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Kamiya Talks Okami Sequel


Platinum Games designer Hideki Kamiya has told 4Gamer in a recent interview that if there’s an opportunity to create a sequel to the beloved Okami then he would definitely like to make it. However, Kamiya says that gamers want so many sequels these days to existing franchises that he honestly wouldn’t know where to begin.

Speaking about sequels. Would you consider a sequel of Okami, maybe on Wii U?

Kamiya: That question gets asked a lot and its something gamers clearly want, so if I am able to, I will definitely make it. But gamers want so many sequels, I don’t even know where to begin.

43 thoughts on “Kamiya Talks Okami Sequel”

  1. Okami franchise deserves a third game, it is really beautiful, the art, Storyline and characters, Please Capcom let Platinum Games make Okami 2 on Wii U, it’ll work perfectly fine using Wii U’s Gamepad

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  3. “Platinum Games Would Love To Become A Second-Party Nintendo Developer ”
    “Would you consider a sequel of Okami, maybe on Wii U?”
    “Kamiya: If I am able to, I will definitely make it.”

    Wii U exclusive Okami sequel? Holy fucking YES!!!

      1. Nobody. Earlier news stated that Kamiya would like for Platinum Games to become a second party developer (thus making their games exclusively for Nintendo). Should this become reality before (and IF) an Okami sequel is announced, then it would mean that it’d become a Wii U exclusive.

      1. Got it free with ps+.

        Even though I played it on wii, had a bug in the snow levels where and lost 5+ hours of progress, and then I stopped playing okami.

        Is Okamiden worth trying?

  4. Didn’t like the original. Looked cool but overall just too insipid and weird for me. Please spend your time on something else, Kamiya.

        1. The first few hours were not so special, but the rest of the game is magnificent. Certainly when you get to that big town. It was so amazing.

  5. Okami sequel? For the WiiU? Of course we want it!!! Okamiden was good, but the limitations of the DS made it so inferior to the original… We need a proper Okami sequel!

  6. Okamiden felt like a remake because most of the locations were places we already visited. So we need the true sequel of Amaterasu’s journey after the ending.

  7. God damn! Now Kamiya owes us a lot of games. A new Star Fox, a Murasame Castle reboot, a potential Wonderful 101 sequel, a possible Bayonetta 3, and a hypothetical Okami 2 (not counting Okamiden).

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  11. okami definitely needs a sequel. there’s only so many times I can replay it in so many years… okamiden was a spin off game and not a true sequel in that it didn’t bring any closure to the alusions of a sequel in the original okami. and as if a handheld console could ever bring justice to an epic scenery porn/galloping game like okami.

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