If Fire Emblem Came To Wii U It Would Need To Sell 700k


Hitoshi Yamagami, a prominent developer at Nintendo, has revealed that if the Fire Emblem franchise came to Wii U then it would need to sell around 700,000 copies to justify development. The Nintendo 3DS hit Fire Emblem: Awakening needed to sell 250k copies globally for Nintendo to be satisfied. Thankfully, the game sold over 900k globally. Would you like to see a dedicated Fire Emblem title on Wii U?


  1. I think if they want sales figures like that they’d have to wait for a year or two to get the install base up. The 3DS has a huge install base and expecting the same success just because it’s Fire Emblem would be foolish.

    1. Agreed. It’s easily doable in time though… I mean if they made it amazing like Awakening was , they could easily do it! Sell half of that in Japan.

      1. Blame Activision and CoD for ruining it. It’s basically the model of sales targets now.

    2. Actually, Fire Emblem Awakening already surpassed 1 million pieces sold… of physical media. But considering that many people get it digital, I´d bet that the sales were way way higher than they expected.
      If they launch a FE game for WiiU I´d buy it day one

  2. After the awesomeness that was Awakening, I certainly wouldn’t say no.

    Could be a hard sell though since WiiU sales aren’t all that strong.

  3. I say their sales expectations are a bit too lofty, but hell, I think the series could easily do it on the Wii U, if they made a new title that stayed true to everything that Awakening did right.

    1. Not that it has to reach 700K on launch day. Just by the end of the Wii U’s life.

  4. I’d like to see more support for the wii u in general if it gets more Dev and publisher support then the sales will come around

  5. I don’t think I understand this…
    So a newly developed game, (granted, likely borrowing from some of the past fire emblem assets) only needed to sell 250,000, but to upscale and do whatever to port it to WiiU, plus add a few new features, would necessitate 3x as many sales?

    If this is true, it’s further evidence why 3rd parties hesitate to port or bring their titles over given the WiiU’s current install base, knowing only a percentage of that install base will actually purchase.

    on the other hand, it just doesn’t make sense or add up to me. :/

    1. 1) It’s gonna be a new entry to the franchise, not a port.

      2) Development on the Wii U costs more than on the 3DS (thank you HD), so they have to bump up the sales target to make a profit.

    2. dude remember FE:A was almost the last FE game. this mean if they wanted to keep the series when FE wouldve been release on WiiU that would be their required number of sales to keep FE alive instead of just 250k.

  6. I was blown away when I played it on the GBA. I would love to see a HD version and not a port of the 3ds but a true Wii U version.

  7. Most people that have a WiiU must have , or majority has, a 3DS… I doubt you’d ever see 500,000.

  8. They wouldn’t upscale and port the 3DS game at all…

    They meant that if people wants to, they would make a completely new entry from scratch…

    I guess this is based in the development cost…

    I’m a bit dissapointed that Awakening did not even sell over 1 million yet with an install base of over 30 million 3DS…

    1. Turn-based strategy game play isn’t for everyone. I have at least two friends who just don’t like turn-based game play anymore.

      I, however, love it. Which is why in less than a week, I’m all over Shin Megami Tensei 4 !!!

    2. Because the sale number does not include the units that was bundled with the 3DS I believe, however, I’m not completely sure of this piece of into.

    3. It almost got 4 times more then it needed. If I made a game and only 1000 people bought it, thats a success in my book. FE:A will reach a million eventually.

      1. I like your way of thinking but they want to make a profits rather than lose money. Therefore they have to bypass the break-even to make profits.

  9. In 4 years it might be a good idea, but right now they need popular franchises as system sellers.

  10. Yeah bring Fire emblem to wii u and i will be day one buyer. Wii u needs lots of good titles and if 3rd parties dont deliver then Nintendo should do it themself like in Gc era. HEE-HEE-HEE.

  11. Yes please. And when it beats expectations I would like to shove it down Pachter’s throat.

  12. After the success of Awakening. 700K is not an impossible goal….problem is they would need to have more than 700k Wii U’s sold…

      1. Whoops.
        But still, out of those 3 millions or so units, I highly doubt that 25% of them are into those kind of games, and vice versa.

        Though when Monolith’s game will come out, it is bound to attract the RPG crowd.

  13. fuck yeah I want an fe for wiiu. radiant dawn was epic so I’m sure they can make a great wiiu fe.

  14. We just got FE:A and the Wii U install base isn’t big enough to have a FE game. Let’s wait till Smash Bros gets the sales up.

  15. They should start development now…. or start on a Paper Mario U.

    Personally, I’d like to see a console Golden Sun.

    1. A Wii U Golden Sun will be an instant buy for me. As would Paper Mario U (assuming they don’t screw it up like Sticker Star).

  16. Tactical RPGs aren’t the game for everybody so I kinda see 700k being a VERY big number.

  17. Well the reason they made it only a 250k goal was that they were unsure about the American audiences actually getting the game. Remember how they ran out of physical copies? They didn’t expect that many Americans to buy the game.

    (Btw hard to believe that we wouldn’t be reading this article if it wasn’t for SSBM…)

  18. Fuck damn straight yeah I would..
    I’d love to see an HD, superpowered Fire emblem with touch screen options, easily moved to the gamepad.

  19. it’s a risk, but success requires risk. I say do it Nintendo i’d buy that right away!

  20. They put asynchronous gameplay through street pass for Awakening. But no wifi ongoing battle or multiplayer campaign. Wii U with Miiverse could allow what the 3DS game lacked, and it would become my favorite game ever. Sorry Mega Man

  21. I’m all for it. Wouldnt come out till 2015 if they started this year though lol. Which is fine since starting next month we get at least 1 AAA game every month for the rest of the year, plus next year I dont think there will be more then a month drought at a time.

  22. That’s a pretty high expectation considering Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn only sold 300,000 units on Wii. I’m really impressed and surprised at how well Fire Emblem Awakening did. I would recommend they wait for the Wii U to pick up it’s install base and then dedicate themselves to making a game even better than Awakening. If you think about the Wii U Gamepad is perfect for a Fire Emblem game and just imagine the battles in glorious HD visuals. I hope they do it. Until then I will be getting Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem.

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