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Check Out Aonuma’s Presentation And Several New Details On Zelda A Link Between Worlds

Zelda Informer has obtained and posted a Youtube video of Eiji Aonuma’s presentation at the New York Comic-Con, which contains tons of new footage and details about The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Among the new information trickling out about the game is that the villain in the game is named Yuga, there is something special in the game from Majora’s Mask, which is apparently not just the mask in Ravio’s shop, and items can be upgraded similar to how they are in Skyward Sword. Apparently a bow can be obtained that shoots three arrows at once. A new trailer was released today in conjunction with his Aonuma’s presentation. Enter the above video at your own risk, because Aonuma’s demonstration contains several spoilers about the game!


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      12. Back to school ._. and my pc broke in august so i was pretty upset i had to save for a new one lol my mom didn’t want me to just buy one for nothing. How have you been? :)


      13. I started University so it takes a lot of my gaming time and it’s very stressful but I’m hanging in there…

        I just bought Pokemon Y, I will play it later today after I finish studying…

        Too bad it broke, I hate that…


      14. Nice. Yeah, my gaming time is very small now that school is back too. But it gives time to make new friends. :D


      15. Oh, and gaming me and Amy (Voice of Fault) added eachother on here on ps3 and wiiu awhile ago so we’ve been gaming together sometimes, and like that there’s also miniture arguments. :l


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  1. This will definitely be the best game of the year! Zelda alttp, one of the best games ever has a sequel on 3ds! This game might be the best handheld zelda game ever and its from the best handheld in existence period.


  2. The game doesn’t look gay, I’m definitely interested in it. I want to know how buying items works. It seems like rupees are just as easy to get as before.


  3. This game brings back sweet nostalgic feelings of when I lost my Zelda virginity with A Link To The Past. Looking VERY forward to this game.


  4. And here I thought I couldn’t be any more hyped for this game….
    Why do months have to be so long?
    Why do games like this take so long to make?
    I’m going to go play some games to pass the time now….


  5. Looks like classic Zelda. Not a fan of the art style but regardless no doubt that I’m going to enjoy it. Hopefully it’s at least lengthier then most Zelda handhelds as I find that many of the newer ones don’t last as long. And hopefully there’s a hard mode although I doubt it


  6. This game has shaped up pretty nicely. Definitely looks a lot more promising than I initially thought.

    Oh and FUCK POEKMON!


    1. listen, asshole. this site is meant for Nintendo fans, fanboys, elitists, and those looking to enter into the marvellous and prestigious world of Nintendo gaming. if you do not like Nintendo or any of their games, kindly make your way to the door and GET THE FUCK OUT!


      1. Maybe because you do the same by attacking our empire and its fans all the time…

        Sonyan hypocrite exposed…


  7. They hit gold modeling after LttP. Top down view, no wiimote, dirty blonde, upgrades, soundtrack… it has it all. On top of the overhaul of the magic meter, which is pure genius, I haven’t been this excited for a Zelda release in quite some time. Not to say other titles weren’t great, however. Simply, I haven’t felt the need to buy any day one until this one.

    Is the new MM reference (other than the mask in the shop) somewhere in this video?


  8. This site is so fascinating. All kinds of different persons, pedos, trolls, fanboys,gamers,commanders and ogre avatar guys, come here to unite and and gather news from Nintendo.FASCINATING


  9. i can see this becoming my favorite zelda game of all time! has that classic vibe but looks o badass with all the customization!


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