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Aonuma Says Zelda 3DS Introduces Gameplay That Never Existed In Previous Zelda Games


The Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has revealed that The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds introduces brand new gameplay that haven’t been seen in previous Zelda titles. Aonuma explained that players who have become used to the series and who are expecting things to work a certain way will probably be very surprised. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is due out on Nintendo 3DS in November.

“Using the 3D effect on Nintendo 3DS and making the two-dimensional A Link To The Past playable in 3D was kind of an assignment that Mr Miyamoto had given me after the release of Nintendo 3DS.”

“However, I wanted to do more than just that. My main reason for wanting to do it was because this game is perfect for the part where Link turns into a drawing and moves along the walls.”

“The 3D effects are this title’s biggest addition in terms of the hardware’s performance and features. However, we have also introduced gameplay that never existed on previous Zelda games. Players who have become used to the series and who are expecting things to work a certain way will probably be very surprised, so I hope that they look forward to this.”


    1. I used to be excited for zelda games like this as well, but it just seems like it’s the same shit over and over again, with no improvements, you can always see improvements in other franchises as the time goes by, no one will say “gta 3 is better then gta 5” but ocarina of time is still te best, nintendo is just not going with the times, no voice acting, no orchestrated music, no open world, no deep story, no countless sidequests???nintendo is making low budget, lazy titles and it shows

        1. I really like the stories. Rarely do they ever … get in the way. That having been said, there’s room for improvement. I’m happy with the direction Skyward Sword has taken.

      1. Zelda doesn’t need voice acting. It’s fine the way it is.

        Also, Skyward Sword had orchestrated music, Twilight Princess had an open world, and most Zelda games have countless sidequests.

        And the story? Well, let’s faces it. When has ANYONE ever said that they play Zelda for the story?

        Someone clearly hasn’t played Zelda in some time…

      2. No actually that exact thing could be said about GTA games (and many other series for that matter). Basically its the iPhone syndrome, add better graphics, maybe add a few features and call it a day.

        So in this case the graphics are better, the map is bigger, but really did the series go in a new direction, its still rob and kill people, do some pre arranged activities, to some licensed popular music. They do a good job with what they have, but maybe they painted themselves in a corner. Well at least its no where near as bad as Madden or FIFA.

        One thing I disagree with whole heartedly is no side quests in a Nintendo game, are you kidding? There are often too much of that and collecting things. I do like Nintendo’s arcade approach on many games, and wish some other game companies would do something along that who were once good at it…looks at Konami, Sega, and Capcom.

      3. Zelda doesn’t need voice acting. It’s fine the way it is.

        Skyward Sword had an almost fully orchestrated soundtrack, and most Zelda games have open worlds and countless sidequests.

        And the story? Well lets face it. Who plays Zelda for the story?

        I don’t think you’ve played Zelda for a long time… Or ever…

      4. Let’s address a few things, shall we?
        “…seems like the same shit over and over…”
        If you had actually read the article, you might have seen the section about entirely new gameplay elements and how players expecting the “Zelda Formula” are going to be surprised. Next…
        “…no orchestrated music…”
        Skyward Sword? 25th anniversary CD? Symphony of the Goddess? Symphony of the Goddess: Second Quest? Nice try. I’ll combine my next tow points…
        “…no open world… no countless sidequests…”
        Wind waker had an open world, and a pretty good number of side quests. Skyward Sword had a lot of gameplay outside of the storyline. The two DS zelda games had a pretty large number of side quests as well. Certainly not as many as titles like Skyrim, but I personally found it a bit tedious to get a new side quest for nearly each npc I talked to.
        And finally, I suppose…
        “…low budget, lazy titles…”
        I suppose that’s why we waited at least four years between most of the major entries to the series.

        In conclusion… Do a little bit of homework before you post things on a page intended for supporters of the game.

      5. Donko has a point. They never take a big step in Zelda. Its always beat the game that’s it. Not really any side quest that would add 100s of hours like skyrim or GTA and each GTA gets better unlike Zelda. Also you fanboys don’t want a Zelda game to have voices because your afraid of change. It wouldn’t be bad at all if Nintendo added real complex storylines to there franchises and voices to future Zelda games.

