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Rodea The Sky Soldier Is Still Coming To Wii And Nintendo 3DS


Rodea the Sky Soldier, which was announced way back in 2010, is still coming to both the Wii and the Nintendo 3DS. The news was announced by Kadokawa’s company president Yoshimi Yasuda. He explained that the reason why the company remained silent on the game is because the media apparently lost interest in the title.  The Nintendo 3DS version of Rodea the Sky Soldier, is roughly 70% complete and the quality is currently in a plus alpha state. Yasuda says that more information will be announced in the future.

Thanks, Daan

33 thoughts on “Rodea The Sky Soldier Is Still Coming To Wii And Nintendo 3DS”

  1. so this game can go for the wii when it is dead but fatal frame 4 and such other great titles cant be released in the west???? fuck shitendo they deserve to die if all they want is shitty shovelware and tired franchises that feel stale.

      1. you are stupid bitch, this is the truth. unless…. you just like shitty games and the wii???? you play shovelware with your grandma and make cookies dont you.

  2. Good morning everyone. My Nintendo Wii is still getting some love. Someone can make an engine that outputs upscaled 720P graphics on the original Wii and make us legendary games. 100 million consoles sold is a gigantic market :).

      1. It’s a Saturday and you are that frustrated ? lol. Read my comment again. Xenoblade Chronicles, Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. Super Mario Bros. Wii. The last story, Pandoras tower, Disaster day of Crysis, Zak and Wiki, World of Goo. Red steel 2. All of these wonderful games were released on the original Wii :).

  3. Some Guy On the Internet

    YES! Glad to know it wasn’t killed off. Day 1 3DS purchase for me. That is… if it comes to the US.

  4. This game was primarily overshadowed by the upcoming(at the time) Kid Icarus Uprising but if they actually released more than one or two trailers for it I’m pretty sure it would’ve caught on.

    Definetly a day one buy for me.

  5. They’re still making games for the Wii? I’m stunned! I thought it was an obsolete system and it got superceded by the WiiU? I guess Nintendo want to dominate EVERY niche market possible.

  6. I really want this game but since the Wii U needs some games, I really wouldn’t mind if it came to that instead.

    1. If I was them, I would cancel the Wii version completely, focus on the 3DS version, adding new maps,bosses and features instead making it as great as it can be…

      I doubt no more than a few hundred/thousand gamers are interested in this game…

  7. Im not that interested about this game. Im big Sonic fan and i have to say that Yuji Naka made big mistake leavin Sega to create this kind of games. He should have been there so we wouldnt had needed to deal with heroes,06 and unleashed. Gladly The new director Morio Kishimoto who was in Colors and on Lost world knows what he is doing unlike Takashi who exposed himself to be talentless after Naka left (The reason why he succeeded on SA1 and 2 is because Naka was guiding him). Seriously im sure if he wanted Sega would had let him create this kind of stuff there. Atleast Miyamoto doesnt abandon his creations just like that. Of course this game can be good, i mean its from Naka, but im still pissed off how he just left Sega and Sonic when they left hardware business. “Whats the point workin here anymore we dont have consoles, not like we have one of the most recognized characters”. Fuck you Naka! You left Sonic in the hands of Takashi who almost killed the mascot, Thank god that Kishimoto camed to save the day!! This your new character looks lame and you know it!! You know it, just admit it !!!!!!!!!

  8. Nice! I was just wondering what happened to this game a week or two ago. Glad to see the project wasn’t dropped. I hope it gets localized out here in the West!

  9. so is the character disgner inspired by chronotrigger for the girl and disgaea for the boy or is it just me?

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