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Evo Co-Founder Says Nintendo Tried To Shut Down Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament At Evo 2013


Earlier this week, Nintendo refused to allow streaming of Super Smash Bros. Melee at this weekend’s Evo 2013 fighting video game tournament. The company quickly reversed its decision and decided that organizers of the event had permission to broadcast the Nintendo GameCube game. According to Evo co-founder Joey Cuellar, not only did Nintendo want to shut down the stream; the company wanted to shut down the Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament entirely.

“They were not only trying to shut down the stream, they were trying to shut down the event,” said Cuellar.

300 thoughts on “Evo Co-Founder Says Nintendo Tried To Shut Down Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament At Evo 2013”

    1. Probably because they didn’t purchase the rights to stream it, the game is for private use, and if you want to use it in the public domain you need special permission from the company, it’s the same with viewing movies and playing music, I can understand why, but I think it’s really stupid disallowing free publicity…

      1. I purchased the rights to hit you in the face with a massive strap-on


        1. What has he ever done to you?

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          Isn’t this site supposed to be kid-friendly?

    2. Nintendo’s basically declared a vendetta on anyone who broadcasts their games over the Internet, especially something that could generate ad revenue for someone besides them. They just recently got a partnership with YouTube. Now if you were to upload a video that had a clip of a Mario game in it (or any other Nintendo franchise for that matter), YouTube would detect that, turn advertisements on for said video (without you getting any sort of say in the matter) and all revenue from such ads go straight to Nintendo, even though they had nothing to do with the video and the video may not even be about Nintendo or its games.

          1. Proof? :P

            (a joking rhetorical question, in case you have it in your mind to reply to this comment. :P ).

    1. Trying to broadcast their game over the Internet? Stupid, yes, but Nintendo seems to have taken an interest on their franchises online. (Take the new YouTube partnership for example)

  1. And this statement relying on… which facts exactly?

    Do not believe what everybody says. Especially a butt-hurt fighting game professionnal!

    1. Nintendo…scared of…what?
      They have money Sony wishes to acquire right now…so what exactly is Nintendo scared of?
      If Sony is smart, they should be cautious because they’re on the verge of bankruptcy.

      1. scared that their useless console was done before it even got started.
        have you been under a rock?
        oh well.
        sony wins.

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            1. Ok then…so you’re saying that because people at the Nintendo fanbase don’t want to encounter obvious trolls on the internet, and pursue them, Nintendo is doomed? Are you fucking serious? You haven’t pointed out ANYTHING worth reading, so I’m thinking you’re the retarded sheep here. You ended up in the wrong farm, go back to your Sony website you blind cunt who can’t type website names properly.

              1. You said Sony is on the verge of bankruptcy…. Don’t they have more money than Nintendo? they’re fine.

                    1. Oh. OK. I stand corrected.

                      Sorry for the misinformed statement.

                      Also, stop fucking insulting me and stop having “lol, Sony wins” at the end of your comments. It doesn’t even make any sense.

                    2. You guys can fight all you want but i just wanna know who’s bigger. I heard Nintendo is worth more because of there franchises, thats a pretty big plus for a gaming company.

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                1. No, Nintendo is hands down the most successful gaming business( financially ). They have more money then sony and microsoft gaming districts combined.

                  1. Nintendo is bigger than Sony’s gaming division but I wanted to know if Nintendo is bigger than the ENTIRE Sony Corporation, thanks to google, it turns out they aren’t.

                    1. and never will be if they continue to live in the 80’s when donkey kong and mario were cool.
                      sony wins

                      1. They will be if Wii U’s a major success and PS4’s a flop… But we all know thats not gonna happen.

                      2. Sony’s gaming industry* Not the entire corporate… Sorry to ask this,but how thick headed are you? You’re comparing a phone,tv,game,music,camera,hardware, company to just a gaming company? That makes you look idiotic when you searcg it up.

                      3. I fail to see how that makes me look idiotic, my point was Sony is fine, they are currently nowhere near bankruptcy. Nobody was talking about Sony’s game division.