        1. This is my man, THIS IS MY MAN!!!I’ll respond to all of you here: fuck you, play skyrim,gta 5,far cry 3 and then play skyward sword, tell me the difference, if you say “those games are bloody and stupid, and zelda doesn’t need to be like them, or take notes”, take a gun, put it in your mouth and pull the trigger, thank you, also the fact that you are waiting 4-5 years for a title that you can explore everything in 3 days is because nintendo is retarded and has like 20 people working on it, it is sad indeed

          1. Exactly how can a Zelda game take years to make but its short as fuck ?? Nintendo is just running out of ideas and there still living in the 1990’s but none of you fanboys can see that. If they actually take the time to find a GOOD voice actor then it wouldn’t be bad at all. Remember when sonic first talked in a game ??? SUCSESS and since then he always talked in his big titles. If a hedgehog can talk then regular humans or elf’s in Zelda can and should talk too stop living in the past. Nintendo needs major change to there franchises!!

            1. What difference does it make to you guys? Why you two gotta spread some anti-Nintendo hate shit here? If you don’t like it, move on.

          2. I DO play Skyrim, GTA is ok, Far Cry I haven’t played. Skyward Sword was the worst game you could have picked as an example. If we were to line up the games and put a Zelda that’s as close to your opinionated approach to games, then Wind Waker would have been a better choice. Miles of open world map to play, not including its dungeons, which are open as well (walk in, walk out for a break, go back in whatever). No. Wind Waker isn’t the size of Skyrim. No, Zelda games aren’t ultra realistic graphically. Yes, they can be a little over rated a lot of the time (same with the games you listed). HOWEVER. There is plenty to do and see in those games. Some people have different tastes than you. So get his dick out of your ass and grow the fuck up.

          3. Skyrim is a point of TOO MANY side quests i got bored of that game long ago because everything i did started a new sidequest i walk five steps and i have a new one i never even got into the stroy cause all that shit.

                    1. Wow, for a lot of shit talking about a shitty franchise, Nintendo has been putting out Zelda games since the late 80’s and they are still doing strong. People complain that it is the same, well what’s new about GTA? The amount of cars or guns or bicycles you can use? More hookers to punch? It is the SAME THING. Why fix what is not broken? Zelda may have an underwhelming story on some games but then there are games like Majora’s Mask. You have three days before the world ends. It has an evolving story where the closer to the end of the world you get the more each individual NPC’s change. You have a decent amount of side quests in each game! People who say it takes them a day or two to beat a Zelda game hasn’t tried to 100% one of them without looking up heart piece locations or how to beat certain puzzles.

                      OoT’s master quest is a prime example. While it was the same game, you don’t get hearts from enemies, they have more health and do more damage. Not to mention everything is mirrored.

                      Having voice acting, over the top violence, and hookers does not make it a good game. What’s next, saying Mario is dumb because you just jump on enemies if you have no power-ups and there is barely a story line which has always been the same? Well then, explain to me how it is, to this day, still the highest-selling franchise in the history of gaming. Miyamoto knows what he is doing, so sit back and try to enjoy the games he puts out before someone else takes over after his retirement and REALLY ruins the series.

        2. Again, I don’t think I’m the only person who thought Skyward Sword was better than everything that came before it…. There may be few of us, but that was the feeling reflected in a lot of reviews at the time.

        3. We aren’t afraid of grammar books though. Anyway, I like Skyrim, but GTA IV wasn’t as fun as GTA 3 or Vice City in my opinion. Now I may not be speaking for everyone when I say this, but you can’t say we Zelda fans are afraid of change. Voice overs can completely ruin a game. If you don’t believe me go and play some games like Infinite Undiscovery or Star Ocean. I like that Zelda games still require you to use a bit of imagination. It’s almost like a book… you’re reading the text and imagining what each person sounds like speaking based on the few sounds you hear from them. I agree that Zelda isn’t taking any huge steps in any foreign directions, but at the same time that too can be a bad thing for a series. If a game has a tried and true formula, then there is no reason to break away from that. Looking at Sonic you can see what I mean. Sega tried new things and ultimately it failed, only selling because of the large fanbase. Capcom with Resident Evil is another thing, and I don’t think Nintendo wants to completely split the Zelda fans down the middle.

