Nintendo America Announces Special Wii Remote Plus Mario And Wii Remote Plus Luigi Controllers


Nintendo of America has revealed during today’s Nintendo Direct presentation that North American retailers will be stocking special Wii Remote Plus Mario and Wii Remote Plus Luigi controllers. These special edition controllers will be available on the 1st of November. The company also announced that new power-up for Super Mario 3D World called the Double Cherry allows you to multiply your character.


  1. Multiply your character…

    I love Mario games but stop making them so easy all the time…

    1. It’s just black but wii u party comes with mp wii mote for $50 making it a far better value.It’s like paying only $!0 for what seem’s to be a solid game.I’m going to get it now that D.K tf got pushed back till hell know when.

    1. croxynd,They did that it came with Skyward Sword for only $20 more.I got one.Plus the gold Nunchuk for 900 coin’s from club Nintendo.Both were very limited though.But you snooze you lose as the saying go’s.I wish I would have got more as the nunchuk go’s for $100 on Ebay now.

  2. I seriously needed one more motion plus for 4 players! Mario controller for me definitly! Hope they can be preordered.

  3. Crap! Just when I had a Wii remote plus, and thought I was secure. Out comes “special” Wii remote plus controllers. You can always count on Nintendo for making a person want to buy something they already had.

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