Nintendo Taiwan Reveals Limited-Edition Doraemon 3DS


Nintendo Taiwan has announced a special limited-edition Doraemon themed Nintendo 3DS console. The lovely Doraemon Nintendo 3DS is a contest prize for those who buy the new Chinese-language educational game, Doraemon: Nobita’s Number Adventure. To enter the draw you have to be in Taiwan to buy the game. Those of you in Taiwan will have to visit the contest page and download the entry form on September 3rd.


    1. It’s a popular franchise in Japan (and outside of Japan, I think, in some places. My grandparents thought it was Chinese and bragged how it was better than the anime I kept on watching [he grew up during the Hate Japan era in China] until I told him that was an anime as well with poorly lip synched Chinese audio) which has existed since 1969 as a manga. There have been three animes so far, with the latest currently ongoing and the second having reached 1787 episodes. Yes, that’s a lot of episodes.

      It’s a gag manga about a robotic cat with a bunch of wacko technology from the future that helps push strange silly stories.

      The cat, Doraemon, is actually a pretty common icon among Japanese and other Asian cultures.

    1. Sickr and crew probably deal with the roughest group off commenters and critics of any blog. People here are ruthless and judgmental as if they are blogging gods.

      For being like that Bar in star wars 4, it’s a pretty exciting blog to visit. Lol

      1. >”crew”
        anyway, this blog is super flamed due to stupid wannabe trolls, trying to look smart by saying their will is rule, while being just a bunch of cry babies, like pachter, that think it is ilogical their logic doesnt apply for nintendo

  1. The Nintendo Domination of Taiwan and Mainland China has begun :). Talk to me next year march people, when nintendo enters the Dragon like Bruce lee.

    1. And unlike the Dragon Master Bruce Lee, our Empire shall not fall but rise instead…

  2. one of the most useless article ever put on this site. if there’s anybody in taiwan who actually speaks english and follows this site regularly then props to you.

  3. this makes no sense

    doraemon is a very popluar japanese manga from the 60s, that extended into the 90s, anime from 1979-now movies every year, a huge national cultural icon and it only gets a release in china? well taiwan. if i was in japan id be a little bit peeved, here not so much because there is no english release (i am a bit peeved at thtat though, because every other language gets one)

    1. taiwan was occupied by japan for a long while and imparted deep cultural ties while there. i grew up watching chinese dubbed anime from taiwan and half of my mother’s family is japanese. trust me when i say that doraemon (xiao ding dang to me) is just as big a thing in taiwan as he is in japan.

      point taken on why no release IN japan, though. that’s a little strange.

  4. So would anyone else find it amazing if there was a Totoro 3ds? I’m satisfied with my Pikachu 3ds Xl, but think of it.

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