the-wonderful-101Platinum’s Hideki Kamiya remains as one of the most outspoken game designers on Twitter – and he’s been at it again, this time, claiming he doesn’t own a Wii U. Despite working for Platinum Games and working on projects such as The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2, he’s not an owner of Nintendo’s home console. Kamiya is notoriously known as somewhat of a joker, however, so his tweet may just be to cause controversy throughout his fan base. But who knows, this one could be true, as elsewhere he has stated that he’s too busy working to own one.

“I’m not a WiiU owner. RT @Theo_aCloud Are you looking forward to Pikmin 3 as much as all the other Wii U owners? Going to be awesome, and th[…]”

Following his recent Twitter rant about The Wonderful 101 receiving poor marketing from Nintendo, there’s been a quick shuffle to rectify this. Only a day after Kamiya’s tweets were published, Nintendo of America began their hashtag campaign to virally promote The Wonderful 101 with #WonderfulWednesday. No doubt this is purely coincidental, but the timing is impeccable. When Kamiya’s Twitter fans asked him about it, he claimed to have no knowledge of the campaign. Other marketing techniques are also in play for The Wonderful 101, as Kamiya confirmed that a future Nintendo Direct will highlight and advertise the hero action game. You can check out his tweets below.

“Uh, what’s wonderfulwednesday thing? RT @JonGryphon: I’ve been trying to get #wonderfulwednesday trending to help promote The Wonderful 101″

“There will be. RT @enigmaxtreme: To advertise, there should be a ‘Wonderful 101 Nintendo Direct’.”



  1. I wish there was an option on comments to tick a box underneath, a few options should cover it for this site. Nintendo positive. Nintendo bashing. Sony win. Xbox win. Gay joke/insult. Dust joke (Vita/Wii U). Next Gen semantics. Underpowered rant (Wii/3DS/Wii U). We could then get a pie chart updated in real time at the top of each thread, a quick glance would give anybody viewing an overview of the comments. Admins could then make a top ten trolls and top ten Nintendo defenders leaderboard. I think Nintendo Commander would like this.


  2. I’m really looking forward to this game. At first I was sceptical but I think I will buy it day one because Kamiya is such a nice guy who knows what games are all about: fun. :)


  3. This site is crap. You people have turned these forums into complete shit. 20% of these posts are about videogames!!! The rest are a bunch of sissies hitting on each other and wishing they could jam their dicks in someone’s shitter with a random unimaginative troll thrown in for good measure. Fucking idiots……


  4. Kamiya? Trolling? Get outta heeeere, never…

    Excited for this game though…because it’s a Kamiya game.

    Everything he creates is gold.


  5. The only reason people troll Nintendo is because they are scared of what they are actually capable of and that when they find their momentum they sell their platforms like hotcakes. If Nintendo is so inferior, then why bother dealing with them? Could it be that they are insecure about their preferred platform and have to resort to internet bashing? It infuriates people that Nintendo deviates from the norm and still finds success. Wii U is no different.


  6. Not related to this article, was watching the X trailer, and i noticed something.

    Assuming the main character is set with a name, and not Skyrim style, the main character can be a girl.
    In video at certain points it has the guy from the first trailer, but in the new one you can tell it’s a different person, and a girl.

    So that’s cool.


  7. People act like douchebags, because that’s how you get attention nowadays. I’m losing interest in sites like this, because of all the useless postings like this.


  8. What is that suppose to mean, they probably gave him one to make games on in his office, so technically he already has access to a Wii U.


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