Big Nintendo Wii U System Update Coming Tomorrow?


A Nintendo fan recently received a reply from Nintendo’s technical staff when he emailed them to ask about the Youtube issue using the Wii U web browser. The reply from the Nintendo team apparently stated that “tomorrow there will be a big system update for the Wii U and this should solve all problems concerning YouTube”. We’ve already heard that Nintendo Force writer Emily Rogers had heard news that the Wii U update was imminent. We should find out more during tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct presentation.


      1. In the meantime replace ” watchv=r ” with ” embed/ ” and some videos that didnt work before will. This wont fully fix the problem, for example I tried this with the xenoblade2 trailer and it froze.

  1. Does anyone have any clue on what is this firmware update about?

    I don’t believe fixing the YouTube issue is the primary focus of it.

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              1. The only reason they gather dust is because the Wii U’s sit atop the other systems that aren’t being used.
                It’s the only reason there’s even a slight film of dust on them.
                They’re like a new jeep on an off-roading trip; use them a lot and they’re sure to come back dirtier than they started.

                If your Wii U is gathering dust for any other reason, then you’re an idiot who doesn’t know how to spot a good game, and you should give your system away to someone with good sense and good taste.

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  2. Am I the only one who’s had a Wii U since day one and have never used the browser. I think there’s a Youtube app that I’ve used a couple of times when I first got it.

      1. I use the browser wot on my 3ds. It is a God send that you can browse will playing to check where the hell are the items to build armors in mh3u.

        1. When you use the WiiU browser, you are going to be amazed. It’s lightning fast. It renders HTML5 like Neo in the Matrix… Except YouTube broke… D:

        2. Doesn’t using a browser to look up things on line take away from actually playing the game? I mean, you’re really only cheating yourself, but isn’t half the fun of a game learning, discovering, and finding things, getting better until you finally beat a game. Where’s the fun in just googling where items/coins/whatever are?

          How awesome of a feeling is it when you’re stuck on a level or puzzle in a game and then finally figure it out. Being happy that you solved it, laughing at yourself for missing something obvious, or feeling accomplished.

          1. Not in monster hunter. Part of the enjoyment is visiting forums and asking how is the best way to hunt for certain items and tactics.

      1. I have no issues with the web browser or online with Splinter Cell (co-op). I use the LAN Adapter, connected straight to my Uverse Hub, and Web Browser, Youtube, Miiverse, Updates, DLC, online MP all work fine. But I am looking forward to the firmware update. Looks like things are only getting better for the Wii U.

    1. I used the browser a few times when I wanted to go back into my room and relax on my bed while watching some Game Grumps or something.
      Off-TV functionality is a lot quicker and easier than lugging my laptop around.XD

      Also, Wind Waker HD has made me like Miiverse quite a bit. Some of the shots and captions for said shots are outright hilarious.XD

    2. I would use it 24/7 if it had flash. I know smartphones don’t have it either, but I use flash all the time. So instead of using the Internet Browser I just use my laptop. If we could play games on the TV WHILE using the Internet on the GamePad, I would. But I’d rather just grab my laptop and use its third screen, or use a mini-display-port-to-HDMI cord when I want to watch something, including flash-run videos/games, on my HD TV.

    1. He is just jelly because of all the exclusive games have some actual gameplay to it (imagine playing interactive blu ray movies all the time like uncharted, last of us or heavy rain all the time. I guess I would go nutcase too)

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  3. Cross game chat, a step towards accounts that are not connected to the console itself but instead to Nintendo network, a paid service similar to ps plus where you get some VC, indie and retail games for free each month, fix the YouTube freezing bug, and a step towards unified accounts with the 3ds, and an increase in miiverse characters to 250.
    That’s what I want. Notice I left out achievements. Make what you want of this.

      1. I mean a different chat. Let’s say I’m playing rayman legends and my friend is playing NSMBU. Cross chat lets us chat, despite playing different games.

        1. For me cross chat is horrible. Is ok when you are inviting someone to join a game but to invite to chat for different when we are playing different games is horrible.

  4. The hype fpr a system update is crazy high. Does anyone actually have an idea what its about apart from wishing for an account system?

      1. Do you actually own a laptop or PC? Connecting any of those to a TV makes the pages look horrible.

  5. The YouTube issue is a YouTube issue not a wiiu issue try talking sense instead if nonsense. The YouTube shit started after YouTube went down last week was it Lol. Blaming the victim for the crime. Ffs real 7 year old shit

    It’s the huge update for everything the whole os is overhauled miiverse see is going phone ready etc

  6. Please, Ninty! Please finally let us video chat without closing software like you promised before launch! PLEASE!

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        1. Got gameplay? Where exactly? With third party games, probably, yeah. Every game published under SCE feels like the other SCE game, just story and setting changes. But I guess that’s more than enough for you, you’re so close-minded that you can’t appreciate a game if it just looks childish to you.

