European Etrian Odyssey IV Demo Can Only Be Played 3 Times, Nintendo To Blame


Etrian Odyssey IV European publisher NIS America has confirmed on Twitter that the European Nintendo 3DS demo can only be played three times. The publisher says that Nintendo implemented the restriction to leave gamers wanting more. Interestingly, the US demo of Etrian Odyssey IV can be played up to thirty times.

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  1. Can’t really blame them…..I guess. :/
    It might be a good idea, and it might be a bad one, but who cares really. :/
    Is the game Etrian Odyssey IV any good at all?!

  2. I don’t know how they keep pulling this crap nowadays. The gamers who will play this kind of game are more in the niche category and will probably be better informed, meaning they will know that this kind of restriction doesn’t exist elsewhere.
    It just creating needless resentment over a minor thing

    1. I play 2 times max, and I believe the same goes to most of us but like the above guy said (creating needless resentment over a minor thing) this move of Nintendo is stupid.

  3. Fuck you bitches, just buy the damn game, 3 times is enough to know if you want it, motherfuckers.

  4. Whinning over a demo, mynintendonews news with the classic click trap. Now that Nintendo has the WiiU ship steadied, sites and journalists will post anything minutely angering to get reads and clicks. PRE-TENDOs and trolls a like will be mad at a demo. What type of punk kids are you or were you growing up if you whine at a demo only playing three times. LOL.

      1. My thoughts exactly…. They still have a long way to go before anything related to WiiU can be considered “steady”

    1. They do limmit there demos in even worst ways. Thy don’t even let you finish the first part of the first level of the first section.

          1. Is that the only demo? I’ve downloaded demos of God of War III, Rayman Origins, Resistance Fall of Man, Black Ops, and Sonic Adventure 2. They were fine considering they’re demos.

            1. My point is that both have good demos and bad demos and shirt Denis and belive me this ain’t a short demo.

    1. Yea be because the people who can limmit the demos are the publishers. Thearythm dosnt have a limmit.

  5. The demo has a level limmit till 10 it also has many things blocked even if you wanted more is better to get the full game it is awesome like that.

  6. Technically its not 3 plays. It 3 times you open the game, as long as you keep the game open you can play it as much as you want.

    I have played through a number of demo games multiple times, before I shut them down and only lost 1 play on the screen.

    1. Vita is getting Vita pets another Knockoff of a nintendo wonder lol. Vita owners should be mad at you 3DS complainers, at least you get a demo; their Vitanic has Vita pets and uncharted cards LOL. spoilt nintendo with their greatest eighth generation 3DS crying over a demo lol. You all need to be spanked and given a bonus buy Fire emblem and shin megami IV and get a free game code. Wait nintendo already did, be content and happy Pokemon X and Y are on their way while your friends at VITAVILLE languish with remote play the game changer of 2011. It was all over television and YouTube, uh the Internet LOL.

      1. Indeed…

        These Sonyan Drones are so pathetic…

        Soon they’ll praise their Legion when it changes the name for PS Vita to the PS4 V-Pad…

        Then 1 year later the Xbots will create the MirrorGlass Gamepad and the Electrons will praise it as revolutionary…

        Then these Sonyans will create Pursamon – Gotta Collect ‘Em All and call it original by saying they are monsters you keep in your purse…

        Then they will launch 3 versions of the game as to collect them all you have to have PS+, Vita, PS4, Microtransactions to get the “Sacred” Pursamons…

        And so on…

        1. Why would they change the name of the Vita to PS4 V-Pad ? That makes no sense. The Vita is its own system. Your joke has failed, congratulations.
          Why would Sony develop something like “Pursamon” ? I believe they are smart enough to know that after all this time, a concept like the one Pokemon has, cannot be as successful as the original Pokemon. And you are criticizing the publication of multiple versions of the same game ? So, like Nintendo does with Pokemon all the time ? In pretty much every generation ? Red, Green, Blue ? Gold, Silver, Crystal ? Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald ? Pearl, Diamon, Platinum ? Black, White ? Black 2, White 2 ? X, Y ?
          Oh, and microtransactions to get special versions of “Pursamons” ? Like Nintendo did with the Dream Radar ? To get special forms of the Kami Trio ? Way to bash Pokemon.

          1. To be fair, the 3rd versions of each generation usually have a few new features. Just wanted to point out that I realize that.

      2. If you’d taken your time to actually inform yourself about the game “Pets”, you’d notice that it is pretty much nothing like Nintendogs, besides the fact that there are dogs in it. Plus, pet games have existed before Nintendogs as well, so what’s your point ? Sony is trying to make games appealing to casual gamers and a game involving pets is a pretty good way to do that. Nothing wrong about that.
        Next thing, the concept of using the Vita with the Playstation 4 isn’t quite the same as using the gamepad of the WiiU.
        And by the way, this “Vitanic” you are miserably trying to bash on here is selling better than the WiiU. So, with trying to make the Vita look bad, you are also making the WiiU look as bad. Good job.
        If you were a real gamer, you wouldn’t really mind silly things like console wars. Sad to see what the gaming scene is becoming.

        1. Typical Sonyan Drone defending his Legion from obvious copies…

          If our Empire did not make the Wii U then they would never have made the Vita connectivity with the PS4 and the Xbots would not do the Smartglass…

          Same with PS Move, Kinect, Pets, Kinectimals etc etc…

          Just admit their copying agenda…

  7. This game is really, REALLY good though! also, the picture above is from the newest EO game, not the EO IV (from the demo).

  8. I don’t understand why you’d even want to play a demo for an RPG more than once. It’s the sort of thing you’ll know if you want it after the first play of the demo. If it was something more open ended like a multiplayer game, then sure, that’s what it’s designed for. But with an RPG, you’d likely only replay it after a year has passed. Minimum.

  9. not a nice thing to do.. but then again it’s a demo
    guess in this day and age one can be glad to get one at all

  10. How many times do you need to play a demo to know if you want to buy it or not? I play a demo once…scratch that, I usually play half way through and get off, because I realize I don’t want to put any real effort into a game I can’t finish.

    1. They only want to have excuses to bash our Empire no matter how stupid the reason is…

  11. When I downloaded the demo of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and discovered there was a limit on how many times the game could be played, I decided to never download a game demo ever again. Limitations SUCK! And there’s no excuse to have a limitation on just a demo. I mean, a demo only allows you to play so much of a game as it is.

    Though I never usually play a demo more than once anyways, that’s beside the point.

  12. It’s a damn demo. Why would you want to play 1% of the game for more than once really confuses me.

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  14. Ok guys, here’s why this is actually bad. The EO4 demo allows leveling up to level 10 and transferring data. People want to completely level their team and then transfer it. And what if they have to shut the system off. I used the demo a solid 10 times before buying the fill game.

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