                    2. It kinda makes you look like the thick headed one… They were not talking about game divisions, and the dudes point wast that Sony has the money to not go bankrupt. Fail…

                      1. Yes we all know you’ve Failed, but i was refering to Nintendo’s gaming industry and sony’s gaming industry, sony has lost money from it’s ps3, but it doesn’t mean they’ll go bankrupt, he wanted to know who makes bigger cash in games, then he switched to comparing an all hardware company to a gaming company…

                    3. Who was talking about gaming districts, BTW Nintendo is very close to becoming as big as the entire SONY company.

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    2. They did not try to shut down EVO 2013. They tried to shut down both the SSBM tournament and the stream. EVO staff was able to keep the SSBM tournament but not the stream, then when fans raged Nintendo let them do the stream.

      Please get your facts right.

        1. lol. or maybe because they’d level the situation and give straight information rather than a bunch of news blogs reporting “oh so they heard nintendo say this” ???

          word of mouth isn’t the best source, u kno

          1. Some people wish to believe that Nintendo is evil. They will trust anything pessimistic said to them, and they will spread it around like butter. Don’t listen or reply to these people, they have nothing else to do but argue with you, anyways.

              1. I’m not new here, lol. I actually watch over the comments sometimes and see you rage on EVERY thread, because you have fucking issues.

                This community is SO BAD, I don’t even know where to start. There are multiple trolls and people with brain damage, like you. And nobody fucking filters this! This, by far, is the worst Nintendo-based community on the internet. At least the news come quick, or this site would have been fucking abandoned long ago.

                  1. Now you’re pointing out a new type of bullshit trying to make yourself seem superior and correct. Go get some friends, faggot.

          2. “Level the situation”

            You mean spout bullshit by saying something like

            “Here at Nintendo, we value our consumer and want them to enjoy content safely, so we’ve decided to cancel the EVO 2013 stream of Smash Bros Melee, because….to..protect…ermm…16-50 year olds? From….hype?”

              1. *clap clap*

                You used a meme. Well done.
                On an advertisement we’ve had in the UK for…about a year.

                Inb4 racism about the UK.

                1. oh boy, you completely ignore the first portion of my comment to—


                  how does that even

                  (also dude we’ve had this snickers ad in the US for ages, but, why is that even relevant.)

    3. The most logical explaination is that EVO did not ask them this year…

      Otherwise we would have heard the exact same news the years before…

      1. Except I don’t think Nintendo really cared about their games presence on the Internet last year. This is kinda like the YouTube thing that happened a few months back, now any video with a two second Zelda clip in it automatically has ads turned on with profits going straight to Nintendo. I’m guessing they were scared EVO was trying to make money off the stream (which they may have, I’m not familiar with EVO’s practices).

          1. I’m sure High Command will give an explaination someday to why they wanted to cancel the tournament to begin with…

            1. Meanwhile, we look at Dragon234 flip his shit again, like he has nothing else to do in his life. It’s really hilarious. He never has anything positive to say, either.

              1. That’s his problem, western gamers are so shallow and have almost no patience at all…

                I rather wait for an explaination before jumping into conclusions…

                But atleast he doesn’t just spam nonsense like the rest of the unevolved weirdos hanging around…

                1. “Western gamers”

                  The fuck are you even talking about?
                  Yeah, millions of gamers are all like that…oh wait, no.

                  1. That’s all you hear in here, youtube and other communities so yes it’s pretty much like that in the west…

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                4. What country do you live in, then? Because I doubt that you’d describe yourself as shallow, along with the majority of this community (fanboys)

                  1. I’m not shallow because looks, graphics and so on doesn’t interest me near the same amount as the content, gameplay or personality does…

              2. Thanks, fanboy.

                Except the past…year or more where i’ve been positive about Nintendo, except for the past few months, which you probably never saw because it didn’t get you butthurt.

                Btw, GOOGLE the study on made of fanboys. You sound like the type of people they talk about.

                1. LMAO, I’m butthurt guys, I’m so butthurt! This guy is literally fucking 10-13. No way is he older than that. You obviously have issues, and you should check them out before replying to me.

                  1. I’ll let you off because you’re clearly new here, and completely oblivious to my past activity on here, back when alot more competent and less fanboys were on here, but fact is, you’re wrong, deal with it.

                    Go ask JellyBean, Nintenward, DryBones, ect ect.

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                  I actually game on other systems, other than Nintendo ones.

