Nintendo’s Wii U Update Is Over 700MB And Offers Several New Features


In addition to the ability to play Wii games on the Wii U Gamepad, the latest Wii U firmware update includes a host of new features for Nintendo fans. At approximately 700MB, the update takes a significant amount of time to download, but comes with a number of improvements, including several Internet Browser updates, as well as the ability to plug a headset into the gamepad for chats. Here is a list of the major new features of the latest update:

  • Wii-only software can be played on the Wii U gamepad with the use of a Wii remote
  • Trial software (including demos) can be automatically received from Nintendo
  • USB keyboard support
  • Smartphones and other devices can be used to manage Nintendo Network ID
  • Dolby Pro Logic II supported by Wii software
  • View friends list from the Wii U menu
  • A headset can be connected to the Wii U gamepad and used for chats
  • Several updates to Internet Browser, including saving passwords and capturing images from games
  • .pdf files can be read from the Wii U


    1. This is the best thing ever!!!! can’t wait to play somme Xenoblade and Skyward sword on my Gamepad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. USB keyboard support is pretty dope as well, although typing on the gamepad is about 75% as fast as using a keyboard….

        I think I’ll hook mine up!!!! BOOM!!!

        1. dude i downloaded as soon as it went live and played an hour of skyward sword laying in bed. So awesome

          1. I can type pretty fast with the gamepad, But if I’m close enough to my Wiiu, I will be using a keyboard from now on for sure.

            Adds a certain element of cooleness to the Wiiu having a keyboard in it as well…

    1. Seriously, no haters, apple earbuds are great on the wii u, I was in a bind and used the ones I had for mass effect mp but I just never stopped using them

    1. Most of the Wii games require Wii remotes. The game pad by itself can’t be used as a Wii remote for those games.

    2. I’m still happy that they gave us the option to play on the gamepad. I especially like that the gamepad has a senson bar in it.

    3. What about the games that offer not just wii-mote gameplay? I can tell you that I’m super happy with this because I never got to finish Xenoblade, 480p graphics were too harsh on the eyes on an 55″ HDTV I found. I will gladly finish the game now!

      1. My problem EXACTLY.
        I’m in the same boat and am thrilled to be able to play on the game pad so I don’t have to switch rooms and TV’s whenever I want to fire up the Wii emulator.

      1. 1) thought you could already do that
        2)capturing images from games doesn’t really say much
        3) I assume this is just for the Web Browser, but it doesn’t specifically say.

        1. When you’re in the home screen on the internet go to the about internet browser link, scroll to the right and you’ll see a link to capture images and send them to facebook and other websites. I’m sure there is a much easier way but I figure this will help u understand that feature.

      2. #3: That’s really useful. I remember trying to check out bus routes in the web browser, but couldn’t read the .pdf file, so I had to use my smart phone.

          1. It bugs me. I guess you’re lucky that it doesn’t bother you. And unlucky that you don’t like emptiness on the sides.

            1. I agree with u 100%. Dont fucken stretch the image. The game was made for 4:3 so keep it that way!

      1. I personally am glad the correct aspect ratios are being used. When I visit my parents, they stretch 4:3 tv shows to widescreen and the people are are all stretched out.

        Different opinions I guess, but I’m in your boat.

    1. I don’t see how it would work for games like ss and other heavily motion control games

        1. since SS works with the motion and not actually pointing at the screen, it works beautifully. TP or prime 3 are another story though

  1. Even though I dont play wii games on the wii u, playing on the gamepad sounds pretty dope. Every new update makes the wii u more appealing.

  2. been wanting to play xenoblade on the gamepad before the the wiiu even release, now i can thanks nintendo :)

  3. Can viruses get into video game consoles like on a PC? I never trust internet browsing on my game consoles because of fear that a virus might get into my console and erase (or corrupt) saved data.

    1. With all the respect, but if you are going to still thinking like that you should be named GAY-MAN instead of HE-MAN.

    2. Not really seeing how consoles like the Wii U run on custom hardware. Though maybe since the PS4 and Xbox One run on PC hardware they might have viruses on those consoles but I doubt it.

    3. No, most viruses are built specifically for the Windows operating system, with a few on Android and Mac OS as well. Code designed for those systems cannot run on the Wii U. In order for a virus to infect your system, you have to run a file that plants the virus in the computer/video game, it can’t happen by itself.

      Short version: No, you’re pretty safe.

      1. it supports allmost every wii peripheral available, so nunchuck, classic controller (pro), wii zapper, wii balance board will all work just fine. so it is not only wii mote… just sayin’

  4. i have a turtlebeach headset which requires usb, doo i olug it in the back of the wii like normsl and use my special AV plugins like on my xbox?

  5. I love the Wii off tv play. The games look so crisp and clean on the GamePad compared to the jagged mess some games become on an HD tv.

    1. This article is pretty calm, but if you go to the article about the Wii U getting an update soon, you’ll see who is who.

      1. It wasn’t very bad at all, there was some loser named swenson who commented like 100 times though. The fanboys here seem pretty bad though, way worse than any troll from what iv’e seen there.

