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US Game Sales Experience Biggest Year On Year Growth Since April 2011


Driven by large numbers in sales from the newest Madden game (over 1 million) and Disney Infinity (225,000), game sales in the United States have experienced the largest year on year growth – from August 2012 to August 2013, since April of 2011. Console and handheld software jumped 21% in that one year time frame, while total packaged goods sales rose 18%, an unusual figure as numbers for total packaged goods have been in the negative column since 2008.

Among the titles cited as contributing to the large growth in game sales is the Wii U exclusive, Pikmin 3, which is estimated to have sold 185,000 copies in the US. With a host of Wii U exclusives on the way, as well as big titles like GTA 5 still yet to be released in 2013, software sales are expected to rise even higher.

21 thoughts on “US Game Sales Experience Biggest Year On Year Growth Since April 2011”

  1. 185 000 Pikmin 3 games sold in the US. A niché nintendo game sold beautifully, imagine when big Boys Suler Mario and king Donkey Kong arrive. WiiU helped American games market grow and recover, such wonderful words.

      1. Greetings Nintendo Commander, I would like to know which Swedish companies are supporting the WiiU as well :). The 185 000 is amazing in that I also have not got my copy of the game yet. If nintendo tree house could market the game even now, more people would buy it. Especially a week before wonderful 101, just make an impromptu direct and say get Pikmin 3 and wonderful 101 at half the price.

        1. Greetings indeed…

          Hmmm Swedish companies that supports our empire and the Wii U…

          -Calculating possibilites…-
          -Data not found…-

          No sorry, nothing known to my data…

          When will you get internet?…

    1. Happiness you are spot on. How apple was a better company when Steve Jobs was alive. He geared them towards innovative market penetration, even though expensive; apple was a breath of fresh air from stake Microsoft.

  2. Madden over 1 Million? And Call of Duty Ghosts is set to have record number of preorders as well. There is your answer why XBox One focused on these 2 games when they had their presentatiin for their launch…

  3. I bet about half the people in the US who bought Madden, bought it for the NFL Sunday Ticket code, which apparently crashed the server this past Sunday (check out the Amazon reviews of the game). I know a lot of people who bought it just for that code and are planning on selling the game on ebay.

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