Ubisoft Says Assassin’s Creed 4 Wii U Is Somewhere Between Current Gen And Next Gen


Assassin’s Creed Producer Martin Schelling, and lead game designer Jean-Sebastien Decant, have revealed that Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag for Wii U will be visually somewhere between current generation consoles and next generation console. This is similar to what Ubisoft have previously said about Watch Dogs, which the team says is closer to current generation consoles than next gen, but it’s somewhere vaguely in between.

“It will be I think, in between the current gen and next gen consoles. We could have had some of the tools from the companion on the second screen, but because the companion app will be available with Wii U too we didn’t include them.”

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    1. From what I’ve seen ps4/xboxone look only slightly better than current gen graphically. In my very limited experience in game development one of the main things you try to go for is efficiency. Realistically developers could make a game that looks better than even the best cgi in a movie but it would take way too much computing power. The main improvements you will see next gen will be advanced lighting and more advanced physics. As it is now when you have to simulate too many objects with realistic physics your game tends to slow down. Next gen will probably solve that or maybe developers will simulate more so it’ll still slowdown but there will be more happening on screen. Graphics wise improved lighting helps a lot. In reality its the advance lighting that makes Mario Kart 8 look as gorgeous as it does. The reason I bring this up is because many of you fail to even notice the lighting or physics happening in game. When developers talk about advanced performance they are usually referring to these type of things, which many gamers even fail to notice. It’s just like when Iwata interviewed the team that designed the wiiU. During the interview the main point they kept bringing up was how proud they were of the efficiency they were able to get with the way they engineered the wiiU. They go for things like less power consumption, things you don’t even care about.

        1. I don’t see what showing me a tech demo image proves. You do know that nobody was impressed by that tech demo right? As for killzone that just an image man it doesn’t mean anything. You need to look at gameplay footage for a better example, the problem is that after the stunt that sony pulled with the fake killzone 2 gameplay footage and with motorstorm you can’t trust them with their videos.

      1. Not true. When 360 launched it looked on slightly better than PS2. PS4 looks a lot more realistic in terms of detail compared to PS3. Lighting is drastically better and overall environments look like reality. Wii U actually ONLY has SLIGHTLY more power than PS3. With that being said, Nintendo has found themselves in the same predicament as last gen. The only games they will get 3rd party support from will be downgraded versions of Nintendos more powerful adversaries Sony and Microsoft. Wii U owners better go with the other two AGAIN if they want the ideal 3rd party experience. Nintendo just cant get anything right anymore in the mainstream console business.

        1. You are very mistaken. The leap from ps2/xbox to ps3/360 was pretty big and immediately apparent. This next leap isn’t anywhere near as drastic and almost everyone has said this. This is normal though as you get closer to realism it’s a lot harder to notice the improvements, Think of atari to nes, nes to snes, snes to 64, 64 to gamecube and notice how the improvements get smaller and smaller.

        2. But yes you are absolutely right in saying that wiiU will probably get weaker ports of ps4/xbox1 games but I can guarantee you that when you put wiiU AC next to ps4 AC you will barely notice the difference.

  1. You know Ubisoft, if you do not have anything good to say about your products, or at least a way to make it sound like it is a good thing, you better keep your mouth shut.

    1. This is saying something good about the Wiiu version. They’re saying instead of just putting the PS360 version on the Wiiu, they’ve made some effort to make it look better. So much so that is inbetween the PS360 versions and the next gen versions.

      Good news for Wiiu owners much?

            1. When you’ve been commenting here for as long me, get interesting and gain some credibility.

              In other words never, you vile piece of shit.

          1. irrelevant Like the Scam U next year.No more 3rd party and no more games!The Wii u is allready a Faliur you clowns cant accept that.

            1. Uh huh….. 3D world, Sonic lost world, windwaker HD, Donkey kong, Smash bros, Mario kart 8, X, Bayonetta 2, Yoshi yarn, Fire emblem x SMT , and much more.

