2DS Unboxing Video Reveals Sleep Mode Switch And Embedded L/R Buttons

A new unboxing video for Nintendo 2DS by UK retailer GAME shows off some of the new features of the system, while also comparing it to Nintendo’s other current portable devices. One of the highlights of the video comes during a game of Mario Kart 7, when the demonstrator shows off the new curved, embedded L and R buttons on top of the console and proclaims them to be quite comfortable for that game specifically. Other takeaways from the video are the demonstration of a new sleep mode switch at the bottom of the system, as well as the fact that it is still possible to take 3D images with the device, due to the two camera lenses on the back of it. The stylus also appears larger than the 3DS stylus.

There have been many revelations and reactions regarding Nintendo’s new 2DS handheld, including the eyebrow-raising news that the device actually has only one screen. Gamers will be able to experience the new handheld console for themselves on October 12th, at a retail cost of $129.99.


      1. IT has “2 screens” but technically the 2DS only has one big screen that they have optimized into being these “2 screens”…

      2. No. It only has one screen that is separated by the plastic divider, giving it the illusion of 2 screens; The top screen has the usual plastic screen protector over it. Nintendo stated this a while back about the 2DS having only one screen. The one screen is only divided by the plastic bar between the “top” and “bottom” screen, the whole thing is actually a resistive touch screen that just looks like two screens.

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  3. Yeah…. ign had the unboxing done and explained all of thiis last month.

    your slacking off now icem…. I mean sickr.

  4. Is it me or the resistive touch screen in both original and XL 3DS has for a fact a decreased resolution capability when compared to the main, 3D screen?

    I mean… How would the games actually look like in the 2DS? Maybe the answer is in the video, but I cannot stream from where I am now.

    On a side note, I really like to play using the 3D effect at its maximum. Some games look even better when the effect is on, since the jags get smoother and so on.

    1. 3DS & XL – resolution –
      Top: 400x240p (800x240p@3D) and Bottom: 320x240p

      2DS – visible resolution –
      Top: 400x240p and Bottom: 320x240p

      It’s basically the same, just no 3D.

      1. Thanks, atop, but I got confused… If 2DS harbors one actual screen, how can we have two different resolutions in it? >.<

        I'm not good at tech issues…

  5. May i just say i live in new york. A place which houses nintendo world store. The workers already have the 2ds. I have tried it myself. I can say its comfortable. The graphics are on par with original 3ds. And oh yea… it does in fact have 2 screens. When one actually holds one. One can see the top screen is risen higher up then the bottem . The system is mono. There you go non new yorkers.

  6. $130 is a steal especially when stores have sales to knock off maybe up to $20 off at times. I’ve read that so many people just want this for pokemon and mario kart.

  7. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up getting a 2DS in the future. I never was a fan of the 3D feature on the 3DS so I’ve stayed away from it up until this point. Although it’s a bit oddly shaped, the 2DS seems like a great alternative for Nintendo fans who want to play 3DS games at a cheaper price! What’s the release for the 2DS?

    1. I’m a huge fan of the 3D, but as the 2DS can take 3D pictures and Video, it seems like a nice way to save people like yourself money, while still integrating the 3D tech for 3DS gamers you may interact with…
      Everybody wins?

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