New Super Mario Bros. U + Luigi U Wii U Bundle Apparently Coming November 8th


NeoGaf user Marc O is reporting that French store Carrefour will be stocking the New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi U Wii U hardware and software bundle on November 8th. The bundle with New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U is set to retail for €279. The package was first spotted by a Twitter user in a toy catalogue from Irish store, Smyths.

Pack is legit, it’s confirmed for a November 8 release at Carrefour in french stores:
Pack WiiU 32Go New Super Mario Bros. U + Luigi U: 279€

There are also 2 new packs in Toy’s R Us:
Mango Pack – 249€ 12/4
Cherry Pack – 299€. 11/27 Probably with Mario 3D World

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    1. Yea seems like it but I wouldn’t have bundled nsmbu alot of people bought that at launch and aren’t going to buy it again

      1. it has some room left for it about over 2 million bought it, but I think most people want Mario 3d world over nsmbu. I thought u was beter then 2 and wii but a 3d Mario will get more attention…If put fucking ads up

      2. This bundle has a console in it, so it’s not targeted at people that already have a Wii U.

      3. Why are you so worried that Nintendo is about to succeed. Not everyone bought Super Mario U at launch. A lot of us held back. Mario bros. was always bundled with Nintendo consoles. Sony and Microsoft are in trouble, Nintendo is pushing for the Holidays. have you seen how many neogaf, IGN and N4G posters are now excited about 720/1080P – 60fps Super Mario 3D world. Start preparing yourself to eat crow like Aeolus, Bill, Von scrontum, Ness and the other trolls did. WiiU shall be the leader of Home consoles this next generation. Already it has sold 100 000 world wide in the month of september. Not since January has the WiiU done that.

        P.S pride cometh before a fall. I echoed those words to your fallen TROLL COMRADES and they paid me no mind. I know you are a great person, I wangt you to eat well not Crow.

      4. Are you serious?! Only Nintendo fanboys are excited for Mario 3D World. The Wii U is going to be stomped and knocked off into the sunset this holiday season. Nintendo will be lucky to sell 20m units lifetime of that aborted fetus of a console.

        Also, you think 100 000 untis globally in one moth is good sales? Lol delusional.

      5. 20 million? Good! I’ll save your name on my laptop and comment here the second the Wii U makes it over that number.

        Only fanboys are excited about 3D world? Yes! Cause you know every single person in the States, Japan, and Europe, right? I don’t guarantee the Wii U’s success this holiday, but I for DAMN sure am not immature enough to try to predict the future. But if someone did want my beliefs on what may happen, I’ll just say that the 3DS’ sales were pretty much saved by Mario 3D Land’s release. You don’t get 500% increase in hardware sales from fanboys alone. STFU!

      6. Lol denial is all I read there. The Wii U will NOT be the leader of home consoles. Do you know how many people are hyped for a ps4 ??? Its going to destroy Wii U’s life along with the 3ds. 3D world is nothing special and is all Wii U has to offer as a 1st party Nintendo exclusive this holiday

      7. I know you did not just say 3DS. PS4 shall chart for a while, but the Arc Angel that is the 3DS is not going any where. lol.

      8. I ment that 3ds along with ps4 will destroy Wii U and make it non existence. Watch during the holidays all you fanboys will see. Lmao!!

      9. Ask Neutron above what happened to the PSVita when he and others claimed it would squash the 3DS when Persona gold and some other Sega third party released early this year LOL. Denail, I look at history and the virtue of humbleness. Crow in your future ” you thought ”

        Question, what happened to your friend Aeolus and his claims of the WiiU being unable to handle the Unreal Engine 4?

      10. Lol? You think the PS4 is going to outsell the PS4? Lol. OMG. I already accepted the Wii U not to be a leader like N64, and Game cube as long as they make good ass games. As long as Wii U eventually turns profit for Nintendo is all that matters to me.

      11. Now onto you, “you thought” (clearly it’s YOU who needs to think more)! You do realize that every major home console last generation and this generation sold out at launch right? Who bought them? Fanboys with money, game reviewers, ebay scalpers and a few casuals who were well off financially.

        The Wii U sold out at launch… look at it now. PS3 ran out of stock at launch… look at how abysmal the sales got in the years after that. After some restructuring, Sony saved their gaming brand. My point is, this line of yours: “Do you know how many people are hyped for a ps4???” doesn’t mean jack cause launch sales are only the beginning of a console’s life. My two examples above prove this. The economy is shit right now so this suffering period the Wii U is going through… may occur across the board for ANY number of reasons.

        But this holiday season, do you know what advantages Nintendo has? 1) It’s already on the market. 2) The big players in their first party back pocket are coming out at that time. 3) Sony does NOT have advantage number 2. 4) Lower price. Will these advantages help them out this holiday? Will they “kick the shit out of Sony and microsoft”? I’m mature enough to not put the cart before the horse and say, “We’ll see.”

      12. Autobots are smart and wise Nintendo like, Change your badge Decepticon sideways. We see right through you. Yeah, like people never buy bundles that are cheap. Luigi U cahrted in Japan with Pikmin 3 remember? Now this is a Bundle with both the first and the second game. It is not the 3D Mario world game or Bundle, but it will have decent sales. Not pokemon or Smash bro sales, but profitable sales.