              In other words, fuck off.

                1. Oh and you’re so high and mighty, a fucking retarded troll hanging around trying to cause trouble on a forum….

                  What I meant to say is, go and get hyped over the Xbox one and kinnect 2 you stool sample.

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            2. That means nothing coming from a vita worshipping fag like you. Crawl back under your bridge, bitch. If we wanted a dick sucker like you to open your mouth, we would have rang a bell.

        1. Ha, haha, hahaha! My PC had the PS4 graphics back in 2008. PS4 is a cheap ass piece of crap. Wii U still has fun exclusives. PS4 only has shooters …

                    1. Says the fag who’s so butt by the facts he cannot contest. Sellout little dudebro bitch.:

              1. Its 1st good game is a multiplat, Destiny but that’s not till next year. PS4 wont have much on anything for awhile, same with Xbox One,, they both will repeat what the Wii U did.

                1. not really, Sony and MS know about the Game droughts that follow after launch. Unlike Nintendo, Sony and MS (to some extent) are getting all chummy with Indie Developers that will hold the fort while both companies develop their big AAA titles, and exclusives.

                  Nintendo really needs to at least start meeting half way with indie devs because so far this is not helping them one bit.

        2. Enjoy that bullshit Order 1886 in 800p while I’ll be busy playing Bayonetta 2….IN NATIVE 1080p & 60fps Sony cocksucker

      1. PS4 and Xbox One will reach their limits way sooner than the Wii U. The PS4 and Xbox One are designed for easiest development, not maximum efficiency.

        1. The PS4 and Xbox One reach the limits already dude, cause it use PC parts. So they can use the full power of the console’s, and do you now what is funny? A lot of WiiU games plays on 1080p 60 fps, and the PS4 and Xbone have problems to play some games in 1080p and 60fps. I don’t understand why haters are hating, cause Mariokart 1080p 60 fps,Bayonetta 2 1080p 60 fps, Smash bros 1080p 60 fps. Which PS4 game you can play on 1080p 60 fps?????

          PS4 and Xbone are stronger, but not that strong, Watchdogs and AC4 are between current gen and PS4 and Xbone because of Ubisoft, not because of the power of the WiiU. They don’t use the WiiU like how it must be used……….

          1. Mariokart 1080p 60 fps,Bayonetta 2 1080p 60 fps, Smash bros 1080p 60 fps.Because their not on the graphics level of xbone1 and plastic4.

            1. xbone1??

              what kind of a fucking console is that??
              XBOne is already ‘X BOX ONE’ you dipshit. You dont need the extra 1 at the end.

        2. PS4 and Xbox One will reach their limits way sooner than the Wii U.The wii u got only 1gigs of ram and the xbonelastone and plasticstation4 8gigs.The wii u is weaker Fact!.

              1. Says the fag who happily laps up shooter after shooter just because they slap on sparkly graphics and a new name.

                  1. Leave it to a dudebro to jizz over the word hardcore. Bitch, you don’t even know what a core gamer IS.

          1. Hahahahaha 8gigs of ram, and the games can’t play on 1080p 60 fps, can you explain that to me please? Do you now why, cause 8gigs don’t make the game alone, you need strong GPU and CPU that make grafx dude, not the 8gig hahahahahahahaha.

            But i now what you mean, the PS4 and Xbone are stronger then the WiiU, lightings and aa will be beter, but believe me, not that much…Just wait and you will see…

          2. My PC has 16 gigs of ram… Funny how technology works… While something can advance there’s something else holding it back

  2. This is obviously what SHOULD be happening when it comes to multiplats on the Wiiu, cuz surprise surpise, the Wiiu’s specs are somewhere inbetween the competitors current and next gen consoles.

    It also proves that the first wave of Wiiu multiplats were just super lazy ports with basically NO effort what so ever to try and make them look better.

    All in all Wiiu is pretty good and better than lots of the idiotic trolls made it out to be.

