AiRace Speed Set To Wow 3DS Owners In The System’s eShop Soon

The latest game in the AiRace series, called AiRace Speed, will be arriving on the 3DS eShop in the very near future, as developer QubicGames’s website for the title lists its release time frame as “late summer.” Screenshots on the page reveal sophisticated into-the-screen graphics that are sure to look stunning with the handheld console’s 3D effect turned on. A variety of sleek, futuristic-looking spacecraft can be piloted in the game, with the objective being to race through tunnels and past obstacles at high speeds.

The 3DS eShop already boasts one of the best catalogs for any current gaming console, and with a wealth of titles on the way for late 2013/early 2014, Nintendo’s 3D handheld only stands to strengthen its place atop the dedicated handheld gaming market. Check out the elaborate trailer for AiRace Speed above.



    I did not buy a Nintendo console for this shit.

    People made fun of the Gamecube, but at least it had PROPER GAMES not all this download shovelware.

    1. it’s all cinematics though, the gameplay could be shit and look ugly as hell for all we know… (at least from what this video show us about the gameplay, which is absolutely nothing)

  2. Generic flying machines with podracer engines flying through Tron tunnels to destroy the Death Star’s power source? Consider me… puzzled, rather than wowed.

  3. Metal Gear Solid

    A Proper adult FPS

    Ridge Racer

    A New Star Fox

    Some Jap RPGs

    Blazblue and/or Street Fighter

    A rival to Gran Turismo or Forza

    Space Station Silicon Valley 2


    Something like Portal

    Sonic The Hedgehog 5

    Command & Conquer (or another RTS)

    Killer Instinct 3

    I would rather have those instead of all this cheap downloadable shit.

    1. Nobody is telling you to buy it, some people actually like indie games, pretty sure you have some downloaded games on your phone that’s not any of the above

    2. dude there is a ton of games wtf? there are both a heap of great retail and downloadable games and most of all some of the games you mentionned are actually already 3ds titles

  4. I wish EA would make more retail games.

    Because its pretty clear Nintendo cant be bothered to make games anymore

    1. i may buy this game only cuz it sorta reminds of f-zero ‘ninteno, y u no make new f-zero or do an hd remake of gx with ax and online miltiplayer and track editor and more stuff?’

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