      6. People say Ocarina was the best because of the impact that it had 1. on their childhood gaming lives, and 2. on the industry as a whole. Ocarina is the best LoZ because it redefined what it meant to be a Zelda game on a nonhandheld consule: i.e. z targeting, 3D open world, actually controling an instrament (as opposed to just “playing” the same generic song over and over ala aLTtP) You don’t get that every game. That’s why people still love Final Fantasy VII. It’s not “better” because it more polished than any of the new FFs, it’s better because of the impact it had on the franchise.

      7. No orchertrated music? Are you serious? Have you ever played Skyward Sword? The music is flawless, and Skyward Sword was one of the best Zelda games ever. Please don’t talk if you have no idea, you just make a fool of yourself

      8. So what fool! The game is good on its own. How it was made. Think this game has one of the legendary stories one has to experience.

      9. Skyward Sword was fucking great, stop being a snob. Ocarina is hardly the measuring stick of Zelda games to begin with.

      10. “no voice acting”
        Look at the CD-i games.
        There’s a reason they don’t have voice acting.

        “no orchestrated music,”
        Twilight princess was partially orchestrated and Skyward Sword was fully orchestrated.

        “no open world”
        Ok. I agree. Zelda can use open worlds. But they didn’t have them mostly because of hardware limitations.

        “no deep story”
        Skyward Sword had a pretty good story. Spirit Tracks had a pretty good story. Majora’s Mask had one of the deepest stories of all N64 games. Twilight Princess’s story was pretty good.

        “no countless sidequests”
        Majora’s Mask.

  1. yeah…… what kind of gameplay, taking fucling pictures with the camera, to try to cover of the same dull adventure, when i first saw the trailer, it seemed so bland. lest see if the wii u one can be different. as in how mm is different.

    1. Lol you know Nintendo SUCKS with change they don’t know how to change shit which is why they give us rehashes of Mario and DK

      1. yeah and mario is copy and paste!!!! im not compeltey counting dkc returns for being complete copy and paste, but if its like nsmb and the levels are the same. if it can be totally different enviroments like rare changed from game to game, ill be happy, but if its like nsmb and they have each world the same, then ill be like fucking bullshit.

        my fucking spelling is horible but who cares.

        1. “Copy and paste” is exactly how I’d describe your posts. Same shit every time, always without any kind of factual, non-biased, non-retarded reason.

          1. nope retard, there facts, open up your eyes corporate slave. have fun withbego kiddie while the rst play gta5

  2. Well, considering Spirit Tracks was the only Zelda game I completely regret touching, Zelda has an amazing record. Sticking this game in the same vein as the best of the whole series… I’m pretty stoked.

  3. @iceazeamma wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my wii u is a swifer wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it’s dusty wahhhhhhhhhh nintendo sucks wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Clean the dam wii u and play games that are availible for it……. What the gimped third parties weren’t satisfying enough ?……….. Wahhhhhh wiiusucks wahhhhhhh my house is dusty wahhhhhhhhhh because of the wii u shut the hell up and move on nintendo is not for you anyomore and you mind as well ditch the 3ds too isn’t that a underpowered shovelware baby nintendo console too according to all you haters? You don’t like shitty underpowered nintendo systems anymore right…………. Right ?

  4. ok onko you don’t like the legend of zelda games anymore ? Ok.. ……. ……. And ? Good it seems as though you are ready and able to move on. Go play gta can anyone one else just leave nintendo if thier decisions are not favorable to you anymore

  5. @ you thought you are aware that that microsoft and sony rehashes games too right ?. How many call of duty games are there…. And each cod game is does not seem too diferent from the last entry. So shut the heck up about nintendo rehashing mario and donkey kong. You dont like it dont buy it and dont have anything too do with it. Probrem solved

  6. @ you thought you are aware that that microsoft and sony rehashes games too right ?. How many call of duty games are there…. And each cod game is does not seem too diferent from the last entry. So shut the heck up about nintendo rehashing mario and donkey kong. You dont like it dont buy it and dont have anything too do with it. Problem solved

    1. Your a dumb nintensheep. Microsoft and Sony ADD so much to there sequel franchises that it feels new. When you go from halo 2 to halo 3 your like WOW look at this but when you go from NSMBW to NSMBWU your like oh damn the same shit. Big difference sheep and there’s so many more examples I can give too

      1. even with 3d mario, there only franchise they change, now is the same thing. zelda feels the same, not even fresh at all, more like dull, these stupid fanboys deny anything, they dont want change but they would like gimmicks instead of fresh franchises or fresh ideas in franchises without lame gimmicks that make it worse.

