Iwata Says Nintendo Games On Rival Platforms Would Only Be A Short-Term Fix


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has reiterated that the platform holder won’t be bringing their established franchises to other consoles. Iwata says that it would only be a strategy he would employ if he didn’t care about the company. He concluded by saying that his job is to secure long-term success for the Kyoto based company, rather than providing short-term fixes.

“If I was to take responsibility for the company for just the next one or two years, and if I was not concerned about the long-term future of Nintendo at all, it might make sense for us to provide our important franchises for other platforms, and then we might be able to gain some short-term profit. However, I’m really responsible for the long-term future of Nintendo as well, so I would never think about providing our precious resources for other platforms at all.”

“What I believe is that Nintendo is a very unique company, because it does its business by designing and introducing people to hardware and software – by integrating them, we can be unique. And because we have hardware and software developers in the same building, they stimulate each other,” he said.

“And those kinds of conditions have enabled us to create something that no other companies can create. Those kinds of backgrounds are there behind the fact that such a number of great Nintendo franchises exist, and those great franchises always shine for people around the world.”

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          1. Please don’t speak about Sony like that. Speak all you want about Microsoft, but not Sony. Sony cares about their consumers as much as Nintendo. It’s Microsoft who back-stabs their consumers and then pull a 180 when it saw the consumers raging. I pity everyone who are going to buy Xbox One, because one day again, they will be back-stabbed once more. Only a sensible person would put their trust into Nintendo and Sony.

            1. Don’t interupt our sacred ceremony…

              But fear not, I don’t hate Sony at all…

              I hate the Sonyans that hates Nintendo for no apparent reason and some of their arrogance…

              The only things that bother me about the Sonyan leaders is their focus on graphics, power and worst of all Nintendo’s achievements which they then copy…

              I don’t like their online required payment either but as a whole they are miles ahead of the Microsoft Realm in every way…

              To sum up, I just love Nintendo alot more since barely any game appeals to me on the PS platforms…

            2. Evan Scott, you are a respectable Sony fan. I am glad nintendo created the Playstation for fans like you :). It was all a plan, now two rule them all :).

            3. Hang on a second here, my PS2 died from the famous disc read error, yet to this day Sony deny any and all responsibility for that error despite paying a settlement for it.

              That isn’t the act of a company that cares for its consumers.

    1. Some bloody fool probably keeps asking them.

      Gamers are such a ridiculous bunch at times. They say they “want to play Nintendo games but don’t want a Wii U”… People used to buy consoles for the games they want! At what point did that become an afterthought???

      These days it has become all about the console. It’s fucked up.

      1. Agreed…

        Typical of this generation to love the worthless surface and not the core…

        I love Nintendo because they always put quality and creativity before power, media gimmicks or graphics…

        A Nintendo console with HD is enough for me today since they already accomplished everything else that makes games great unlike the other 2…

        I don’t care about how realistic characters look or environments look, it doesn’t add anything to the gameplay other than looking pretty…

      2. I guess they secretly like Nintendo, but don’t want to admit it, since it would make them look like ‘kids’ in front of their friends.

    2. At times like this, it is encouraging listening to the positive words from Lord Iwata since barely anyone in these western territories like Nintendo…

      And because the ones interviewing him are basically ignorant and don’t conduct any investgation…

      “I would never think about providing our precious resources to other platforms ar all…”

      Have any lovelier words ever been uttered…

      1. hmmm… I don’t like Zelda games. I liked super Mario land 3ds, but im more for Metroid… paper Mario was crap because I hated using just the sideways controller. wario land shake it was better at using this, but still… I hated using the controller that way. why the fork did they not leave the gamecube controller usable for those games!!! dam!!! im so happy they made that WII U Pro Controller cus that feels and looks like the gamecube controller. everything about that controller is awesome. I want to NEED to play it so bad! I hope they make games that focus on that rather then the rather worthless controller sceen… first the wii made our wrists and elbows move more than ever with motion control. now its our necks? nonono…
        its going back to the gamecube controller. that’s my favorite controller until I felt this WIIU Pro controller. it has so much potential, I hope to see many many games use it.

    1. Lord Miyamoto has been molding an entire legion of new creative minds that will take over as time passes…

      Once the current High Command ends its era of leadership, our new High Command will take care of us with new experiences and tripple that of what Lord Miyamoto did since he was just one, they will be many…

    2. your right you know. as you probably already know. how many knows can i wright???? you know, i know, he knows she knows everybody knows!!!!! that there you see is what todays rap music is….. shit!!!!!

      1. Well ice congratz man, first artical I’ve seen mentioned by you. Yeah so any dick who thinks a system will get any nintendo related product, and trust me, sadly proven that some sonyians and xbots thinks fire emblem is owned by atlus and me laughing at their stupidity, will never game any nintendo game for years to come. A very nice find Iceazeama. Once again, congratz.

        1. yeah that is stupid, nintendo games IS WHAT is saving them. without there games exclusive to their system, thats when nintendo is dead.

          1. That’s one of the 2 main purposes about our Empire, GAMES…

            If we fall we fall, but we will fall knowing that we focused on providing entertainment for people all over the world…

            Unlike graphics worshipping Sonyans and NSA Spybox Betamax greedy Xbots…

          2. You know, despite all the shit talk and nintendo hate, you sure come through with news. You are probably the most respected person from my eye about nintendo who hates it. Nintendo command is right along with you in that respect too. Everytime I see you troll about nintendo now these days, I look past it. You’ve earned my respect as a true gamer, not as a nintenian. Gongratz man.

