Bravely Default’s Western Release Will Be Based On For The Sequel

bravely_default_flying_fairy_charactersBravely Default’s Japanese website has not long been launched and it’s already sparked off speculation that For the Sequel will also be the western localisation, which is due for release in December. Previously today, Bravely Default: For the Sequel was confirmed as supporting multiple languages – Japanese, English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German, as well as Japanese and English voice acting. But now we’ve had confirmation from Japan’s official Bravely Default Twitter account that the western release will be based on For the Sequel. Since we’ve had to wait a fair amount of time for the localisation, it’s great that we’re receiving the new, improved version of the game. Are you excited for this title? You can check out the tweet below.


  1. I’ll be getting this has soon that’s pre orders are open and ill be buying X even if I don’t get the console.

  2. THANK GOD. At least there will not be another situation that Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Proffesional had (we got DQMJ2, and Japan got DQMJ2, then DQMJ2P later).

  3. I am super excited for this game! I got Shin Megami Tensei IV a couple days ago (my first time playing a Megami Tensei game, ever!) and I am obsessed with the game! I never thought I’d enjoy it this much! Because of Shin Megami Tensei IV, I am getting Bravely Default no doubt. I am now on a hunt for awesome RPG’s. 💋

    1. I just bought SMTIV a couple days ago as well! If you don’t count Persona then it was my first SMT game.

  4. Am I exciting for this game ? I’ve been waiting to play it for ages now ! I’ll preorder it as soon as we have release date.
    I really hope this game has the success it deserves in Europe and America and maybe we’ll see more japanese titles coming on this side of the planet.
    Can’t wait to play Bravely Default.

  5. Okay, I’m confused. What exactly are we getting? They say the Western release is based on the sequel? Sorry if I’m slow, but what exactly does that mean?

    1. Bravely Default was released in Japan, then there was localization announcement. An upgraded and improved version of Bravely Default was announced for Japan later. When Bravely Default comes out in NA and Europe, it will have the improvements that Japan got in the upgraded version.

      1. Oh, so the sequel isn’t really a sequel? It’s just the first game but better?

        Now it makes sense. Thanks.

  6. “The sequel” is not really a sequel, it’s an improved version of the first game.
    So we’ll get the improved version of the game, instead of the first version.
    Hope I made it clear.

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