Square Enix’s Next Rhythm Game Could Be Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call

theatrhythm_final_fantasyIf there’s anything that gets our feet tapping and our fingers rhythmically pushing buttons in time to the beat, it’s Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. In fact, news reports suggest that there might be a new game or a possible re-release of the popular rhythm game. According to a trademark filed by Square Enix in the US, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call could be their next rhythm game.

The original Theatrhythm was released for the Nintendo 3DS in July 2012 and received above average reviews from the critics, taking in a highly regarded Metacritic score of 78. The success of the game spawned an iOS title as well, which was released last December. Not much is known about Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call, but does the rhythm game get your feet tapping enough to consider it as a purchase? Let us know in the comments below.


    1. Final Fantasy hasn’t been on a Nintendo system for a while, likely because Nintendo systems tend to be underpowered (e.g. not supporting DirectX 11).

      1. It does support it Unity 3D team confirm it. Square-Enix simply doesn’t want nothing to do with the Wii U.

  1. Loved the original game, but the random item rate really gets old after a while. I’d love to see a sequel, preferably with these stupid padding choices removed, but I’ll probably take it anyway. But what can they do not to make it seem like a rehash? They already got most of the masterpieces of FF music in the first one.

    1. yeah, one has to wonder what they could possibly add when the original has so many awesome songs. maybe we hear something at the Tokyo Game Show?? :D

  2. I loved this game. Addicting and fun as hell. I don’t think I’d buy another, but I will never sell or trade my first cartridge. Too much work went into unlocking almost everything. :D

  3. This has nothing to do with the article but what happened to the Atlus bidding? I thought it was supposed to end in september?

  4. Vita/tablet, possibly 3DS and maybe even home console release of a game of the year edition, containing all the DLC would be my likely guess.

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