Nickelodeon And Activision Reveal New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game For Wii And 3DS


Nickelodeon and Activision Publishing, a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard,  today revealed their collaboration on an all-new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video game inspired by the network’s hit CG-animated series. This side-scrolling action-brawler game features an authentic storyline ripe with franchise-favorite characters and locations, with loads of combat and animated scenes. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is expected to launch Oct. 22 in North America, Oct. 23 in Asia and Australia, and Oct. 25 across Europe and Latin America for the Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft, Nintendo Wii system and Nintendo 3DS.

“We’re thrilled to debut this new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video game for our younger Turtles fans,” said Sherice Torres, Senior Vice President of Entertainment Products, Nickelodeon Consumer Products. “Jam-packed with all the ninjas, nunchucks and non-stop action Turtles fans crave, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is set to delight fans around the globe when it launches in time for the holidays.”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an energetic game that stays true to the classic Turtles-style gameplay and atmosphere. With four-person, local, drop-in-and-out co-op play (Xbox 360 and Wii only), the game features character upgrades, secondary items, and multiple gameplay modes.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS is rated E 10+ (Everyone 10+ – content generally suitable for ages 10 and up) by the ESRB. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Wii is not yet rated by the ESRB.



      1. The Xbox one isn’t even out yet, and yes the Xbone is trash but let’s be honest… After the policy change, it’s much better than the Wii U.

      2. a company making that decision doesnt mean they will keep like that
        also, a shit advertising and marketing like the X-Gone did, just by changing the DRM is not gonna make them look better
        “You made shit, dont expect me to like you, even if you change”

      3. If you honestly believe that the Xbots will live up to their pathetic “policies” you are mistaken…

        What american companies and goverments do is to try gaining control over people no matter what area they operate in…

      4. You always talk down about the American governments and companies as if these things only happen in the Americas.

      5. Paying for online and a Kinect camera that must be on to run any game…yup sounds good. Xbox One can’t beat my Toaster.

      6. That’s not honest, though.
        They’ve lost consumer trust and they hold the right to reverse the changes at any time if a small group of idiots manages to convince them that they could make profit off of it down the road.
        On top of that, they still haven’t confirmed allowing self-publishing, and their much-vaunted Smart Glass doesn’t even come close to delivering as good an experience as the Wii U gamepad, according to Ubisoft, who are leaving it out of their functionality plans for Rayman Legends on the One because it just isn’t responsive enough for their needs.

        It’s not “much better” at all.
        If you want to be generous, the only thing it’s better in, is its graphical capabilities.
        We’ve yet to see anything mind blowing from them in terms of gameplay.

  1. Was never a fan of the TMNTs. The never felt like “real” super heroes to me. Also, “Shredder” is a pretty bad arch enemy…

    1. Your opinion sucks and I hate you and your family for it!!!!!!!! lol jk but seriously the turtles are awesome

      1. Ehhh… Ive always thought of them on the same level as the Power Rangers. More like a kids show. 💋

      2. Power Rangers & TMNT were kids shows but amazing ones. And Shredder is one of the most badass enemies out there. You are entitled to your opinion but I must disagree completely.

      3. I agree, Ott. The Ninja Turtles was a HUGE part of my childhood. And I’ve remained a fan to this day. Though I always seem to hate every new series that’s made. Nothing beats the original from the 80’s.

      4. Yeah, the original show was the best. 80’s and 90’s toons… They don’t make shows like those anymore.

        I thought TMNT (2003) was pretty good too though.

      5. I recently discovered a youtube video where they work together on a mission. Search it. Your childhood will come back for a minute. Lol.

  2. They should let the ninja turtles franchise die…they haven’t been good since the 90s and the franchise itself isnt apealing to children anymore… Lol this sounds similar to Nintendo.

    1. Why don’t you atleats break the 17 year old mark before making comments about why you don’t like certain age games first?

    2. …Were have you been this whole week? Have you not heard the success the Wii U has been through lately? And you do know Nintendo owns the 3ds, which outsold Ps3 and Xbox 360 even though its way younger then those 2 platforms. Whatever I have no control over your myth of an opinion.

    3. @Aeolus…Sounds similar to Nintendo huh? And yet you have a uncontrollable need to always be on a Nintendo only blog.. I hate to call someone a FOOL, but in your case, I think an exception can be made!

    4. Aeolus, you are like the dallas cowboys. All your plans back fire and you fail terribly cause the quarter back brain in you has the Tony Romo psynopsis. Making figmented wrong assertions against a company with Tom Brady and Bred Favres combined intellectual and wholehearted gaming and accomplishment resume ( nintendo Shigeru law ).

    5. They may be trying to appeal to old fans ya know. But yea last Ninja Turtles I liked was Turtles in Time for SNES. And Nintendo may AIM for kids but their fan base contains a lot of older fans as well. Probably older than you.

    6. Sounds like you’re entirely out of touch with the franchise and its fan base.
      Stay that way.
      Gives the intelligent people around here a reason to ignore you.

    7. If you feel so adamantly about that then why are you hanging around posting comments on a Nintendo blog? Riddle me this…..

  3. Looks like Wii U and PS Vita will probably be at the bottom of the barrel this Gen…that is unless they release some good GAMES.

    1. The Vita has be out gamed so much by the 3DS it has become the move version controller of the PS3/4 lol.

      1. Vita still has a lot of life ahead of it. The 3DS is just getting more recognizable franchises whereas most of the games on the Vita go under the radar. There are a lot of good ones though.

    1. That other digital download only TMNT game by Activision looks pretty good. Too bad it isn’t coming to Wii U. 💋

    1. The Wii U is backwards compatibile you fools.Thus making the game playable on the Wii U

      1. Good, keep up the good Nintendo Law Enforcement officer…

      2. But not in HD you fool lol. And without the use of a gamepad or pro controller. Classic pro controller is alright but just feels cheap.

  4. For the Wii? Was this supposed to be Wii U? The regular Wii is dead now. At least I thought it was. But then again, I guess as long as stores are still selling Wii games, it’s not completely dead. But I consider a console dead when Nintendo stops making games for it.

    I’d love to play a new Ninja Turtles game that’s like the old arcade games was. Those were a lot of fun. Even though they’d be full of characters I’m unfamiliar with, since I’ve never watched a single episode of the new Nickelodeon series (yet).

  5. Lmao that they are making it for the Wii. That’s OK my Wii U will get used once Pikmin 3 and Ducktales HD come out.

  6. I really fail to realize why games for the Wii are still being produced….Sure it will play on the Wii U but sans hi-def…. I have an idea…why don’t they produce it for the Atari 2600 also…

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