Iwata Says People’s Expectations For The Company Keep Getting Higher And Higher


Iwata says that he feels that people’s overall expectations for Nintendo continue to get higher and higher, therefore they are facing more challenges than ever as they try to please both the fans and the investors. However, Iwata feels that this is nothing new for the company as it has never stopped progressing by bringing innovative experiences to consumers.

“I would say that the people’s expectations about what will come next from Nintendo is becoming higher and higher,” he said. “So we are facing more challenges than ever – that’s true.

“But it’s nothing new for Nintendo. Nintendo is a company that has never stopped progressing, and when it comes to the fan-base, of course, we have to sustain that, but we are always trying to expand that.”


  1. Basically everyone expects the world from Nintendo and are never happy, however thr other people dont get that treatment at all

  2. how many more fucking quotes is iwata going to say today stop bitching and do a good job but we all know you fucked up nintendo all by yourself too!!!!! do you got anything else to say about this!!!!!! “wait until the next couple thousand iwata says comes out today”

    1. Let’s compare the success/ mistakes made by Lord Iwata compared to our former leader, Lord Yamauchi:

      Lord Yamauchi:


      Saved the entire gaming universe…

      Marketing was a deadly weapon…



      The Virtual Boy failure…

      The accidental creation of the Sonyans…

      Lord Iwata:


      Introduced gaming to the world by taking away the “Child Stamp”…

      More creativity and connection for gamers…

      Wii/3DS/Wii U


      Lost a part of the western core gamers…

      Marketing passive…

      2 Launch failures…

      Say what you want but overall he is a great leader…

      1. Wasn’t Yamauchi also responsible for making the N64 hard to develop for, causing many to develop for the Saturn or PS1? Either way, Iwata is doing better things than Yamauchi, and if Yamauchi kept on fucking up with the Wii, Wii U, DS, and 3DS, it would have probably led to Nintendo’s death.

        1. Well I guess he was but it wasn’t really a mistake than possibly a bad decision…

          I guess the High Command back then thought they were doing the right thing…

          Maybe it would have ended even before the Wii U…

          It would possibly be the end of the gaming era…

          1. It was hard to dev for,but the right tools were there if a developer wished to do so.

            The problem was nintendo rejecting sony, and sony announces the playstation with CD’s as medium.
            Which the devs loved, pre-rendered 3d stuff started getting populair. Just too much of a hassle to downsample things,recreate the game (no porting lol), and trying to dump it into a 64mb cartridge.

            When nintendo found out psx hardware, they tried to see if things could be changed. Due to an earthquake in japan, ram and hw prices were up and nintendo decided it wasn’t possible to give the hardware a boost.

            1. Well your 2 first paragraphs have been summarized in the “Accidental creation of the Sonyans…”

              Your final statement is somewhat similar to what Lord Iwata is facing with the Wii U, refering to the earthquakes in both scenarios…

      2. Funny how people just bluntly hate Iwata for the reason they should hate Don Mattrick for fucking up Xbox brand and the fanbase with the whole DRM nightmare and got his ass fired or forced retirement.

        So before these jackals even think about giving Iwata a bad stare, look back at other CEOs that are beyond the terrible scale’s peak like Don or even that Orangutan Donald Trump (Tramp) going ape over Obama’s 2012 election and gender inequality issues.

        1. So as long as someone else is doing worse, then it’s ok for someone to perform poorly?

          People are so desperate these days. lol.

    2. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what’s known as “stupidity”. See that power button on your monitor/laptop? Press it, for the good of humanity. And if this is actually a serious comment and not some effortless trolling, then for Arceus’ sake, humanity is doomed.

      1. you better be quiet or he might eat your pokemon…… oh to late. “please understand that i bring nintendo to there graves and it all thank to the drones like wii u,nintteenddoo pun foe fanboy because you enjoy retarded stuff like that, ohh thanks for the pokemon, next i eat donkey kong”

            1. Iwata brought Nintendo out of Yamauchi’s downward spiral. If it wasn’t for the Wii and DS, both of which are Iwata’s, Nintendo could’ve ended up in serious trouble once they started posting losses, which would’ve been inevitable.

    3. If you believe everything you read in the press and on blogs, you’re in for a long difficult life my friend.


    1. You obviously haven’t played Pikmin. I’d looks beautiful. Honestly games don’t need to Look better. I would love the next single player star collecting Mario to look like that. Other than power, what else is Nintendo behind on?

        1. But thankfully it didn’t because Wii U needs it to give it a push. Without it, ya be stuck for a whole 12 months instead of 7-8 without a decent title except Sonic.

    1. That’s funny. Lets also have Mitt Romney go for round two in 2016 and his campaign will promote giving nuclear arms to North Korea thinking it’ll bring world peace or cut all relief programs in the world to give to the so called “powerful” and have the poor in concentrated camps singing Disney tunes from 3rd rate child star shows.

      Patcher can shove his crystal ball right up his always wrongful ass and be president of a small 25 sq feet island full of monkeys.

  4. ok…I can understand and respect that option from the company, this is why I choose nintendo because they care for their stuff…besides, what a perfect system for my little nephew who is now 6. He enjoys his luigi’s Mansion 2 on his 3ds.

  5. No, iwata, we, as gamers, actually dont expect more and more from nintendo. We expect less and less and STILL end up disappointed.

    Gamers go into e3, in general, expecting a crapload of announcements that knock their socks off. Nintendo gamers went in wanting one title. ONE TITLE to show them what wiiu was capable of. ONE TITLE to justify the controller, the higher price that isnt going anywhere and the last year comprised of absolutely nothing but our patience and ‘please understand.”