                  I’m also not butthurt. Why the fuck would I be butthurt about what a little human says over the internet? I just find it hilarious, and I take the time to analyze what the fuck you were thinking when you were typing it, and trying to see what your obvious fucking brain problem is. You’re a nobody, and you’re definitely no one for me to get butthurt off. You think too much of yourself, little guy. Go wank your anger off or something, you dumb ass.

                  You are the type of consumer a company doesn’t want to have.

                  1. No, a fanboy is someone who’ll accept anything and everything that a company does as law, and okay, and can’t and won’t give any criticism on anything the company does, even if it’s stop $94,000 on charity raising.

                    1. LMAO, did I accept anything Nintendo did? Did I say that what they did here, to EVO, was good? NO. You fucking blind piece of shit, you got EXPOSED~!

                      1. Then why are you even fucking arguing?

                        You’re the type of person that if your girlfriend cheated on you, or though about it, then didnt do and said sorry, you’d be like “ohhhh its okay”.

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                      2. Dragon, you’re a retard. I just said that I don’t accept everything Nintendo does. Sure. But WHY THE FUCK would I dump a company, stop playing their games and buying their consoles because of these types of mistakes? You’re fucking retarded, and you lack common sense with what you’re saying.

                    2. He basically said that,”You’re literally retarded, fanboys are someone who don’t appreciate other offerings from other companies as he thinks his company is the “god”.” That basically means they’ll do and obey any law of that specific company. Catch up you’re fucking slow…

                      1. Except 1. Fanboys can own other systems, they’ll just suck one or multiple companies dick in particular.

                        2. I’m an atheist, God netaphors are nothing to me, although clearly i see how much sense it makes seeing as how religious people are. Fanboys….not that much different.

    4. Only 1 word comes to mind. “Why?” There really is not a single reason as to why EVO should effect Nintendo in any shape or form.

    5. Okay… Where’s the proof?
      This isn’t news, this is just a joke.

      Sickr really is starting to look as if all he wants to do is start flame wars, while posting the occasional news article.

        1. Actualy still is not true. For it it to be it needs evidence not how many sites posted the same thing.

    6. ……

      Ok, so…are Nintendo out of touch, or fucking arseholes?

      Alot of people talk shit about the company like “oh they got shitty after the N64”, and “rehash kings” and “WiiU isn’t powerful enough for multiplats that i’ll buy on my PC anyway, so i wont buy a WiiU” blah blah blaaaaaah

      But, WHAT. THE. FUCK. ARE. YOU. DOING?!?!

      Cancelling EVO? Why? Why would you ever WANT to do that? It’s a public event, that raises money for fucking charity, and you wana shut it down, because Smash Bros was gona be there? Fuck. You. Fuck off with your fucking DUMBASS decisions.

      Shitty launch, shitty price, bullshit digital prices, bullshit VC prices, nazi grade information control, no advertising (but why bother at the moment), fucking over lets players, making a fucking 4 player 3DS game as your fucking Mario flagship title, no Metroid, no Star Fox, no FZero, “was gona tease WiiU Zelda, but couldn’t be bothered (FUCK YOU)”.

      Get Iwata and Reggie and everyone else in upper manegment out of the CEO spots. Keep them as spokesmen, but get them out from running shit, it’s embarressing now.

      1. Before exploding and blowing everything out of proportion, you should look in the article and links for any proof that Nintendo actually tried to shut down EVO besides one guy saying so.
        When you find some, let me know.

        1. So i should question the guy’s credibility, when he was already right about them not allowing to stream the game, when he’s now saying they were gona stop the entire competition and Smash Bros even being there?

          The gu who fucking RUNS it.

                1. I stand Next to Dragon on this one, i know i know, the title says different, NOW. If some of you morons hadnt noticed, Sickr (alba) whoever changed the headline. Look at the original headline its still in the link, and just incase you morons cant find it, ill post it right now.


                  “Evo Co-founder says Nintendo tried to shut down evo 2013”

                  this doesnt say Nintendo tried to shut down the Melee Event, but the whole damn Evo Event.

              1. “Cancelling EVO? Why? Why would you ever WANT to do that? It’s a public event, that raises money for fucking charity, and you wana shut it down, because Smash Bros was gona be there? Fuck. You. Fuck off with your fucking DUMBASS decisions.”

