EB Games Australia Refutes Claims For Wii U Basic Recall

wii_U_whiteAustralian retailer EB Games recently came under fire when the company appeared to be recalling the Wii U Basic model from its shelves. But now, EB Games has claimed that this is incorrect information and were simply conducting a stock rebalance. EB Games is not the only one to do so in the last couple of months, as US retailer GameStop hit a similar trend when they recalled the Wii U Basic bundle in stores. However, this had been – again – misinterpreted as Charlie Scibetta, Nintendo of America senior director of corporate communications, said it was a simple rebalance of stock and the consumer would continue to find the SKU available in GameStop. EB Games refuted these claims by issuing the following statement:

Recently it has been reported that EB Games is doing a recall on the Wii U White 8GB Pack. This information is incorrect. We are currently conducting a stock rebalance, which is standard procedure with all of our products and involves sending a portion of our stock back to our Head Office to get redistributed. All stores still have inventory of this product, and will continue to stock it as per normal for the foreseeable future.


  1. I’m saving money to get my wii u on december. Hope that around that time, I can find some special bundle or a great discount. Either way, I’m waiting :D

    1. you will be wanting the mario kart bundle, unfortunately this will not exist until next year…

      1. I already know it. I’m thinking in Zombiu, but who knows?
        I’ll just wait and let the prices drop.

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