    1. If the difference is has indifferent has the Diablo 3 from PC to Diablo 3 on consoles I will be a happy gamer Diablo on consoles rocks.

              1. Not always. But I don’t see any reason why they would be dishonest about something as trivial as how the Wii U version will look. It’s not a very big deal, and they have nothing to gain from dishonesty, regardless of if it’s in Nintendo’s favor or not.

      1. AC3 looked like the 360 version because *drumroll*………………………. it was the 360 version just on the Wiiu.

        This time however now that they’ve had 1 year with the Wiiu, the Wiiu version should shit all over the 360 and ps3 version. Infact Ubisoft have confirmed that in these articles you scrotal wart.

                    1. I don’t think they are upset over plastic… More so that you are insulting them for little no reason… The reason being a plastic console

              1. If he wants to see a piece of shit, there’s no need for him to do that.
                All he needs to do is look at you and sellout-svenson.:p

          1. Yep, not even close. Mario kart 8 and X look like the first real attempts to squeeze the Wiiu. but a few years down the line, it will produce even better looking games.

              1. Play Perfect Dark Zero for the Xbox 360, then go and tell me that the horrible framerate is because of maxed out console capacity.

    2. I disagree with one point. The first wave were not lazy ports. They were developers attempting to get a grasp on the Wii U. Developers have to learn new machines too. That goes for a developer of any electronics.

      1. Yeah, I suppose you are right.
        But some of the ports, in particular the launch ports/multiplats you got the feeling that the devs had just shoved xbox 360 code onto Wiiu in a quick attempt to make some money…

        Need for speed MWU was the first game where the devs made a little effort to make it look better. And now we are seeing more and more.

    1. As annoying as you are, at least usually your comments isn’t just random bullshit. I mean, sure, you really hate Nintendo, but whatever, that’s up to you. But straight up lying to bash them is just wrong.

        1. I’m not saying they did a special Wii U version, but rather downscaled the game a bit for the Wii U and then even further for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

        1. Ubisoft Toronto oversaw the majority of the development of Splinter Cell: Blacklist.
          Ubisoft Montreal are the developers behind Watch Dogs.

          You surely must be related to stupid if you think that U.Toronto can even touch the heels of U.Montreal, thats like comparing Sony Bend and Naughty Dog. or EAD 3 to EAD 5. its just plaint stupid.

  3. Why is this news? We all know the Wii U version is better than PS360 but not as good as the other next-gen systems coming in November. Wii U is a next-generation system as we also all know.

    1. I just noticed that some of the features in the companion app are there and not directly on the Wii U. Why would you want to use a companion app with Wii U for a second screen when we have a second screen already on Wii U? That’s going to be quite a pain in the ass!

  4. It is the Wii all over again. Just like the Wii was inferior to the current gen consoles, the Wii U is inferior to next gen systems.

    When developers start developing games exclusively for the next gen systems, (if they actually bother to make a Wii U version of their game) expect dumbed down inferior versions on this underpowered excuse of a console.

      1. yeah just like the overrated inferior ps2. the 3rd party games ran like shit from some of the ones on other systems.

        1. the ps2 was the wii of 2 gens ago. it was a weak overrated shit. the only reason it got all the games is because it was a gimmick (everybodies dvd player) also im aware how much the wii u sucks you fanboy scum.

            1. im not here to make friends. everybody hates me here because i criticize nintendo, in things they should. also people here are sick in the head bastards so im going to piss them diaper wearing faggots off, nintendo is there everything, they show it and thats sad.

            1. reggie is the worst thing about nintendo and iwata…….. how am i exposed retard. im agreeing with you that the wii u sucks!!

