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Sonic Lost World Now Delayed To October 29th


A Sega representative has confirmed that the immensely colourful Sonic Lost World has been delayed till October 29th. The game was originally scheduled to be released on October 22nd, but the company has told Polygon that the release date has slipped by a week. You can check out the Deadly Six extended trailer that was released today, here.


    1. im not downloading the app! just like unbisoft pulled dat trick on us! i did all that hardwork for nothing… D:

    1. like a week is going to make any difference from a disaster!! they arnt rushing anything, a one week delay. hhahaahah what the hell is everybody on.

      1. I thought you left LOL. Just goes to show that you’re addicted to this site. Get a life.

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      1. They needed a week to port it to other platforms ;)


        They needed a week to cut out something to get it down from an “M” rating.

      2. My only guess is that they didn’t want the release date too close to another game’s release date.
        But I dunno.

      1. I was showing how ridiculous some people are. Of course I’m still getting this game, it looks awesome.

  1. that’s great. i have it on preorder but still haven’t finished dream team bros (fantastic game!), haven’t even opened fire emblem awakening yet and can’t wait for wwhd…not enough time! oct 29 still is too early. huge sonic fan though.lost world looks awsome.

  2. That’s it. Cancelling my preorder. That’s the fucking last straw, SEGA. Can’t even fucking finish your damn games.

  3. Thats only the beginning. Later they will push the release date 7 months back 1 weak before release to make the game multiplatform on GC, Wii, PS2 and OG XB and thus proving that the WiiU is definetely not next gen….

  4. you guys are freaking out on a week delay for a fucking game………. while im tripping the fuck out. its just a week jeez i hope they cancel it then, just so you guys wish you never complained.

  5. Every time someone sarcastically says they will not buy the game and somebody seriously replies freaking out about it, I touch myself a little

  6. Atleast Lost Worlds isn’t going Multiplat on us, this is because Sega made an agreement with Nintendo for the next 3 Sonic Games to be exclusive to Nintendo’s current consoles. I don’t get why people would complain about this. :/

  7. Well, at least I can just focus on playing Arkham Origins and Dual Destinies on the weekend they’re released until Lost Worlds comes. Didn’t need the overkill on games.

  8. This is obviously not even related to the game’s content. It must be some sort of problem with the manufacturing of the game that will take about a week to remedy. 💋

  9. It’s only a week, nothing too big. At least Sega won’t release the game on PS3/360/Vita/PC and delay it for 6 months like a certain other platforming game did……..

  10. Do the deadly six remind you guys somewhat of monstars from the space jam movie with michael jordan & bugs bunny?

  11. Too many games I want are coming out in October, I preordered LOZ WW HD, Pokemon Y and Skylanders Swap Force. And then I’m getting LOZ Link between Worlds and then Super Mario 3D World along Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze plus I think I want Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

  12. One week delay has nothing to do with SEGA I’m sure and everything to do with marketing. Chill the fuck out and be patient.

  13. I am happy it’s going to be longer before it comes out because we don’t need a sonic 06 and then all hell will break lose so cum down Everone

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