Forgotten Memories Demo May Arrive On Wii U

forgotten memoriesPsychoz Interactive is well under way into releasing their latest title Forgotten Memories: Sixth Sense. And there is now talks of a demo for the survival-horror game to reach the Wii U. As it’s the indie developers’ first title for the Wii U, it’s natural they would want to garner audience reaction and are hoping to release the demo in the next few months. Posting on the Touch Arcade forum boards, studio owner Georges Paz said the following below. Forgotten Memories: Sixth Sense is hoping to release next month.

“For the final version of the game, Vita and Wii U version will come first and soon later the iOS version (with a 3-4 weeks time frame). PS3, PS4, PC, will follow. As for the demo it’ll come next month (August) on iOS. There’s some big chances the demo will come to the Wii U and Vita too.”


  1. It’s like the developers saw the prototype of Resident Evil 4 and decided to run with it.

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