  5. Splinter Cell is great on the Wii U but it would have been even better if it was actually made for the Wii U and not a 360 port with a better framerate, this is the problem…

  6. Take your pile of shite nonsense companion app and stick it you shit feet company lol companion fucking stinking app. No game pad true support no eii remote plus and chuck obvious clunky controls as always with unsuited and ported from x360
    On the cheap fuck off ibis oft your shit ain’t needed here

  7. The wii u will be just fine. The naysayers said the same doom and gloom negative shit about the 3ds too, now look at how successful it is and Now nobody can say anything negative about it anymore. All the wii u needs is alot of good games just like the 3ds has and then the sales of the console will sky rocket

    1. Dude Im a hardcore Nintendo fan. But lets face it. Wii U simply is running out of time to catch on. Sure Nintendo did the unthinkable and took the world by storm in 2006 with Wii… but the game field has drastically changed… No one had ever made a system purposely weak to avoid high prices. Then Wii was also 250 compared to the 399 XB360 and 599 PS3. The prices this time are much more close… with Wii U only being 100 bucks cheaper than PS4 (also the strongest gig Wii U is 32 GB… but PS4 has a 500 GB HDD….to top it off PS4 is capable of truly next gen graphics. Wii U can only pull off a slightly better version of this gens. So its a much better bang for the buck to spend the extra 100 for a more advanced system). Also… people didn’t know the consequences of a system being weaker… which led 3rd party support to gradually be only shovelware and extremely cheaper forms of Wiis graphically more powerful counterparts. To top it off, Wii bogged down in 2010… and 360 as well as PS3 have been beating it week by week every since. Looking back… Wii was simply a fad. I prefer the Virtual Boy over Wii U for the fact that at least it was dedicated to the core Nintendo fan and what it stood for. Wii abandoned what made Nintendo Nintendo and focused on little kids and old people. I think now Nintendo is aiming to get the core back… but thought naming it Wii U would attract the little kids and old people that gave Wii such stardom. The fact is Wii has been played out and Nintendo would be doing a lot better now had they just named it something different. At the rate its going… I don’t see how Nintendo can even get 2nd place this coming console war.

  8. its because wii u isnt a next gen in power. its actually closer to last gen in power compared to ps4 and xbox one. deal with it. everybody knows.

    also the wii u sucks. unlike half of you who dont own one i do, and it sucks. cant say something is good if you dont own the system. run along and have fun with a babies toy. im sure not…… “we will get the core back” another lie.

    1. You’re actually 100% wrong, I could go into why this is, but you obviously won’t listen to a reasonable reply that doesn’t fit with your agenda..

      Actually I don’t know why I bothered to reply in the first place as it’s a complete waste of time talking to blind haters….

      So how’s that local sports team…?

    2. You don’t own shit! Your mothers welfare checks can’t cover the price of the Wii U hence why you and everyone else was bitching for Nintendo to drop the price.

      1. hello fanboy scum, “IS YOUR BODY READY FOR SHITTY GAMES” your insults are about as dull and overused as nintendos games.

  9. reading all the fruity nonsense that these queer trolls are spewing about Wii U **Laughs his head off,presses the home button and continues playing Wonderful 101**

      1. You do know that you can plug it in and it will continue on. As a matter of fact, my gamepad stay plugged up unless I need to take it in another room and then I may take the power cord with me. Keep talking about a console that is a piece of plastic like it is your life. While you do that, I will be playing my Wii U, XBox 360, PS3, and PC. Good Luck with the console war. I hope your side wins.

  10. Porting a game from an inferior console with a completely different architecture to Wii U really is not a good idea..

    Current gen is actually holding Wii U back is the truth of the matter..

  11. It’s kind of pathetic how there’s a bunch of idiots commenting talking shit about the Wii U, when they have no right to talk.
    Ps4 and Xbox one are going to be shit compared to PC within the year, so whats the point of bragging?
    Anyway, I take this as a slight compliment, Ubisoft hasn’t been on my good side lately with all the unfair things they’ve done.

