Stunning New Monster Hunter 4 Trailer

Capcom Japan has uploaded a brand new trailer for the long-awaited Monster Hunter 4 on the Nintendo 3DS. The game is currently scheduled to be released in Japan on September 4th, but there has been no mention of a release for North America or Europe. Hopefully Capcom has an announcement planned for a future Nintendo Direct.


  1. Nice to see some of the textures were improved. Still looks worse than Tri and 3U though… *sigh* Oh well, it’s Monster Hunter. I’m gonna buy it either way =P

    1. reggie: looks like monster hunter 4 isnt coming to north america….. instead we get carnival games 2!!!!! reggie it came out in europe though!!!!!! to bad my body is ready for no good games.

        1. it will come to europe, but as you know reggie has not been good with bringing games that are already in english which is pathetic.

          look at all the great games for the wii that havnt been released in america and the 3 rainfall games that did were noa had nothing to do with. noe is the only good nintendo branch.

  2. Capcom and Nintendo would be really stupid if this doesn’t come out state side…and on wii U in HD

    1. I am pretty sure it will, MH 1-3 came out in NA right? (I may be wrong, kinda forget) plus I think at least most G versions came as well.

  3. Does anyone out there still think this game is going to launch at the same time on Vita as it does on 3DS?

    I remember those deluded fools from last year. Oh so funny.

  4. Never played Monster Hunter before. I was looking forward to MH4 in HD with better controls on the Wii U gamepad, but then I found out it was on 3DS… I love my 3DS and all, but I want it on the Wii U. :,( 💋

    1. MH3U is also for the WiiU though they just added improved textures for monsters and armor and better shadows (3ds version has pixely shadows)

      Plus it has online multiplayer where I spent over 300 hours with tri.

  5. I hope this gets a localized Wii U port…I doubt it though. Besides I still feel like 3U still has a couple 100 more hours left in it…

  6. I’m going to be bold here. This game looks so amazing, that I feel that minimum, there will be 500K 3DS consoles sold between September and October. The 3DS sales skyrocketed with Animal Crossing 3DS, and if Japans loves a game, it’s Monster Hunter!

  7. Well we are getting Monster Hunter Frontier G on the wiiU (no NA release news) so I hope this comes stateside because MH3U is really the only game I want for the wiiU right now. that has a tone of re-play value off the bat. and cause im soloing tri cause (no WiiU). but a new MH game for the wiiU ground up development would be sick! ….. oh andI hate cats…..they suck…..aloooooooot. since there are cats I want King Shaka laka to be in the game. makes since. and Brachiidios since he is the only slime element and im wishing for a white with purple poison subspecies with green eyes but it will probably never happen

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