                1. Oh so i worded something badly, big fucking deal, what do you wana do? Cancel my account?
                  They still wanted to cancel the Smash Bros part, which is still fucking bullshit.

                  Get that Nintendo dick out your fucking arse.

                  1. HAHAHAHAHA BE A FUCKING MAN! You didn’t read the article FIRST, and if you did it, you did it biased against nintendo from the beginning! or maybe you read capabilities are bad!, sorry i don’t write english too well is not my first language but at least i can read it properly ;)

                  2. Damage controlling himself.
                    POOR FUCKING PUPPY.
                    LMAO. “Worded something wrong” — the shittiest damage control I’ve ever seen. “I never said anything about the entirety of EVO”, people point examples and he starts raging. Are you fucking 10? Or do you have anger management issues? I’m thinking it’s both.

                    1. Says the fanboy damage controlling people trying to make $94,000 of cancer charity funding go to shit, because “protect our content”.

                      1. Uhm…..DID I say this was a good decision? DID I say that the cancer charity issue was a good decision? You either can’t fucking read, or you’re just desperately shitting false out to keep yourself happy.

                  3. “Cancelling EVO? … It’s a public event, that raises money for fucking charity, and you wana shut it down, because Smash Bros was gona be there?”

                    …….idk man, that doesn’t look very “unintentionally worded” to me
                    i can quote this all day, dude. like come on. just admit you got it wrong.

                    1. I worded it wrong, does it reeeeally matter?

                      They still tried to cancel it being there. Why?

                      You’re all just mad because someone said something bad about Nintendo.
                      As usual with this site.

                      1. kinda matters if you’re trying to make a point without looking like an overreactive nimrod who’s just yelling to yell. c:

                        apparently the reason was on a legal basis. like i said above, until we get a response from nintendo, we won’t know.

                        when do people not say bad things about nintendo, tho
                        why is that suddenly your reasoning for me and others being “mad”
                        ….and when was i mad in the first place
                        you’re the one who seems pretty mad

                      2. LMAO, NO. We aren’t mad, you blind fuck. We are looking at you being a fucking rocket about to explode because of raging over the internet for no reason. Trying to insult everyone who disagrees with you.

                        You can’t take a mistake that you’ve made into your consciousness, you have to fucking throw insults around like a little baby. You’re one of those retards who will shoot a guy’s leg by accident, and say that it was his fault. Fucking miserable human being you are. You put out all of your rage on a Nintendo website. Do it elsewhere. I bet your parents beat you every night.

                        Also, you do realize, that calling me shit that’s obviously false, and pointing out OBVIOUSLY FALSE SHIT isn’t going to help you? You’re miserable in everyones’ eyes here on this website. Everyone here thinks you have brain issues. Everyone’s telling you to stop, but you think too much about yourself, and you tend to continue arguing. Fucking lifeless bitch. Go cry in the corner.

          1. So the title was fixed.
            Turns out they weren’t shutting down all of EVO.
            Only Melee.

            Which is actually dumb since the game’s over a decade old, but what matters is that they didn’t.

        1. Honestly, i fucking agree.

          What, 16 years? Sony hasn’t let me down once, not in a major way anyway, the most they did was make a few mediocre sequels, like All 4 One, Uncharted 3, and Sly 4.
          Didn’t even give a fuck about the hack, i don’t like online anyway, but yeah, Sony does win, right now.

          1. Because nobody expects a higher quality from the Sonyans or Xbots as much as they do from our Empire…

            Without online and the other media gimmicks the other 2 promotes, they would have left the gaming industry after PS3 and Xbox 360…

            Well the Xbots anyway…

            1. And Nintendo probably would’ve left the entire home console race if they didn’t attract a bunch of casuals and others to the console, (the reason why it sold over 30 million) with the motion controls.

              Oh wait, no they wouldn’t because they’re fucking LOADED, just like Sony and Microsoft.

              And i think every exclusive and every multiplat helped with Sony’s success more than online. Oh, and PS+, you know, giving good deals to the consumers on games made THIS generation, not 20 year old games that they still can’t give away for free.

