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Nintendo Australia Won’t Be Getting The Zelda Wii U Bundle

zelda_wind_waker_wii_u_bundleNintendo Australia has confirmed that it will not be releasing The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle or the limited edition Ganondorf figurine any time soon. Both the bundle and the figurine were announced yesterday by Nintendo for North America and Europe with a price tag of $299.99 – giving a $50 price cut to the home console. Unfortunately, Australia will be missing out on both of them, as reported by Vooks. Luckily, those who need to give Ganondorf a good home, or the Wind Waker Wii U bundle a nice place to sit, can import from Europe. Nintendo Australia said the following:

“[We] do not have plans to release these in Australia and New Zealand at this stage.”

47 thoughts on “Nintendo Australia Won’t Be Getting The Zelda Wii U Bundle”

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  1. N’aw, my friend was excited for this bundle….too bad, I guess…
    Oh well, it’s not like he can’t get the Nintendo Land bundle, and buy this game.

      1. They took? Australia is one of the few countries that live in peace with the native with out locking them in a fake town.

        1. Nintendo Commander is right. The settlers did steal the land from the Indigenous, however the Aboriginals do not “own” the land as they believe it is their Mother.

      2. That was actually the Europeans. Only very few people who live here now descend from those who took the land. We’re extremely multicultural now.

  2. Being American, even if I bought this bundle set, I’d still buy Zelda: The Wind Waker HD separately. Because I don’t even consider it as “owning” a game if it’s just a digital download. Nintendo totally ruins all bundle sets with this digital CRAP!

  3. Why? This kinda shit pisses me off to no end. If I lived in Australia I would be writing a strongly worded letter right now to Nintendo of Australia. I might even write one anyways.

    1. The point with Australia was because it IS far away. Way back then England had nowhere to put all prisoners and criminals so they sent ’em all to Australia forcing them to start a new life. History fuck yeah. They have the same region code as Europe too ( Only with their own ratings system. ) which makes no sense really…

  4. the only loss i see is not getting the limited edition of WW
    the wii u is only a premium one with a fancy controller

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  6. australia and video games just don’t get along, now do they? it’s like wolverine and sabertooth, you can’t put them in the same room or they’ll try to kill eachother.

  7. Wat the acturally fuck, do u know how actually excitedi was for the ganondorf figurine, I was gonna get it, it looked amoazing, but I’m sure willl get something better like with the ocario of time 3d bundle which came with an ocarinaall the ocarina songs and a guide booo.

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