Capcom: No Physical Release For Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies In The West

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Capcom Unity has held a Dual Destines Q & A with Ace Attorney Producer Motohide Eshiro. During the Q&A Eshiro revealed that the company currently has no plans to release a physical version of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies. The main reason behind this decision is that releasing it digitally takes the manufacturing time out the equation.

“In response to fan feedback we looked into a western physical release of Dual Destinies but from the beginning of the project, one of our goals has been to bring the game to the western market much more quickly than we have been able to in the past. As text adventures, the Ace Attorney games require a lot of time for localization, so we really moved the proverbial mountains and had a lot of people work very hard to get the text localized as quickly as possible—while of course maintaining the high quality level fans are accustomed to.”

“As part of this, we made the decision to release on digital only in the west in order to take manufacturing time out of the equation and allow the release date to be as early as possible. So the answer is, no, Dual Destinies will be a digital download-only release in the west.”


    1. Wtf are you talking about? They are trying their best to get the game released out as soon as soon as possible and youre calling them crap? Or would you rather get the the game delayed 2-3 months for a crappy reason as a physical release.

      1. Do these games sell a lot in the west or just moderate?…

        Because if they don’t sell well I cannot see them releasing physical copies…

      2. You really think that’s the honest reason? Capcom is shitting in your mouth and you don’t even realize it. No, its because its cheaper. They don’t give a damn about getting it out “faster”, they just want easy money from a beloved franchise with as little effort as possible.

      3. Yes, I would like that, as I don’t want to pay full retail price for a digital version. I want the physical disc,manual and box and would gladly wait even an extra 6 month or more.

    2. It really is not that big of a deal. Be happy that we get it at all. They’re trying their best to bring it to us as fast as possible, be happy for that as well.

  1. I figure most games would eventually end up like this in the future. It stinks for those who don’t have the internet though.

    1. What a primitive way of thinking…

      Communists, Nazis etc etc, such a bunch of apes…

    2. yeah because the troops always have internet available right? They won’t be able to play the stupid XBone without it unless they’ll have it online at least once every 24 hrs. Its a Crapbox. The troops deserve better.

  2. That’s the same bullshit excuse I hear for either delaying or not releasing Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth 2 to the USA. Crapcom fucks!

      1. Wrong. The game has been made. Only in Japan. However, there’s already a petition for a long time that they wanted the game to come to the US. Since Crapcom still hasn’t made any moves, fans already went and translated the game themselves and now waiting for an opportunity to get it localized.

  3. “As text adventures, the Ace Attorney games require a lot of time for localization, so we really moved the proverbial mountains and had a lot of people work very hard to get the text localized as quickly as ..”

    Great, and why dont they support mulitlanguage for us europe people ?!
    Doesnt make sense at all, seriously.

  4. But if fans WANT it as a physical release, and thus is FINE with waiting, what’s the problem? And the reason for why text heavy games take a while is translation, which they have to do anyway. Also, Japan was only supposed to get physical versions, but they changed that afther reactions. Why wasn’t it so important to get the games quickly out over there?
    No, I think this is just about money for their sake. Naturally, they are a business and the games are not super populare, but it’s so frustrating when it feels like they are lying to you.

  5. Other than Monster Hunter Capcom has been really craptastic here lately. Good thing I don’t really care for Phoenix Wright though…

  6. I don’t have the data space for a digital version of Ace Attorney. I’m skipping this. Bad move, Capcom.

  7. If it’s digital only I will wait for a price drop of at least 50%. I don’t buy digital at full price and really prefer physical copies. But I really like the Ace attorney games.

  8. Don’t see the issue here. Seems a fine game to remain digital only by all accounts. It would be a keeper in my collection therefore owning a digital copy is fine. It’s Phoenix Wright ffs!

    The way I see it (and I prefer physical releases all the same), if the game’s a keeper, and cheaper digitally, get it digitally. People that use Steam for their digital games will look at us and think ‘what’s the issue?’

  9. What? What are you talking about? There are tons of typos in Ace Attorney. :l I don’t think rushing it into the digital market is going to help the typos or the fans.

  10. Alas, it is a shame…ah well, Digital purchase is a must, regardless.
    The Ace Attorney brand has long since deserved this respect from me….

  11. I am severly disapointed that there was no western physical release. I perfer to have physical copies of games. I can never finish my Ace Attorney collection…….

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