              1. yep, i have gotten so much from that ps+.
                i never said shit about sony but i sure feel the need to say shit about nintendo.
                sony wins

                1. True.

                  Although i wish they’d stop putting wasting money putting Vita games on the free games on PS+, i’d rather they spent money on making new worth while games. It’s a shame Vita is basically dying, hopefully they turn it around when the PS4 comes around…but i doubt it.

                  1. The VITA’s only been out for like a year (just like the Wii U), so it’s not going to be doing so hot, obviously.

                    1. To add on to that comment, I do remember that the 3DS was actually in the same situation back then as the VITA is now. Most of the people on this website that are saying the VITA is doomed are probably the same people who defended the 3DS during launch.

                2. its me's sensible twin

                  You’ve never said shit about Sony because you’re too busy SUCKING THEIR DICK to get a word in edge-wise.
                  Nintendo wins.

              2. The N64 and Gamecube had in general a far better collection of games than the Wii but people did not buy a smuch as expected…

                So why wouldn’t our Empire try to “recruit” new people?…

                The only thing that pretty much annoyes me is their lack of advertising in the west…

                Here in Sweden I used to see some 8 second commercial from time to time during the first month but then nothing unless you go to the cinema and watch the trailers…

                1. I’d rather Nintendo sold 30 million consoles, make profit, and make tons of amazing games, than just making games for idiots. If they wana do that, just be a software company, make shit games for iPhone idiots and good games for consoles.

                  1. Maybe so but the same people will still complain no matter what…

                    If Nintendo made the most powerful console next generation, I bet some will complain about it being too powerful not letting the Sonyans get any chance…

                    Just look at the Bayonetta response from some…

                    Nintendo brings it back from the grave and they are so mad just because it’s on the Wii U only…

                    1. ….what are you talking about?

                      I don’t care, i just GOOD games, and a console that delivers it.

                      I don’t want multiplats on WiiU, i want it to be affordable, and deliver games. That’s it.

                      But they haven’t done any of that, but now they’re doing shit like this, pissing everyone off.

                      1. Nintendo Commander

                        And all the good games are coming so what’s the problem?…

                        And everybody should wait for an explaination form High Command themselves before jumping to any conclusions about anything…

          2. Holy hell… You know it’s bad when Nintendo fans start turning on Nintendo and abandon them in favor of there archrival :D

            1. I never abandoned them or jumped ship, i’ve been a fan of Nintendo for as long as i can remember and Sony since the beginning of the PS1.

              I just call bullshit when it’s there.

              1. You call bullshit when it’s there? I don’t see you complaining about Sony now making youvpay for online or how the highlight of their E3 was about DRM and used games. All of a sudden they’re the good guys when it shouldn’t be an issue in the first place.

                1. Why would i care about Sony making me pay for online, when i already pay for PS+ anyway, which every PS3/4/Vita owner should have anyway, because not having it just makes you a fucking moron?

                  And you mean standing up for the rights of gamers, and our value of the product we buy as a consumer shouldn’t be the highlight, when Sony literally had the scales in their hand? All they needed to do was say “we have DRM” and gaming would’ve changed forever, it all would’ve been changed, and that would be the standard, but they didn’t.

                  1. Not wanting PS+ makes you a moron? Get help dude. About the Kingdom Hearts 3 and FFXV, I am refusing to buy games from arrogant biased game developers. They need to grow up just like yourself.

                    1. “Bias developers”

                      It’s not bias, when a system is A. Selling horribly.
                      B. Not powerful enough.

                      And yes, thinking to yourself “i don’t want save hundred of my local currency for one yearly payment”, DOES make you a fucking moron.

                      1. Even though they have no idea how the other consoles will sell. The power issue is BS.

                      2. I also don’t give a shit about PS+. If you are think that makes you a moron then you’re a dickhead.

                    1. Except i don’t care because i save hundreds a year, and it’s just added on to PS+, which every PS3/4/Vita should already fucking own. And as a bonus they can spend that extra money on better deals, more free content, and better online service.

                      Am i just repeating myself here or what? Dumbasses.