    It’s august now and after all these quotes, directs, and commentaries from iwata, you know what? We’re STILL waiting…

    1. I’m rather curious to know what game you think everyone wanted. I have a list of them that I would love to see in the near future, but I doubt that the majority would agree with you.

      I would agree that some of the announcements have been somewhat disappointing however the games starting from launch to now there are tons of games to play that are fantastic. I honestly have no clue where people come out and claim their console is collecting dust. To me it is more likely they either don’t own the console or don’t own a single game. My console has been on every day since launch for either a game, netflix, television or the internet.

      One of the biggest, if not the biggest, reasons that Nintendo is “doing poorly” at the moment is the fact that relationships to third parties fell apart right after launch and consequently reduced our library for this year. Nintendo had expected a large third party line-up to drive early sales while developing their own titles that were slated for Christmas. It wasn’t over hardware or compatibility as already been proven multiple times. Now that they are left to pick up the pieces, we have had less games.

      Do I believe that their heavy reliance on third parties was ill-planned? Yes however the titles released this year are nothing to turn your nose up over. Their plan to turn this around by Christmas is a sound one in my opinion if supported by a change to their second biggest problem: marketing. The marketing for the Wii U has been non-existant and begs a rebirth.

      If you were curious on what games I had on my list other than what has been released already or previously announced, I want Metroid, Starfox, a new Mother game, and a new IP. Zelda, Smash Bros., 3D Mario/Kart and a whole bunch of others have been announced or released.

  6. Fuck you all the Iwata haters!! Thanks to Iwata this is the 1st fuckin year when all of my favorite ips make it to same system DKCTF,M3DW,SLW and even Zelda(even if its remake). Say what you want about Iwata but he keeps Nintendo a lot more unique and interesting than before. Im sure Iwata and Nintendo have a lot more suprises in comin. The thing is this no one knows exactly what Nintendo is doing and im sure that they are gonna at some point bring StarFox and F-Zero back if not from Nintendo then from mighty Retro Studios. X is comin next year etc. I like Iwata because he is not chasing those 12 year old “big” boys who sit in their dark corner, he tries to attract wide range of users which is fuckin awesome, gaming is for everybody remember and please understand that.

    1. Fuck iceazeama and his minions. I hope they all leave this site once and for all. No one wants yall so please do us a favor and never come back.

  7. Nintendo work really hard on their titles. I just expect them to make good quality games with inventive game play – that sorts my games out for me.They do that rather easily.
    Just time and dedication and you’ve got yourself a AAA title.

  8. You’re the company who deliberately puts yourself into losing situations because you want to believe that “nothing is impossible.” As long as you don’t start using that as an excuse for why you’re failing, then we’re square.

  9. i just want more features on my wii u, like some notifications when my friends gets on and off and game invites. where is the summer update?

  10. Maybe it’s because you made such great games in the past and we expect the same in the future? Iwata can’t honestly believe that fans would be excited for Mario 3D World after we had the Galaxy games.

    1. its true, we were expecting something better we were like; OMG mario galaxy was a masterpiece what kind of mario game are they gonna make now so it can beat mario galaxy, NOPE heres a 3D land in HD on wii u, enjoy. we nintendo fans always expect something better in every game mario game in the future or every nintendo game in general.

    2. Mmm that’s quite true. However, I am confident that the groundbreaking titles are in development right now. They just need to get the quick, safe titles out first in order to satisfy thirsty Wii U owners.

  11. I’m sick of hearing people talk crap about Iwata. He’s doing a great job in my opinion. It’s just like with the ACTUAL president (Obama). Just because things don’t go completely perfect, and there’s some hard times with poor sales etc., people start complaining and talking crap about how Iwata should be fired etc. LEAVE IWATA ALONE! He’s only human, and he can only do so much.

  12. But that’s wrong Iwata. I don’t want bigger and better. I just want something different. I don’t want Mario Kart 7 with hover karts, 3D Land with coop, or DKCR with dynamic cameras. Do something different with you’re IP’s like you did in the gamecube days.

  13. hopefully everything changes when all of their games come out. yeah people are raging because they are just releasing the same thing but they don’t realize is when their out it will push sells and we might see something different from nintendo.

  14. Nintendo has so much unused potential for future smash hits. Nintendo could make a game that is like Skylanders only using Nintendo characters, it would sell tens of millions of consoles and toy figures, it would be a system seller because people love Nintendo characters. Nintendo could make a first person shooter that has Nintendo characters that uses paintball or lazertag, with online multiplayer, it would be a system seller. If Super Smash Bros U has great online functionality, it would be as big as Call of Duty or Halo. The same can be said for Mario Kart 8, if it has great online multiplayer functionality, it will sell tens of millions of consoles. If Nintendo can make a huge open world cinematic action adventure game that competes with GTA and Skyrim, only using Pokemon on the Wii U, it would sell tens of millions.

  15. Nintendo has the easiest job in the world: Wii U 3d Pokemon.
    Seriously, how many companies are able to say they only need ONE game. If they’d just make that ONE BEAUTIFUL GAME that everyone wants, no game could possibly outsell it, I’m confident.

  16. Well get with it then… your company has choose franchises in deep ice! The logical step would be to create small dedicated teams to develop these titles or collaborate, we all know that there are independant teams out there would love a chance at developing some of these franchises.
    I get the feeling that Nintendo fears their own franchises from getting more recognition than their one mascot, Mario! Hence his abundance of games!

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