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Super Ubie Land For Wii U Gets Final Trailer

Super Ubie Land – formerly known as Super ‘Ubi’ Land before its name change – has a brand new trailer. Developed by Notion Games, the trailer specifies a release date for PC, Mac and Linux as August 13, but the Wii U version is still in development and yet to be given a launch date. Notion Games estimate that it’s about two weeks away from finishing – of course, this will be extended for the Wii U edition. However, the final trailer does showcase what to expect from the cutesy-pie platformer, so make sure you check it out above.

34 thoughts on “Super Ubie Land For Wii U Gets Final Trailer”

            1. ‘ome people say i crawled out of the darkest hole in the world. some say who have met me they dont dare look in my eyes again. that when they do they feel ill and uncertain. is there really a meaning in this world or are we just little helpless specs sitting on a rotating planet of a endless lost world. each to their own it still doesnt defy iceazeama.’


                1. anime tool? lol okay then, i could equally call you a tool in anything you play,watch or do. It’s just something i like -___-

  1. The game looks charming, sure, but watching that trailer it felt like it wasn’t anything new or all that interesting, and for some reason it felt like it’ll play sloppily, too. Though I’m not sure how I got the latter impression.


    That would make Wii U sell.

    M.Bison will kill Shigsy Miyamoto if Nintendo keep making shitty baby games.

    Guile rips off Yoshi’s head and pisses in Mario’s face.

  3. NOOOOO i just camed from that scribblenaut article. This cant be true. This is just what i was sayin another fuckin lame indie game for low budget losers. NO More this shit i was supposed to relax but nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yo come on
    lets go
    Super ubie land
    Game for newbs
    I dont give a shit about it rather watch some boobs
    I got some goods so catch my balls
    Yeah yo come on
    lets go
    bye bye

    1. These fools only want games with american soldiers acting worse than a C-Movie script while modern guns are the solution to everything, even managing to kill gods…

      Or they want games with mediocre uninnovated gameplay with cheap emotional stories that doesn’t determine the gameplay itself, but as western slaves think that a story is what makes a game great…

      It’s pathetic…

      Plus this is an Indie Game, will it define the Wii U as a system seller? No…

      Everything about humans is appearance…

      I wartch animal planet if I want to see creatures judging others and stuff based on appearance…

  5. sony and microsoft trolls.. its an indie game, but now they attack indies, because they dont release any game for x1.. Its a very funny game, I like it

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  7. This game looks fucking terrible, the gameplay looks terrible, not to mention very stiff, and the animations aren’t fluent and look like they could have been made from anyone under the age of 10. the art style is the only thing this game has going for it.

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