October Club Nintendo Download Rewards Are Available


Nintendo of America has updated the selection of games that Club Nintendo members can download in October. There’s four different games to check out including The Legend of Zelda and Touch Solitaire for the Nintendo 3DS and Super Mario Kart and ThruSpace for the original Wii console. Which game will you be downloading this month?

Thanks, Luigi and Ham1323


        1. And how is this related to the news. I bet you are the type that trying so hard to be great at parties and fail miserably all the time.

  1. they need to start selling those ambassador games and gba games in general. if they aren’t going to do it at all then they should just say it so that I can stop thinking about it. stupid motherfuckers. the same thing with gc games. it’s like they want people to hack the shit out of their consoles.

    1. I agree- they need to add GBA, SNES, and maybe even N64 to the 3DS VC. BUT, the GBA ambassador games are for ambassadors only. They said that they wouldn’t be selling those ever.

        1. Yes, they said that. Nintendo said that ambassadors would get 10 free NES games, that would later be sold on the eshop. We’d also get 10 free GBA games that would NEVER get sold.

    1. They have not been keeping up with the actual stuff lately.Something’s going on maybe all the reward’s are going all digital?Or the mite just be to busy trying to save the Wii U to care about giving away free stuff?

  2. Not that it’s surprising, but I wish the U.S. got some of the rewards the offer in Japan. :/

      1. Indeed. Any money I get will be going toward games like Wonderful 101, Pikmen 3, Wind Waker HD, and A Link Between Worlds. But I need to play Street Fighter! :P

        1. You’d think that Nintendo would throw support behind their “new” console that is already a year old.

          They’ve yet to do that, and show no interest in doing so. They continue to use the Wii branding and cater to that established market, hoping they’ll eventually make the switch to the Wii U. It’s not going to happen.

          I love the Wii U, and think it’s a great system. It’d be nice if Nintendo stopped treating it like something that WILL be their focus and started making it they’re current system.

          1. How do you mean? They seem to be supporting it fine to me. (but yeah, it could use some work…)

            1. Their reward club offers rewards for their old system. New controllers, such as the Mario/Luigi ones are branded “Wii”, not Wii U. Mostly, it’s a lot of little things, but it creates the impression that the company has not yet transitioned to it’s new console. It also helps to further the misconception that the Wii U is just an add-on tablet controller.

              1. Okay, now I understand what you mean. And yeah, it is weird. It seems that all of Club.Nintendo is stuck with 3DS and Wii. Hopefully we’ll start seeing Wii U related prizes- downloadable or physical.

                1. Selfishly, it’d be great to have some downloadable rewards for the Wii U, but I think it’s a bigger concern that as a brand, Nintendo is not yet ready to distance themselves from their old console.

                  1. Yeah, but sometimes that isn’t a bad thing. The backwards compatibility and support is great, and a good choice IMO. Example: The PS3 not playing PS2 games is super annoying. And, I’m replaying the Uncharted series right now. If I were to get a PS4 (which I’m not) I’d be using the PS3 MORE because I’d want to finish Uncharted.

                    Another thing is, the Wii has SO many VC titles, they could just be trying to pump them out before they switch to Wii U VC.

  3. Nintendo has already said that the GBA Ambassador games will never be available to purchase on 3DS. Luckily I bought my used 3DS with Ambassador status. and then i transfered them to a new 3DSXL

          1. I know, I just really like the look on his face in this picture. (and I despise toon Link lol)

            1. I don’t despise toon Link, but he is my least favorite Link. And that expression is pretty funny haha

      1. Hmm. You rank it number one? I would put it at number three personally, with Ocarina and Link to the Past as the first two, but as a tie. I can never decide between those two games. Not saying you’re wrong, just my personal opinion. It is good to see a Zelda fan with similar taste though. Most people on here say Wind Waker or Majora’s Mask are number 1. Not in my book.

  4. Damn. I JUST used my Deluxe Digital Download Promotion $5 code to buy Zelda on 3DS… Looks like im saving my points this month. I already have Mario Kart, so i guess they must have offered that one already… oh well…

  5. Club Nintendo has a chance to be better than PS+ if it actually gave retail games like ZombiU or Darksiders II.

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