Check Out The Brand New Super Mario 3D World Trailer

Super Mario 3D World is looking extra sharp in the brand new trailer from this afternoon’s Nintendo Direct. Watch Mario transform into his cat suit and pounce across the levels, beating down those enemies without a whisker of damage. Find colourful levels with lots of new puzzles and enjoy single-player and 4-player multiplayer when Super Mario 3D World lands on the Wii U on November 29 in Europe.


  1. There appear to be some fun game play innovations here,… but you all know how I feel about Mario games at this point… Not a day one for me, and sure as hell not a $60 purchase, but for Nintendo’s sake, I hope it does well.

    1. Mario games are always well worth their price tag!!!! This traier has made me pretty hyped for this game. Looks like the best game coming to Wiiu this year.

  2. I was wrong about this game…

    It looks way better than I thought…

    I’ll probably buy a bundle if it comes with this…

    1. I already have the Wii U, but I was thinking the same. XD It looks way better than I expected. I figured it’d be just another sequel…

        1. I’m not sold yet about this game, Commander… After New Super Mario Bros U (and Luigi U), I’m getting sick of Mario, actually…

          Everytime I see any footage of this game, I remember of 3D Land, which I hated, for unknown reasons… :(

          1. This seems so much better than 3D Land…

            Mainly because you can play 4 player now and it seems more varied aswell…

            1. The multiplayer feature is indeed interesting.

              Ultimately, I believe that my negativism about this game comes from the fact that I was expecting a Galaxy game instead…

          2. OMG, I also didn’t like 3D Land, and that’s souring the sauce for me too!!

            The only thing I do like, is the occasionally feel of SMB2. In any case, … I just don’t know..

            1. Right, I loved Super Mario Bros 2 on NES!

              I have the All Stars disc for Wii, too. I never get tired of playing it!

              Concerning 3D World… Let’s see. Maybe I pick it up. Maybe.

              By the way, I’m over 8 hours of Awakening gameplay… It’s so addictive!

          3. I think this is good Mario game it blows away the nsmb series out of the water I feel it could replace it.

      1. I hope I change my mind eventually…

        I watched people playing it for almost half an hour, and I had the impression that Nintendo is losing its path…

    2. They said this is 3d land on wii u, this what I have to say to that: To hell with 3d land! This is Super Mario on Crack!

    3. I feel the same way, Nintendo Commander. This looks MUCH better in this trailer than it did in that first trailer. Seems like it might be a much deeper game than I expected. Then again, you can’t really tell those sorts of things just by a trailer. I just wonder how it will measure up with the Galaxy series?

      1. I think that gameplay wise it will be on par or better than the Galaxy games…

        But storywise I doubt it…

  3. This game pretty much shows the Wii U IS and always WILL be a Next Generation Console. I notice a higher polygon counter, better textures, better AI and overall just better frame rate… wait… didn’t someone say that those features I just listed are the ways to rate whether or not a system is “Next Gen”?…. Looks like this video proved him wrong ;)

    Still, I can’t wait to get this game on day one and I’ll be happy to see people buy more Wii Us because of this.

        1. The game has made graphical leaps and bounds since E3. They must have a huge team just polishing it off…. looks fuking epic.

  4. Lol I thought you Nintendo fags didnt care for graphics? Lol it’s “all about teh gaemplay!!”

      1. Graphically it looks okay not groundbreaking or anything… But gameplay wise its the same as every other 3D Mario.

        1. I see you are butthurt my son, is it because you know this game will destroy anything the Xbox Done and PSBore have to offer? Face it kiddo, you are weak. Either play nicely or get the hell of my internet.

          1. lol@you

            game looks really nice, will be pre-ordering. but to talk bs about polygon counts and saying this looks graphically more impressive then ps4’s KZ or xbone’s Forza. for example..that’s just being a fanboy yourself.
            Also there’s a reason this game isn’t native 1080..

            Try to just enjoy a new nintendo game…instead of trying to talk it up against the powerhouse games.. you’re either in denial or do not understand hardware.
            You’re making weird statements that are factually not true, on top of that its just adding to the “fanboyism” and just as bad as the ps and ms boys…

    1. But the gameplay still looked better than the graphics.. I love HD , but I’d play this in SD no problem. Shit looked fun. Too bad I don’t own a Wii U.

    2. They’re hypocrites. Of course they care about graphics and anyone that said they didn’t care was Lying

    3. Im assuming you actually remember the people who made those comments before and are now seeing them say something else, If not then go fuck yourself.

  5. I changed my mind about this game. Now I’m considering it for Christmas. :) Too bad Donkey Kong is delayed to next year. Wonder what made Retro push the game back? :(

  6. I like the copying ability, and everyone knows they took a page of Donkey Kong Country returns levels with the gray levels.

  7. Good old Mario comes to save us as he has done countless times in the past, never underestimate Nintendo, especially when the plumber is just around the corner. Next gen starts with here people

  8. Can’t wait! This and Wii Party U will be the games to play this Christmas (With friends and family).

  9. I loved Mario 3D Land but when I saw the Direct announcing this, it lagged and skipped and I thought this was a 3DS sequel and was disappointed that this was their choice for Wii U (over Galaxy or Sunshone or 64 style).

    Nope. Nope. Nope. Not anymore. This game looks so crazy and fun! And definately looks like a Wii U title too. All those power-ups!

  10. This trailer is making me wish i had never change my wii u for a stupid xbox360 u.u i regret it so much. . . what i full i was indeed T_T

  11. Wowwwwww, I was a little interested in this with the reveal earlier in the year, now I am sold, game looks amazing and a lot of fun. And for all of you that wanted a true Epic Mario ( including me), it will come eventually, they just gave us something different for now.

    1. Never underestimate Nintendo. I dunno how they do it, but they can make a game go from meh to amazing in a few months. They are also known for epic console turnarounds. I’m glad I have a WiiU.

  12. Okay, I gotta admit, I was one of those who panned this when I saw the first trailer.

    However, it now looks like it might be much better than I thought. Music still sucks though, but the gameplay looks far improved.

  13. And so this day shall be remembered as the day retarded people understood the difference between portable and home console production values.

  14. Dat music…. hope it’s in the final version and not just the trailers. Also this looks way better than it did initially.

  15. Oh Mario, I’m so sorry for ever doubting you for even a moment. This game is looking a HELLUVA lot better than it looked in that first trailer. If it’s as fun to play as it looks, we have ourselves a true winner! MARIO FOREVER!!!!

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