Here’s another indie title to feast your eyes on as Project Cider has been officially confirmed as heading to the Wii U. Developed by Astrogun – now a licensed Wii U developer – and described as a mythic, sci-fi, action adventure game, Project Cider is a work-in-progress but nevertheless will be released on Nintendo’s home console. Astrogun’s founder Xander Davis was keen to share his vision with other gamers, and has developed Project Cider as a top-down game that’s seen as ‘Zelda on crack’ within the video posted above.

Of course, Davis needs your help in donations to make this all possible, but describes his crowdfunding as more of an “open, relaxed Kickstarter with no time limit”, where your purchase provides you with instant access to the current version as a devbuild, as well as free updates throughout its development – similar to how Notch-born Minecraft was created. Sharing his excitement on becoming an officially licensed Wii U developer, Davis had the following to say below. Check out the official Project Cider page for more information.

“The kid in me is so thrilled to be making a game for a major Nintendo console that I dug up all my Nintendo Powers from 1988 onward and have been pouring over them for inspiration. It’s a good feeling, and I think that’s already making its way into the game design. I’m fulltime developing Project CIDER now, and the next few months are especially going to be very intense with a lot of rapid development. It’s a very exciting time.”



  1. Yo mothafuckas
    Yeah this is lame
    Im talkin about this game
    No name
    No fame
    It got no shame
    It takes time and skill
    To end up and kill
    You gotta climb up the mountain
    and stand up on hill
    Take a chill yo
    yeah yo
    bye bye
    I rather wait Tloz:albw an ww hd


  2. Nintendo hurry the fuck up and release your games, my Wii U has become a netflix machine. And i dont care about this games, im not here for Indie and Sholveware games.


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