Miiverse Posts Can Contain 200 Characters


A number of you have contacted me to say that Miiverse has been updated this morning. Users of the Wii U social network can now create posts that are 200 characters long. Previously, Miiverse users could only create posts that were 100 characters long, so this change has come as a welcome addition to many.

Thanks to everyone that sent this in.



  1. This is great news. Little by little there is implementation of a few things that make the network very easy to use and not invasive across the system. I am going to go rant on Miiverse now.


    1. This, miiverse is slowly but surely being tweaked into something special probably NINTENDO wanting it to be perfect for the 2014 rollout on a new 3DS remodel.


    1. @ Car-L-os.. I’m sure they’re working on it. Nintendo is trying to get some games out for Wii U. I believe before the end of the year, Miiverse will come to the 3DS, and an app for smartphones will b available. On a side note, I’m GLAD that they increased the character limit. A 100 characters was challenging.


    2. i already have app which i downloaded form the google play store its un-official but is miiverse, and allows you to post, read, the usual stuff, its exactly the same as the wii u miiverse, just download it, its cool to be able to see posts and reply via my smart phone which is a android sony xperia!


  2. Miiverse seems to get updated almost every week.

    I’m genuinely surprised how much I use it. I say use, but I’ve never made a single post. But everytime I quit a game on Wii U, I always check Miiverse before turning the console off, every single time. Mostly to look at the amazing drawings people have done.


      1. Lol, Mii Verse is far better than people have guessed. (Some who complain about it haven’t used it.)


  3. i hope people don’t start spamming Miiverse with 200 chars. Now i want them to make possible to make your own community


    1. If people can make their own community then Mii verse will be cluttered with a whole bunch of unnecessary communities. I like how Nintendo keeps everything organized. This is my opinion however, so voice whatever you like on Mii verse. That is what is is made for :D 💋


      1. Sorry, it is a secret for now. I can’t disclose my “identity” to everyone on ;) 💋


  4. Great news,but I don’t understand why they limit you when it comes to your friends?!Why do I need to be limited on a private message that I’m sending to a friend of mine?One thing at a time I guess.


  5. Great now all the Nintendo defense force rants will be twce as long. It’s hilarious the things you get called when you criticize Nintendo on miiverse. The console is underpowered…no its not dip wad an stuff. It more powerful than the ps4 and xbone combined. The VC is crap….. TROLL, No its not. Wrecking Crew and Yoshi are classics and stuff. Okay guys sure, whatever you say. The VC is awesome, yep truly fantastic there.


  6. Funny thing is that I made the exact request for 200 character posts in their administration forms last week. XD Thank you Nintendo for fulfilling my wishes to post longer comments. Now I don’t have to worry much about shortcutting my posts with shorter phrases and single lettering.

    I’m still hoping for 3DS Miiverse to come very soon and bury the friend code plague forever.


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