Amazon UK Cuts Wii U Price Tag, Follows Retailer Asda

black_wii_uThe Wii U has once again received a price slash from Amazon UK. The news comes after UK retailer Asda cut the Wii U’s 8GB Basic set price to £149.99 from its recommended retail price of £249.99 and the 32GB Premium price to £199.99 from £299.99. Amazon UK has followed in the footsteps of the retailer and matched their prices – £149 and £199, respectively – to bolster new sales within the competitive market.

This is the second time the market has seen such price cuts, as both companies reduced the cost of the Wii U Basic back in May. Unfortunately, reports suggest there hasn’t been a significant boost in sales from the lower price marks, but with new titles such as Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 on the horizon, retailers hope it will nudge sales for Nintendo’s home console.



      1. I’d prefer it if they just started listening to us in general. Why a 30 year old game should be as expensive as it is I will never know…


    1. Yeah for new buyers. Most got shafted. If we had known that 8 months down the line the price would have dropped by a third, most would have waited. And it’s not like there is a backlog of games to catch up on either. I really feel for those that paid 300 only last week.


      1. you’re absolutely right and nintendo should be ashamed of themselves for not having a legit ambassadors program (sorry but 30ct games I’ve already played to death growing up with every nintendo system is not going to cut it).

        I have also paid full price, and regretted the early purchase ever since i finished nsmbu, especially with the way nintendo just keeps on telling the early adopters to wait for games.

        i can only imagine the regret one has, if you bought one within the last 4 weeks, doubt nintendo cares though =p


      2. Nintendo wouldn’t have a care because it wasn’t their decision to cut the price in the UK. I’m frankly quite disgusted at the retailers, though; although I feel that – for the price I paid – I’ve already gotten more than my money’s worth.


    1. The 3DS is out selling everything every where. It is even out selling Nintendo themselves. Nintendo 3DS is making so much money it can support the WiiU, PSVita, PS3 and payoff Sony’s debt; and still have enough money to pay for Nintendo’s next home console.

      P.S :

      Animal crossing New Leaf and Mario and Luigi are in the Top 3 in the UK charts. beating out multiplats need I mention, ala COD, Crysis3, Aliens Colonial marines lol.


      1. I bought Animal Crossing 2 days ago…

        Not a bad game at all, time to build my Nintendominated town…


  1. Europeans, this is wonderful, get a WiiU, Pikmin 3 is selling out in Japan as we speak. The WiiU is the return of the JEDI.


  2. This takes the piss! Ive had my wii u since launch day. Now im being offered £120 for trade in value. And they’ve taken £130 off the price I paid in 8 months! There’s about 3 games I maybe interested in coming out in the next 9-10 months. Never buying a nintendo console again. Thank god the ps4 is out soon! Im seriously thinking about smashing my wii u to bits! Waste of space console.


    1. I”d hold off on that.. Wii U is about to get a crap load of games. It is no secret you would have been better off waiting, but now it’s finally caught up to the point where the Wii U will actually be useful! :D 💋


      1. Ok mama. Ill give it another chance. This is the last one though. I hope your right but with all the games I want coming to ps4. I dont think wii u stands much chance.


  3. Holy cow! No wonder the UK Wii U’s are getting a price drop! The deserve it! I just looked at the price of the Wii U at launch for a delux edition: £349 which is equivalent to $526.92!! The Wii U only cost $349.99 at launch in the U.S. With this new price drop it costs £199.99 which is $302.40!!! It is cheaper than the U.S now. 💋


  4. Anyone that waited didn’t get any of the special $.30 games though, and we have also had some discounts on the eshop already that they missed out on. 💋


  5. lol now there are the whiners again that buy a console day one and wonder how the price could fall…. :) you buy it, you risk it! Wii U NEEDS a massive price cut AND games games games, quality and quantity. I won’t buy it until there are more games for me and the price falls in germany, too. I won’t pay more than 200 € for the premium model.


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