                      1. No I’m pretty sure you’re damage controlling the fact you have pay to play online.

                      2. Nintendo Commander

                        Well you just lost any respect I had for you left…

                        Insulting people doesn’t ge tyou anywhere…

                        And talk for yourself, even if I was rich I wouldn’t pay for online because it should be enough paying for your internet provider…

                        And even though Sony does not intend to have DRM, they still let the other companies decide whether they want to have it or not…

                        And I bid you adieu…

      2. Dude you are so right! I dont know what the hell those guys are doing in Nintendo. If i be honest i have to say that Shibata is the only one who seem to know his work. He seems to be only one who actually works at Nintendo he brings games over etc. doesnt whine and apoligize, he just does what he have to and thats why he is the only one of those big guys that i respect.

        1. I just don’t get at which point they thought any recent decision of theirs was a good idea.

          I won’t blame them for current game delays, i understand the leap in power from the Wii would be jarring, and catch them off guard, but everything else…is just a shambles so far.

    7. Oh, the title’s been fixed.
      Don’t see why Nintendo would want to cancel Melee, especially when that game’s over a decade old.

      What matters is that they didn’t.
      Everyone wins.

          1. i asked once, ill ask again.
            who the fuck names their kid Chris.
            that is the stupidest name ever.
            they should have just named you Shawn The Sheep.
            sony wins

            1. Yet you live in the United Kingdom, land of the rotten teeth and small wangs.

              Pathetic waste.

              -Chuck Norris

    8. Nintendo you fucking idiots, okay I’ll defend you when you do something good but when this type of shit gets going I’m not going to defend you on this. Nintendo, you should allow people do stuff like this because it would give you more revenue and help you gain more supports like our fellow “its me” who loves you so much he can’t help himself.

      If you keep doing this more and more people will start hating you for it and it will be your fault Nintendo. Listen to the fans and follow what they say because they may save your company.

      1. I agree that what they did here is stupid as fuck, and it makes no sense. However, why would Nintendo gain revenue from this? I think just about every person knows of Smash, especially those watching gaming streams. Not only this, but the Gamecube smash…? I’d rather them stream the Wii U smash.

    9. Nintendo is not perfect, they make mistakes, we get it. They’ve learned the errors of their ways and reverse the melee cancellation. PLEASE MOVE ON.

      1. Sony makes a mistake; Sony fans say “meh”. And they forget about it.

        Nintendo makes a mistake; Sony fans say “WHAT THE FUCK NINTENDO SONY IS COOLER YOU FUCKING LOSERS HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA”. And they remember it as if it’s a curse.

        1. And it’s interesting that Sonyans are more hurt than the actual Nintendo fans…

          They must have incredibly weak minds…

        2. Nintendo makes a mistake, fanboys (not fans)

          Sony makes a mistake, Nintendo fanboys, you see where im going with this…

          No you probably don’t.

          1. LMAO the generic “you’re a fanboy” insult, even though I already have proven you and your accusations wrong. Sad living your difficult life.

            1. “LMAO the generic “you’re a fanboy” insult”

              All i did was swap the words Nintendo and Sony from the thing YOU wrote?

              Are you fucking stupid, or just THAT blind?

                  1. I’m sorry, I misread your statement at first. I’m Russian, English isn’t my primary language. LMAO how you have to agree with these people to make yourself feel better. I already told you that I’m not a brainwashed Nintendo fanboy/tool, and I PROVED it to you. So why the fuck are you still on this? Your brain can’t hold more than one insult? Fucking dumb shit.

                    1. oh that explains your retardation, you have been radiation poisoned so bad your brain dont work.
                      sony wins

                      1. He’s 2 levels below you, dude. He’s basically you, but in addition to that he’s also a Sony drone and a troll.

          2. By the way, for the record, No Nintendo fanboy actually accused Sony of doing anything bad. Whilst Sony fanboys, like “its me” come here, and fuck all over the comment section just to make people mad.

                  1. I’m sorry for the fact that I haven’t seen ANY Nintendo fanboy trolling on a Sony news website. I’m also sorry that I’m not ONE of those trolls to know that we, Nintendo fans, troll Sony’s fan websites. Go suck a dick.

                    1. I never even mentioned Nintendo fanboys going on a Sony site?

                      And it’s probably because you don’t go on a Sony site.

                      I don’t even go on one, because i don’t have to.

                      I have to with Nintendo because they never say anything.

