Ubisoft Expects 500 New Jobs From $373 Million Investment Over Next Seven Years


Ubisoft’s Quebec studio, which focuses on mobile and online development, but has also worked on the Assassin’s Creed series, expects to gain 500 jobs over the next seven years, following a $373 million investment by the company in its Quebec branch. Ubisoft will further invest in motion capture technology, and plans to employ 3500 people by 2020. Even the Quebec government is stepping in with financial and legislative assistance. Ubisoft co-founder Yves Guillemot asserted that his company’s expansion is integral to its close relationship with gaming consumers:

“The imminent arrival of the next generation of consoles, the expansion of mobile platforms, the multiplication of connected, immersive, and social environments, and the strategic importance of the relationship between developers and players are profoundly transforming the video game industry,” said Guillemot.


  1. I’m seeing nothing different form the PS4 and Xbox One. It’s all hype and I’m not falling for it.

        1. I’m with you bud. Canceling my PS4 pre order as of Thursday. Sony is not putting out anything great and worth spending $510 for. I think its a huge JOKE that everyone is so pumped for the PS4 when there is going to be nothing that great at launch and for some time. I’m sorry I’m not spending that money to get a glorified Indie box. I want big tittles that are going to last more then 3 to 5 hours of play.

  2. Ubisoft had already been quoted as to say they will focus on current gen for the time being. This doesn’t show that Ubisoft has a whole lot of confidence in the market. Surprising how they’d announce this all of a sudden.

      1. Svenson, I have seen that you say the the Wii U is weak. I bet you don’t know anything about it’s hardware.

          1. Well that’s rubbish as it can play some very high end games.

            What CPU does it use, what GPGPU does it use? Whats the clock speed of the RAM?

            Also Smash Bros, Bayonetta 2, and Mario Kart 8. There are no 2014 games yet you idiot.

    1. Yes for Selling Nintendogs 360ports.Fantastic Ubisoft we dont want Good Graphics and stable gameplay just give us the fucking game.

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