    1. Welcome Neutron, how you guys do not speak about the 3DS these days. The Vita got so spanked by the 3DS tomorrow its turning into a low RES. home console and low RES. HD psp hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

      The WiiU is going to be fine, remember like the PSVita, the PS4 is also a game changer.

      1. No, but I watch his videos. Like most people that have an Idea of Nintendo’s Coca cola like world recognition, I have to educate the masses like “you thought” and Neutron on the truths of history, being humble and making great products.

      2. ‘If a Creator Hasn’t Played Mario, They’re Probably not a good Creator’ says Inafune.” that is just for you Neutron.

      3. PS4 pre-orders sold out in Japan in minutes.Measnwhle, the Zelda HD bundle and game bombed there!

        DIE WII U! DIE I TELL YA!!!

      4. Kingdom heard Collection Bombed, Windwaker did as expected and is still in the top ten, three weeks later. Monster hunter 4 and 3DS are the only ones ruling Japan as we speak. 3.5 Million almost sold of Monster hunter 4 counting digital sales my friend. Ignoring 360 sold 200 consoles lol.

      5. Windwaker didn’t bomb at all. It’s done very well in USA and America the Miiverse community’s are already huge. It entered the UK charts at no.4 behind the likes of Fifa 14 and GTAV (those are like the biggest selling ps360 games there is)

  1. Maybe it’s just ’cause I have the system and both of those games already, but I’m more interested in hearing about the “Mango” and “Cherry” packs. Their pages are weirdly nondescript.

  2. seriously, wiiu is a great machine. if gamers don’t pick it up it’s sad. the x1 and ps4 launch line up is depressing. i am not excited about those games at all. nintendo is where it’s at atm. so sad that the fifacod gamers dominate the market these days.

    1. Dont worry cuz the new gaming generation is smarter. I asked my nephew what he wanted for Christmas and he answer that he wanted a wiiu an ps4 and a xbone. Brings me alot of hope.

  3. 3DS out sold the PS3 :

    12.2 to 1. and that was the closest console in Japan. How is Nintendo doing bad trolls when the only thing competing with the 3DS LL/XL is the ORIGINAL 3DS?

  4. “If a Creator Hasn’t Played Mario, They’re Probably not a good Creator’ says Inafune.”
    “If a Creator Hasn’t Played Mario, They’re Probably not a good Creator’ says Inafune.”

    Double quote I picked up from player essence dot com.

  5. I no longer think Super Smash Bros. U will help Wii U sales since its on 3DS and wayyyy more people have the handheld. If the two games were totally different and the GamePad did something or extra characters and stages then yeah. But why would millions of 3DS owners buy a Wii U for $360 when you can buy smash on 3Ds for under $50.00 bucks? Same reason why Lost World won’t help Wii U. Same for GTA V for both PS3 and PS4.

  6. Like why play an Online PS4 game and pay when you can play the same online on PS3 for free? Plus the graphical leap ain’t that big.

      1. Will yeah Nintendo Wii U offers online for free yet fails to take online serious on AAA tittles. Wii U has plenty of advantages over PS4 and fails to take the opportunity to approach PS4’s weaknesses. Why can’t they trick the controls on the GamePad to work on Wii during backwards capability? Why can’t heavy selling AAA tittles get online? Wii U has more advantages over next generation consoles than next Gen has advantages over Wii U. Its just that dumb Nintendo ain’t doing nothing about it.

      2. jtz I really like your approach to Nintendo. At times the upset me as well. especially Nintendo tree house. If Reggie had stronger willed people under him in Seattle things would and will be better. WiiU in japan has that february Donkey Kong release to challenge the PS4. You are correct about online though.

      3. “Why can’t heavy selling AAA tittles get online?”

        Because only 5 people buy them (the 5 idiots who bought a Wii U thinking that it was “hardcore” ) lolol. You ever tried playing online one of those few games that made it to the Wii U. Nobody is ever on, because all those 5 people need to get on at the same time so they can get an online game going lolol.

        And Nintendo itself is still living in the past, they have no idea what online is yet, they still trying to figure it out, that why Nintendo games don’t have online yet, but give them some more time. A few more years and they will get online working on their games. More time please. Just be patient, some day Nintendo games will have true online capabilities. Just a few more years, Just be patient. More time, a few more years will do. They still trying to figure it out.

      4. Monster Hunter 3U always seemed to have people.
        Plus drop a line on.Miiverse to anybody not playing.

        Unless you’re talking 1st party… in which Wii Sports HD will be the first display of that on Wii U.

      5. Ahh Wii U can handle online games fine. And the first online Nintendo Wii U game was Pikmin 3. The first online multiplayer Nintendo Wii U game is 6 months away by the name of Mario Kart 8.

  7. I’m happy with my wiiu even if sales don’t pick up. Playing with no Tv , playing in a different room, two screen play, miiverse, and they nice nintendo games to me games seems better on the wiiu example mass effect n need for speed

  8. It makes me want to cry seeing a black console on the cover of the box (AGAIN). But…..if that Mango and Cherry means “different colors”, then THIS is the bundle I’ll be buying. If I can get enough money in time…..

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