                      1. I didn’t really understand the comment, but I’ll try to reply.
                        I go on a Sony site to check if the PS4 actually has a game that will make my purchase worth it. I don’t want to purchase the PS4 at the moment, because there is absolutely nothing there on the system that I want.
                        I don’t understand what you mean by “they can never say anything”…Nintendo can’t say anything? What are you talking about?

              1. Will you two just quiet the fuck down, get a room (by which I mean each other’s e-mail adress) and bitch at each other in private where no one else can hear you?
                Seeing each of your teenage hormones induced rants is overwhelmingly obnoxious for everyone else on this website.

            1. you spewing love for me boy?
              i like making sheep made, it gives me pleasure to see sheep try to come up with good burns, but they fail, just like the wiiu, and you.
              sony wins

                  1. Lol they are winning. PS4 is actually a real next generation system unlike the joke known as the Wii Underpowered.

                    1. PS4 offers NOTHING new other than shinier graphics that I can get on my PC that’s multitudes more powerful than the PS4. I buy consoles for fun. Wii U can offer me fun, with beautiful visuals. Tell me how exactly the Wii U ISN’T a true next gen system, you fucker.

                      1. Lol let’s see… outdated hardware, crappy online, focused around a gimmick and slightly more powerful than a part. WOW SO NEXT GEN. WE ARE MOVING FORWARD. LOL

                      2. @Ness

                        PS4s specs are outdated. What’s your point? Don’t give me that third party support BS. Some Devs are biased.

          1. HEY LOOK. Ness the hypocrite joined the party! Unlike you, fucking Sony drone who misclicks on Nintendo websites, I have friends. I’m, in fact, talking to one on the phone right now. So fuck you.

              1. List me reasons to why I’m a Nintendo drone. I’ll list you reasons for why you’re a Sony drone. One; you think Sony is the ultimate gaming company. Two; you NEVER say anything positive on Nintendo’s side, even when Nintendo does do something big.

                Go suck that Japanese gooch yourself, you fucking disgusting prick.

                1. Lol I never say anything positive about Nintendo? Lol Nintendo WAS MY favorite gaming company until that joke of a console the Wii, and Nintendo hasn’t done anything big since the Wii U and that console is utter garbage. Go lick reggies toilet.

                  1. Let me rephrase that, you didn’t say ANYTHING positive about the Wii U in the lifespan of your account here, on

                    And you don’t want to fuck off because you certainly don’t have anything better to do.

                  2. Sorry, I meant Nintendo* not Wii U. And the Wii U is a good console that needs games, which, oh wait, THE CONSOLE IS GETTING! I don’t give a shit about you saying that the system is bad, I know that hundreds of millions will say that the console is good only if they actually see it, and try it.

                    1. Because there is nothing good to say about them LOL. Milking their franchises and making underpowered hardware totally deserves praise. Lol tell reggie to stop ramming that Wii U up ur vagina.

                      1. Uh, I’m gonna stop you on that one sir…you’re clearly not seeing the whole picture on why they are releasing older games on the newer system. Let me ask you a question personally about the re relases. Why do you think Wind Waker is being on the wii u?

                    2. holy fuck, you call everyone else a troll but since you arrived all you have done is try, and failed, to attack everyone who dissagrees with you.
                      you are so fucking lame i dont even know were to begin.
                      sony wins

                      1. No, I only called you an Ness trolls because you obviously fucking are, you dipshit. Also, I didn’t try and fail to attack anyone who disagrees with me, unless you’re a blind cunt who can’t read. I know where to begin, fucking leave this website. It will be for your own good, your brain will finally sense AIR in your fucking head. You’re forgetting to breathe right now.

        3. Nintendo makes a mistake; Nintendo fans say “meh”. And they forget about it.

          Sony makes a mistake; Nintendo fans say “WHAT THE FUCK SONY NINTENDO IS COOLER YOU FUCKING LOERS HAHAHAHAHAHAHA”, And they remember it as if it’s a curse.

          See what I did there? It applies to all fanboys.

        1. Yeah like makin system powerful enough to run games like FFXV, oh wait sorry it was sony that i was thinking. Nintendo dont know what the hell they are doing atm. But keep ridin Commander you are the mans man.

            1. It cant run on Wii u. Dont lie to yourself. Do you really think that company that has bringed lots of Dragon quest games on Nintendo platforms would lie and for what reason.

