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New Bravely Default For 3DS Will Have Lower Completion Time, New “Bravely Second” Feature


Square Enix has filed two new trademarks for Bravely Default: For The Sequel, the new Bravely Default game coming to Nintendo 3DS. The first one, called Bravely Second, allows players to pause time in the middle of the game and attack an enemy. Using Bravely Second, players will also be able to inflict over 10,000 damage, as opposed to the 9,999 limit in the older version of the game.

In addition to the new trademarks, Square Enix has stated that the completion time for the game will be lowered to 30 hours from 70, without losing any of the game’s content. In fact, For The Sequel is said to have even more story events than before. Bravely Default: For The Sequel, will be released in Europe on December 6th.


  1. I can’t wait for this game! They’ve been talking about like forever since the release of the 3DS.

    I just hope the western release won’t be some kind of watered down cheap version of the japanese.

  2. “… the completion time for the game will be lowered to 30 hours from 70…”
    Am I understanding it right ? We are gonna get a 30hrs game when japanese have a 70hrs one ?! …

      1. my guees is thrir removing all the long text stuff and or, unneeded stuff, and leaving in what everyone loves. why do ppl hate wgen a game gets shorter? sometimes its a good thing…

  3. they could speed up the walking and travel time by a factor of 2…that should work! most RPGs pad the game with slow or redundant travel time…

  4. to me this sounds just right. i am playing mario luigi dream team bros atm and i am 35 hours in. i LOVE the game but i honestly think it should’ve ended by now. 30-35 hours is more than enough for a game, especially for a handheld game. i’m truly thankfull for this information about bravely default.

  5. Hey guys, they probably cut 40hrs of gameplay because they didn’t wanna spend the money to translate it. So yeah, Square Enix is taking us for pigeons, once again.
    If the game is good, it’s not that of a big deal, but I wondered what we’ll be missing…

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