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          2. So what you’re telling me is: Heavy Rain, Killzone, Uncharted, Sports Champions, Shadow of the Colossus, Wipeout, Puppeteer, Journey, Ratchet & Clank, rain, Motorstorm, Gravity Rush, PS All-Stars, Ico, #Driveclub, Frobisher Says, Singstar, LittleBigPlanet, Sly Cooper, Ape Escape, Modnation Racers, inFAMOUS, SOCOM, tumble, The Unfinished Swan, Buzz, Everybody Dance, EyePet, Sound Shapes, Resistance, Starhawk, Datura, Escape Plan, Jak and Daxter, Unit 13, Knack, Gran Turismo, Start the Party, White Knight Chronicles, Warhawk, Beyond: Two Souls, Echochrome, Flower, invizimals, Fat Princess, God of War, Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice, etc (the list could go on much, much, longer) all feel the same, “just story and setting changes”?


  7. I never really used the Youtube app after it took forever just to get a video ready to play, but hey, pretty good, maybe I can start using it again.
    I wonder what else they’re updating?

    1. the  dogshit cpu and gpu that at max has a 1gb ram fill rate lol. you CAN’T push past 1gb of assets at any given time

      1. You really bitch about everything don’t you?
        You’re what’s wrong with the gaming community these days.
        And seeing how you are insulting everyone on here that posted something positive, you must be a lonely little troll.
        Go play with yourself in a corner and grow the fuck up. Maybe go make some friends. :)

  8. Is this the big Fall Update that was supposed to be the big Sumer Update that got delayed? Where we get our own private Miiverse communities and such?

  9. Nintendo Commander hello! I am loving how a certain fellow above is scared that his PS3 and xbox360 are now officially last generation lol.

    1. The scared chihuahua will be left in the hole once High Command unleashes our secret weapons!

  10. Fucking Sony-Fanboys, the worst Fanboys of all! They claim, they are the only ones who are appreciating good games, but in reality all they really buy are their shitty Hollwood-games!
    “OMG Okami, it’s sooo much better then kiddy Zelda lol! Hey, it only solid 0,6 Mill. on PS2, but… we Sonys buy the good games trololo!”

    1. “Rayman Legends exlusively for WiiU? Screw you, Ubisoft we want it on a real console, because WE buy the good games!”
      Fast forward…
      Rayman Legends (Xbox360): 0,05 Mill. units sold
      Rayman Legends (PS3): 0,06 Mill. units sold
      Rayman Legends (WiiU) 0,07 Mill. units sold

      1. Of course that baby game you are using as an example is going to sell best on the baby Wii U console. The question should really be how many copies would have a game like GTA5 (which already broke all sale records) sold on the Wii U, probably just 5 lololol. Just the 5 idiots that bought a Wii U thinking it was “hardcore” lolol.

        1. baby game rofl

          i’d like to see you try and play through it and then burst out in tears because the game is too hard for you ;)

          fucking mook

      2. well.. it probably sold more than just 180.000 units.. because that would be ridiculous and no one would ever develop another rayman game

    2. Okami is not the best example. You can take a glimpse at early reviews of first killzone and realize nobody ever asked for second one. But with a couple of good commercials every sony fanboy suddenly realized the greatness of this so called game, and financed sony for a couple another electric boogaloos. Sony had couple of good studios under their wing, but they either went multiplatform or working with Microsoft now.

  11. No,no,don’t take it on Sony(or even MS,but not that much).PS3 has some amazing games,including The Last of Us.But the growth of the gaming market brought in all the dirt,like that idiot above.Gaming is not about platforms,but games.

    1. It depends, what’s your definition of “amazing games”? For me, I’d rather play some SMW or DKC on the SNES, than those boring ass Openworld-games nowadays.
      But the question was: Do good games, which rely on gameplay and not on staging, really sell well on PS3/XBOX360?

  12. Okay so I go to my eShop and it says I need to update my Wii U to access it and I go to system settings and I check for updates and I’m downloading a new update. Did I get it early or what?

    1. Where? But Microsoft now owns the IP :'( but they are stupid and they don’t know they do so is balanced :)

  13. the update is live and its a 648MB one, guess this is the long awaited second big update! :3

  14. On a side note, wouldn’t it be awesome if Nintendo were to acquire small indie developers, teach them their thought processes in creating that Nintendo magic, then get them to release classic retro (8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit) innovatively classic-looking titles, such as Project CIDER, Hyper Light Drifter, Teslagrad, those LOZ-esque games, providing there own genuine mechanics, imagine these being exclusive to Nintendo? Not only will they be playable on their 3DS and Wii U, but it would also usher in kinda like Nintendo’s retro renaissance; back in the days, everyone loved Nintendo’s classic 8/16/32-bit games, they were classics. Imagine if Nintendo would capitalize on these small indie developers, creating these exclusive ip’s, it would even give them the potential for them to show up as DLC for Super Smash Bros 4 converting them to HD graphics and maybe even later make them fully-fledged HD Wii U exclusives!

  15. Best update so far!!!!!!!! Wii games on the GamePad is beyond comprehension!!!!!!! I love Nintendo SOOOOOOO much right now!!!!!

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