      2. NSMB is a bad example: you, I, and everyone else in here know Nintendo keeps making New Super Mario Bros. games because they sell. Nintendo doesn’t have a hoard of practically multi-national third-party developers churning out first-person shooters based on the newest Unreal engine…. They have to make money, and their art. They’re still doing a great job where it counts for me as a gamer. Yours and my biases are own, but take yours away from me. Your market is huge; it doesn’t have to crush mine to survive.

      3. Hold on now… Let’s look at some stuff real quick like. I’m not gonna jump on Sony because I don’t touch PS3. But for Microsoft you’ve got some blinders on or something. The jump from Halo 2 -3 wasn’t big at all. Graphics were improved, they added some new X button gadgets in multiplayer, and they let you customize your character with more than color. Then they go and make ODST, what happened? We gained a visor and LOST the ability to dual wield. Same old Multiplayer though with Firefight added. Reach comes along and adds armor abilities, much better customization, and a few new game types. Nothing really big though. For some reason still can’t dual wield. Halo 4 comes out. Removes some abilities and well, we STILL can’t dual wield again and some of the best modes are missing from MP. We lose the ability to play as Elites, We lose tons of medals, and we get a trashy ranking system. One thing I don’t see in Zelda games though is downgrading. In each successive Zelda game, Link can do something just as good or better than his previous games. You could count losing hidden skills from TP to SS if you want, but every game from AlttP on up has seen major refinement if not overall improvement with little to no drawbacks.

        I wasn’t aggressive either, because I hate Nintendo. Only games I like from them are Smash Bros and Zelda.

  7. @ you thought i dont even like like mario games but i do like nintendo franchises such as fire emblem and zelda to name a few so that arguement is invalid to me. also i’m not a nintendo sheep i own all sony consoles to date and i have a ps4 pre ordered. The main point that i had tryed to make was that nintendo is not the only company that rehashes games and ideas. I did not enjoy playing any of the cod games they seem dull to me thats all that i had meant when i posted that comment. So congratulations for making yourself look like a total ass hole and you along with any other troll that frequents this site. So i ask again why come to a nintendo site and why continue to buy any of thier products if you despise them so much ?

  8. why is iceazeama on a nintendo site? Zelda doesn’t feel stale to me and OOT to me isn’t the best zelda game. I personally prefer TP and a let’s player who grew up with OOT even said that TP was better. I haven’t finished skyward sword yet but I find it fun and refreshing at times. The formula for zelda is the same but to say the gameplay and everything else stays the same is a bold face lie.

  9. I have a ps3 now. And I played there a lot of games like call of duty, bioshock, gta, resident evil and other stuff. But there was no single player game that reaches the feeling of a Metroid Prime or a Zelda,

  10. Why is there even comments enabled when 95% of them are people bitching, fighting, whining, complaining, all that bs. Don’t people have anything better to do than start shit? Go to the fucking gym or something my god! lol

  11. As long as the gameplay isn’t like the gameplay on Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass, As long as I moving link with the circle pad or dpad, then I’ll be happy. I’m so looking forward to this game. I still have fond memories of The legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past.

  12. The videos crack me up. I can never view them seriously now that my mind has been corrupted by adamwestslapdog (and what a brilliant, brilliant mind he is). As for the game-I am pretty excited for it, because as always I’m happy to see a new zelda game coming out. But I don’t know how successfully it will meld both 2D and 3D together. Anyway I look forward to seeing the ‘drawing’ concept Aonuma is talking about.

  13. I’m a huge Zelda fanboy, but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that we are the most easily trolled fanbase on the web.

  14. The lack of voice acting was actually a choice. This forces us to use our imagination. Maybe some of US are lazy.

  15. Modern Zelda fans are the worst group of people I have come across on the internet, they are beating bronies and Sonic fans right now.

    Jesus christ, it keeps getting worse, this franchise is completely fucked and you guys will blind yourselves until the only thing you can see is the back of your eyelids and your childhood memories of back when these games were actually good.

    Really sad.

    1. But also really easy to troll, because their self-induced blindness to everything Zelda-related backfires when they cannot see pathetically obvious attempts of getting a rise out of them.

      I cannot stress how hilarious it is to see you people getting riled up to the same cliche troll comments with “trigger words” (voice acting, skyrim, nostalgia, etc) over and over again.

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