Renegade Kid Would Like To Bring 3DS Game Treasurenauts To Wii U

treasurenauts_screenEarlier this year, Mutant Mudds developer Renegade Kid announced their new game Treasurenauts for the 3DS. The company’s co-founder Jools Watsham opened up an informal question and answer session on Twitter yesterday, and expressed that he would like to bring Treasurenauts to the Wii U. The 2D action platformer game – which features a varied band of adventurers travelling the world for glorious treasure – is still on target for a late 2013 release, but for those of you looking for a demo, you’ll be sorely disappointed as Watsham doesn’t intend to release one prior to the game’s launch.

During the impromptu Twitter question session, Watsham also revealed that the trailer for Treasurenauts would be arriving soon, inspired by Metroid, Spelunky and Mario. Pricing for the game is set to be the same as Mutant Mudds – $8.99. You can check out his tweets below:

“@ahmadchannel2 We would like to bring it to other platforms, such as Wii U, PS Vita, etc.”

“@nikatapi Yes, we aim to support Download Play. No plans for a demo tho.”

“@WindsorNEH We’ll definitely have trailers and 3D screens pretty soon.”


      1. Me too.

        Is anybody else getting a bit fed up of hearing about indie games coming, or maybe coming, to Wii U? Most exist on other consoles, so they aren’t exclusive, nor do they sell consoles. I’m sat here, rapping my fingers, waiting to hear about some third party AAA exclusive, mature titles. We had loads of fantastic ones on the Wii… -_- …


      2. I doubt we will see any regular announcements from these Third Class Powers until High Command releases WWHD and SM3DW…

        The Shin’en Tribe is a good one to observe though…


      3. I can understand your frustration…

        However I do hope you don’t count them out yet…

        I personally will refrain from makingna final judgement until the month of August 2014…

        If the Wii U is still falling behind then I think High Command should rethink their Home Console strategies…

        I like most games they have announced, yet barely any of them uses the Gamepad in a satisfying manner…

        Right now it almost feels as if the Gamepad is just there for the sake of Miiverse and TV…


      4. Well, if it makes you feel better, I’ve been hearing good news as of late about xb1, and Wii u. Wii u is starting to pick up sales thanks to the recent games that lauched and yes, I’m talking about 3rd parties, not too many though but its a start. xb1 has more games too keep an eye on than PS4 at the moment but I have a strong feeling, call this a gamers intuition (hunch), that Sony and Nintendo are gonna leave xb1 in the dust to be equal in terms of games and consoles. Keywhole does sound like a game to watch but it might end up like mario bros. (good) or end up like rareware games (bad).


  1. I wish them the best in actually creating a fun game this time and hopefully that they’re getting a new music composer while they’re at it.


  2. Mutant Mudds is my favorite game on the eShop. Of course, its replayability is low but I had a lot of fun 100% completed it and its OST is one of my favorites. Though, I really don’t think Mutant Mudds and Treasurenauts, or any other indie game, should be on a console.


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