re a fucking dumbass whose moronic logic was just used against him.

    35. CALLED IT! I fucking called it! DirectX 11 won’t run on the Wii U? HAHAHAHAHA! Bullshit! Yep! I knew it was complete fucking bullshit, Square! KNEW IT! We’ve recently found out that it can run DirectX 11… and from an indie developer, no less.

      Ever hear of an indie game called Candle? It’s coming to the Wii U. And it runs on… what else? DirectX 11! So I was fucking right. Square lied. So Square… mind telling us the REAL reason you decided not to release KH3 and FFXV won’t come to the Wii U? There’s probably no real reason other than the typical, “the Wii U’s not selling enough unites for us to give a damn,” argument. Which, once again… you lazy third parties decided not to make games for it, so it’s your own fucking fault it’s not selling. Not Nintendo’s. YOURS! And besides… if that’s the reason, then why the FUCK are you guys developing the games for the XBox One? I doubt any of the five people who are going to buy an XBox One are actually going to buy KH3. They’ll be too busy with their shitty Call of Duty. So you’re more likely going to lose money with a shitty system like the XBox One than with the Wii U, which will be highly successful soon enough.

    36. So tell me, how PS4 uses DirectX11 (Owned by Microsoft) PS4 does not in fact run DX11; but it’s own ‘alternative’ Just like the wii U which both are capable of running. Xbone has no connection to the KH universe at all, just desperate money grabbing. If anything let it come to PC where there’s really no connection at all.

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