            1. no im not all hate on nintendo. im actually pretty damn excited for some things on nintendos latest vacuum cleaner. like the new xenoblade game, to me that game was the best game of last gen, really great game that few ever meet. it game me the feeling that zelda OOT gave me the first time i played it and thats hard to come back even how great a game is. im also hoping that dkctf doesnt suck and remain really hard because returns was awesome as fuck. im hoping they dont pull a nsmb with it though……. yoshi yarn better not suck either because hes an awesome character. i think he was the very first character i ever used in a videogame in general. think that was mario kart 64 too. so yoshi yarn better be good like the original yoshis island and not yoshis story. im hoping for a new mistwalker rpg too for wii u.

              so as you see there is a few positives about wii u, but nintendo has so many problems that cant just slide by.

              1. I think we all aqgre that we don’t want to see another NSMB game for atleast several years UNLESS it has new music and online multiplayer…

                And harder bosses!

    3. @beemothelittleboy “Can’t you fire him already, we need fresh blood to go into Nintendo, the oldies are keeping Nintendo from their dominance, out with the old in with the new” so ur saying u want miyamoto out? that is low even for u

    1. As I can read here, hi is not a troll. He is just a guy with a different way. He says what he thinks.

      1. He also figured out how to use the Wii U as a vacuum cleaner. That is pretty clever.

  1. Is there still people thinking about Nintendo franchises in others consoles or smartphones?
    Nintendo is by and for Nintendo consoles. Whoever who disagrees can take his shit and get away.

  2. please understand….. NO WE ARE DONE WITH THIS SHIT!!!!!! YOUR FIRED!!!!!! i apologize……. APOLOGIZE THIS!!!!! (kicks him out of nintendo headquarters) oh and take reggie with you!!!!! “my body is ready for no good games” yeah well you were doing such a bad job that iwata had to do yours for you!!!!! YOUR FIRED TOO!!!!!

    months later nintendo is good again and the sheep finally can see how bad nintendo was.

      1. ooohh nooooo!!!!! (falls on knees) please i have a family!!!! ill ill do anything!!!!!! WHAT MUST I DO!!!!!! “please understand that i killed your family and ate them for dinner with reggie” nnnooooooo, you evil!!!!! thats what we do, we are so evil that we release a new system with no games!!!!!!!

        1. Your ! key is taking a hammering these days, Iwata please quit so that iceazeama can take a break from with the zealous apostrophe usage.

    1. (iwata comes with eyes glowing red) no games for wii u, aahhh ha hahahaha aahhhhhhhaah ha hahah hahahah!!!!!! ‘will thee beast yet die!!!!! (whispers no…… turns head to screen with explosion) hes immortal……

      (movie announcer) this holiday season, you can join nintendo and its leader in a movie shittier than a michael bay movie!!!! join us in corporate iwata!!!!!! “PLEASE UNDERSTAND” iwata where are thee games!!!!!! (giant iwata killing the city) “no games foe u and wii, no games for wii u” NNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!

      join us in corporate iwata out this holiday season!!!!!!!

  3. I’m pleased to learn that Mr. Iwata knows about long term and short term economics in business. I feel more at ease knowing he might have taken business courses after all.

    1. The WiiU runs Crytek CryEngine 3 with ease. It uses 50 % less wattage than the PS3 and Xbox360. It is more powerful than them and next gen. How is a console that saves me money weak hardware again. Don’t you have to be smart and in layman’s terms powerful to save money?

      1. “It is more powerful than them”

        Of course it is. It’s newer tech compared to 7-8 year old machines.

        “and next gen.”

        Now’s where you’re reaching..

          1. The Wii U was Nintendo’s next-gen system, yes. I was saying he was reaching about it being more powerful than the other next-gen systems.

    2. And we still win and make graphics on par with the more powerful consoles to say the least…

    1. No! you dont wanna see that, just look at Sega they panicked and left console business instead of amusement business which was shitty decision from them. Nintendo better make their own hardware, its best for all even for Sega and sonic lol.

  4. Just release more stuff then…and don’t just kill all support 3 years in like the Wii….

    Also get rid of fucking region lock, i want to play Shin Megami Tensai 4 but nooooo Europe doesn’t get it because no reason…

  5. I think this is very clever of Nintendo.
    Imagine if Nintendo released a Zelda game on all platforms because of some kind of financial crisis, even if it manage to live through the crisis by this way, the company will be as well as dead. No more gamer would buy any Nintendo hardware, because they would expect Nintendo to release another Zelda game on all platform again.

  6. I am really afraid of what will happen to Nintendo once Iwata leaves… What if he is replaced by someone who WILL put Nintendo games on rival platforms?? 😱 💋

    1. One man can’t make those choices and put them into action. And if he does try to, he can easily lose his position. The company and those invested in it wouldn’t allow such drastic moves unless they were in dire straits (which Nintendo is far from) and that was the only viable option left.

  7. I wish these idiots would just shut up already and purchase a Wii U and a 3DS since they want to play Nintendo games so much….

  8. “a number of great Nintendo franchises exist, and those great franchises always shine for people around the world”

    Exept for metroid other m
    and Star Fox Adventure
    And Hotel Mario
    And The adventure of zelda, faces of evil and wand fo gamelon.

  9. Nintendo going third party is not going to happen. If that ever happened, gaming would be dead to me.

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