One Piece: Romance Dawn For 3DS Doesn’t Have Heart Set On North America

one piece romance dawnAfter the European release was confirmed for Namco Bandai’s One Piece: Romance Dawn –  a best-selling manga set to be adapted for the Nintendo 3DS – it appears that the game will not make it across the pond to North America. A Namco Bandai representative told web publication Siliconera that the publisher has “no plans”  for such a release, despite the One Piece manga receiving great success in North America – volumes 39-43 placed between in the top 10 on the New York Times Best Seller Manga list. Do you think Namco Bandai should release the adaptation in North America? Let us know your thoughts on this issue.


      1. No, Nintendo still has region lock. So, it’s partly their fault N.American 3DS owners won’t be able to play the game.

    1. I’m not a big fan of One Piece either but I can’t deny it has a large fanbase around the world, including North America.

  1. Are you serious? AGAIN? Get it together Namco-Bandai. You have a rather large Fanbase over in NA. Honestly, this game looked really good and it catched more interest to me than Mario and Luigi Dream Team. Its a shame that companies give up before even trying.

  2. shit! To make the situation worse you can import it cause the fucking 3ds isn’t region free. seems like nintendo and these clown devs are begging me to super hack my 3ds. that’s fine by me motherfuckers.

  3. This is fucking why we want region lock removed. Games like these never see a NA and European release. Nintendo thinks its still 1998. IT’S 2013! Region locking was a thing of the past and never worked out well. FUCK NINTENDO.

  4. Seriously come on you could at least give us the digital version like they did on the eshop #endregionlock

  5. Hahaha, how come Americans get a load of exclusives, but when a meagre amount games don’t get localised, they go into a rage and start whiny petitions like that project rainfall.

  6. Some games come to EU earlier, others come to early to the US. Some games never reaches outside Japan. Now can we have the stupid region lock removed already. You’re NOT selling all games worldwide. If you don’t care, that’s fine but we know for a fact that there are MANY OP fans in the US. Give them this game. :/

  7. and this right here is the reason why im ultimately going to hack my 3DS when the opportunity arises. Ill support you Nintendo, just get rid of this damn region lock.

  8. I am really dissapointed to hear that its not coming to America!!! I was super excited to think that my favorite series would have finally brought good games here!! Now Im thinking that i migjt have to buy it here in Japan…

  9. It’s a shame, it looked very good. It would make a great profit, though.

    Is it going to sell in Europe? Cuz the chance is high that I would buy it.

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