          1. They can put almost every game announced by anyone on the Wii U if they wanted but they hate Nintendo so much that they don’t…

            I personally don’t care if they have to lower the graphics or something for the Wii U version but even then it would look alot better than almost any Wii game…

              1. Then why did the Electrons give us 2 bad ports and 2 decent late ones?…

                To the west, specs and graphics means everything, they don’t care if the gameplay is bad aslong as it looks pretty…

                Like everything shallow they like in life…

                1. I dont give a shit about Electrons all i want is good bunch of Jrpgs and Wii u lacks already one of the biggest of those. Well atleast there is X and 3DS which is gettin more and more Jrpgs. But why the game cant have good gameplay and pretty graphics like FFXV, thats the thing i dont understand about Nintendo, you could have both like in Snes era but no lets make weak system.

                  1. Although the Wii U might lack big games right now, we already know that they are coming, no one can do anything about it so it’s no use for the complainers to complain…

                    Further more, everyone behaves as if the Wii U has been out for 5 years and no games have been released…

                    Like I said, western gamers are shallow and have zero patience even when games have been announced…

            1. “Who cares, at least it’ll look better than last gen, even though it won’t fit this gen’s standards”

              Wow, that’s a piss poor attitude.

    10. aghh, my buzz is wearing thin and i need to work in the morning.
      to my fellow trolls, keep your heads held high and give em shit.
      sony wins

    11. Ok, but I don’t know why he said that at the very end, and not in first place, this doesn’t any make sense. First of all Nintendo, only has the right of approving or not if they (EVO) can stream their official games (Smash Bros. Melee for example), and that’s it, Nintendo don’t have any right of shutting down any kind of event, even if they (EVO) are using their games, (Note: Nintendo can only do that, only if the event itself was created for illegal purposes), the decision of shutting down the Smash Bros event can only be made by EVO itself, not Nintendo, that’s another thing that doesn’t make sense.

      1. Any way, with his comment or not, Nintendo changed that “decision” in time.

        And yeah, LOL! just look at the comment section, the standard trolls and haters doing their job with so much passion, wow, it’s funny. xD

        1. Yes, they hate Nintendo so much that they love it considering they spend about 12 hours a day on this site…

    12. It was probably a misunderstanding and EVO dealt with it badly. Nintendo would have no reason to stop the event. They were probably just caught off-guard and pulled the breaks on the train just to see what they missed and when things were clear they let the train go.

    13. ok first off all you are all acting like 6 year olds fighting over what super hero is better, second, ever hear of licensing laws? they are at the beginning of every movie, superbowl ect ect, doesn’t matter if its 8 or 80 years old those still appy, 3rd this is just hear say floating around the web, remember the telephone game from school? more than likely nintendo was mad they didn’t ask permission first, and the matter was resolved very quickly so it obviously wasnt a big deal for nintendo, its just if you let one person walk all over you so will the rest of the crowd

    14. I think you nintendo fanboys should all go shove your cock in a toaster


      1. Infinite_Rubix_Cube

        I feel your pain, man. Everytime I read the hyper-fanboyish comments on this site, I lose a little bit of my faith in humanity.

    15. Who cares, it was a fuck up from the legal department who misunderstood what EVO was, and rectified the move in under a few hours. Dated news is dated.
      In hindsight, it was kinda funny. I can picture Sakurai going to Evo and slap everyone behind the head saying: ”stop. taking. this. damn. party. game. so. seriously.”

    16. I am calling bull again. I have worked in event planning, he either didn’t present his idea well or wanted something at the last minute. Both can which can hurt a good idea.

      I also know people who have worked with Nintendo on events and had no trouble with smaller events. They are very particular about how their products are used.

      Either way by publically talking about it on the internet, he hurts his chances with them on the future.

    17. On the other hand, it sounds like the EVO co-founder is trying to dodge the bullet for a mistake on EVO’s part. Nintendo would not have had an issue with this if the correct paperwork and contracts were signed in good faith. EVO messed up somewhere, and Nintendo acted upon that.

      Not that it matters because the issue has been resolved. Also, why would Nintendo have any power to shut down the entire operation when the whole ruckus was over Smash Melee? I think this is way over-sensationalised.

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