  6. Aww… the Wii gamepad thing is meaningless unless you can use the gamepad itself as a classic controller.

    There goes my hopesbfor off-tv brawl with a decent controller (unless they make the Pro controller work as a classic on Wii games)

          1. It’s not useless. There are no steps backwards or sideways.

            The uodate makes good additions and it certainly won’t be the last update the Wii U ever gets.

  7. This update shows just how far out of touch Nintendo is with gamers. Well, I guess it’s time to hand the WiiU down to a niece/nerfew or child and pick up a “big boy” console…2 Gens in a row, this is bad :/

    1. Nintendo has made a big leap with the GamePad being used as a second television for the Wii mode. People are asking for the impossible from Nintendo. Nintendo isn’t a magician.

            1. Why would you own Wii games without owning a single Wii Remote? You’re just crying so you can hate. Smh.

            2. Most Wii games uses Motion Controlls, so they’d have to change the controlls to make that work.

              Was Nintendo greedy because you had to use a GCN controller to play GCN games on the Wii? No.

              1. Precisely. Some games NEED it. Skyward Sword wouldn’t be Skyward Sword without WiimotionPlus.

            3. And furthermore, you wouldn’t be able to play Wii games at all before today without a Wiimote, on your Wii or Wii U, so I don’t know why you’re complaining. Other than wanting to troll I guess.

            4. ignoring that over 100m Wiis sold. Who the fuck doesn’t have at least one Wiimote. And if you sold your Wiimotes that’s the consumer’s problem not Nintendo’s.

        1. For now fucktard. You’re expecting so much from a company people hate for no fucking good reason. They’re not like EA jackassing left/right for just profit. They’re working their asses off to make the Wii U better plus its barely a year so chill the fuck out.

          1. He’s known to take everything personally, even when you are not talking about him, he just shows up and eats up all the shit :D

        1. Dumbass, Wii Remote/Nunchuk isn’t the only controller to use. Classic, Classic Pro, Balance Board, Wii Remote alone..shall I bother to go on for your whining ass?

          Besides, Wii U accessories isn’t directly compatible with Wii games so let Nintendo figure that out. I the mean time, enjoy what they have provided for you. If not, go fuck yourself with that balls-glowing knockoff dildo PS Move.

        2. Svenson you act as if you knew what the update was going to do 16hours ago. Even if they were to patch it up so you can play Wii games with your GamePad, you’ll bitch anyway. That’s all you do. Besides their are games that aren’t heavily motioned anyway.

  8. Just been playing Secret of Mana with the Game Pad and CCP. Works really well, I like having the the Pad on the table in front of me with the tv on in the background. The image looked really sharp. I was surprised at how accurate the Wiimote was too.

    1. Still seems kind of stupid to need to use the classic controller pro when the same buttons are literally right there attached to the screen youre looking at. Its like nintendo loves the ‘corrupt a wish’ thing we do.

        1. It’s not a gimmick, it’s how the console works. The gimmick device would be the Sony Wand thing.

  9. *Reggie voice* Listen my Fellow Nintendo fans we got no games for the wii u but now you can play wii games on your Wii remote.Dont have Wii games or Wii remote go buy one if you want to play games.

  10. I think it’s a great update and one that genuinely adds something a lot of potential buyers would be pleased with and is another good selling point of the system.
    I’m sure in the future another update will allow the GamePad to be used as a controller, but for now just a Wii remote + Nunchuk setup is perfectly fine as most Wii games use just those anyway.
    Overall good showing by Nintendo. And now just the Direct to wait for…

  11. I’m glad they got this out of the way. Good update no doubt and now it’s time to bring it on home with the unified account system and the gamecube vc games.

  12. I’m looking forward to playing Wii and Wii U tittles with this. Hell somewhere down the line they could add another patch then you could play Twilight Princess with the GamePad. That’s not too easy to do since these games were made to use Wiimotes in the first place.

  13. I’m loving this scene of these inconsiderate fuckheads bitching about a Wii U accessory not being directly compatible with already programmed Wii games.

    Be glad that Nintendo did this to begin with, offering you an option to display Wii games on a gamepad instead of a TV to save electricity, share TV with another person and playing on a device that makes the old games look more appealing.

    If you want Nintendo to try to figure out how to “trick” the Wii to think the Gamepad is a Classic controller to play “CERTAIN” Wii games with it, give Nintendo a break and let them figure it out. And like I said about “already programmed” Wii games, there are games that you are restricted to use Wii Remote + Nunchuk like Metroid Prime 3/Trilogy and Super Mario Galaxy 1/2 because of the developer’s choice to use the controllers to demonstrate the system’s capabilities back then so either way, you must use Wii accessories to play Wii games period. Wii is not Wii U. Learn the difference and get over it. Lets not forget one important factor of Wii U: Its still barely a year old and has a whole life ahead so expect more incredible updates in the near future like, hopefully, unified Nintendo accounts.

    Its like no matter what generous thing Nintendo does for gamers, there are still extremist/needy (real greedy) idiots asking for more in such short time and then blindly hate the company for no to selfish reasons like bashing it because its specs is not like PS4’s (which still doesn’t make Wii U inferior to begin with). Calm your flaming raisin sized balls and be patient with them. Go read a book or watch Teletubbies or some shit if you’re not interested or satisfied you whores.

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