    1. Yeah and as true as that is… it makes Wii U look even worse. The system will last 4 years at least…. but how can they hope to compete if its only SLIGHTLY more powerful than a PS3? At least PS4 and XB1 have the graphical power to be called next gen. That alone ensures that high powered PC games can be ported down to them even in a lower level. Wii U would have to be done on a whole different engine in order to be ported. I love Nintendo. I love playing Zelda on a Friday night and enjoying playing Pokemon when I wake up. But thats not whats important now. What we have ourselves here is a company that used to be the best out there and now is trying to garner sales with cheap aantics.Since Wii we haven’t been the ones playing Nintendo… Nintendos been the ones playing us. I know something has to be d done here. So I resign as a Nintendo fan.

  12. Wow, between Next gen and this one, not bad, next gen doesn’t seem so far away if the WiiU is just inbetween haha. Poor graphic whores, what do they have now? :(

      1. We have 40 WiiU games and 10 unannounced projects. It hurts you that the WiiU is next gen right? The Cell in the PS4 cannot compete :).

          1. 50 games in coming, not including indies by the way. What Damage controlling Aeolus? I have always stated the WiiU is in Grunt force not the PS4, but in technical smarts it’s a Marvel that handles 1080P/60 fps easily.

          2. 2 years?? What the fuck? It came out not even a fucking year ago. Wow such a fucking fail troll LMAO.

  13. I am going to buy it day one. This was all the information I needed. Watchdogs and AC4 dayone buys for me now. Waiting in Line.

      1. The xbox 360 couldn’t even handle trine 2 director’s cut. Only reason we are getting this port is because of Ubisoft’s disruptor or Anvil next engines being ‘meh” lol.

      2. Actually the ubisoft ports have mostly been exactly the same as the 360 games but with a slightly higher frame rate, but of course not good enough as we all know the Wii U is capable of a whole lot better than just a higher frame rate.

        3rd party devs don’t really want any difference between Wii U and 360/PS3 in their games, for obvious reasons.

  14. considering there has hardly been any difference at all between PC and console versions in the past i don’t expect much from the next gen consoles visually

  15. who cares about this stuff anyway? i’m replaying partners in time atm. having more fun with that than with any assassins creed game ever. graphics do not matter. at all. look at all the shallow graphic reference titles we’ve seen: uncharted, crysis…all kinda enjoyable but also very forgetable and mediocore experiences. graphics don’t make a game.

    1. PS3 and 360 are still current gen for the respective brands until the PS4 and Xbox One come out.

      Just like Wii was current gen until the Wii U came out. Now the Wii U has gone from next gen to current gen for Nintendo and Wii is last gen.

  16. I guess they feel the need to feed the trolls. They obviously don’t understand that some of us are smart enough to know that they aren’t touching any of the Wii U’s power reserves in the GPGPU on a multiplat-port so it has no business looking as good as the PS4 and XBOX One versions. If it did then that would make me question the power of those consoles rather than the Wii U.

    The fact that they are confirming that a mulitplat-port that is available on 6 different consoles(counting the PC as a console for sake of argument) “somewhere in between the 7th and 8th gen” tells me more about how powerful the Wii U IS rather than isn’t

  17. I’m sick of always hearing stuff like this. When Nintendo made the Wii U HD, I thought it would be the end of people bragging about the Playstation and Xbox having better graphics. But no, the crap continues. I REALLY want the Sonyans and Xbots to shut up!

    The Wii U IS next generation. But it will never be treated like it is due to the PS4 and Xbox One being more powerful yet again. Already, when people compare next generation consoles, they’re only comparing the PS4 and the Xbox One. They keep leaving the Wii U out of it. AGAIN. Just like with the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii generation. Everyone acts like the PS3 and 360 are game consoles, but the Wii and Wii U are something else. I don’t understand this attitude, because I feel just the opposite. I think of Playstation and Xbox as more of PC-like machines. At least, the Xbox.

    When companies claim that the Wii U version of a game won’t be as graphically impressive, it makes me think that maybe they just don’t fully understand the Wii U hardware.

  18. These statements seems to do something with their marketing of xbox one and ps4, they have to say that those consoles have better graphics. But they should also state something about Wii U exclusive features, not to shoot them self in the foot…

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