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Masuda Explains Fairy-Type Introduction And Why Raising Pokemon Is Easier In X & Y

SylveonWhile Pokémon X & Y may have only been available for a number of days worldwide, Game Freak says there’s a definitive reason why Pokémon are easier to raise this time around. Speaking to Famitsu, director Junichi Masuda said that, as gamers and consumers, our time is much more limited and precious than it used to be. When Game Freak developed X & Y, they adapted Pokémon to gamers’ needs, making the levelling process a little less time-consuming.

“While we did integrate a lot of detailed adjustments into the game balance, another part would be the ease of raising Pokémon. Nowadays, we have the Internet, smartphones, and more, so I think the time spent playing games has decreased.

“For those reasons, we made it much easier to raise your Pokémon that will allow you to play smoother and more comfortably than before. For example, simply catching a Pokémon with a Pokéball will net you some experience points.”

Masuda also revealed why the Fairy-type was introduced in this generation after a 14-year drought since Gold and Silver’s Steel and Dark types. He said that many fans preferred to use Dragon-types in tournaments, and that an unequivocal balance was needed within the typing structure.

“This is something we’ve talked about since we released the very first generation of the games, but Dragon-types are strong, and we saw little deviation in the Pokémon that were used, even at tournaments. While we did balance the games for each new title, this time we put more effort into the adjustments, and added a new type that is strong against Dragons.

“We had many candidates for the new type, but in the end, you could say it’s due to a fantasy-like connection, that we went with a plan that involved having ‘a fairy that is strong against dragons,’ and settled with the type name as Fairy.”

35 thoughts on “Masuda Explains Fairy-Type Introduction And Why Raising Pokemon Is Easier In X & Y”

  1. I’m telling you, Smartphones and their cliché games are destroying a great part of the gaming industry. Thank god, Sony and Nintendo are doing their best to bring high-quality games to their portable gaming devices.

  2. X was a great game. The best in the series and one of the best 3ds games out, also the game on the competitive side is alot more balanced than before

    1. Indeed, also the soundtrack is beautiful omg, I never felt that level of enjoyment since Pokemon Sapphire, 10 years ago. I’m still going for the 8th badge, but I can truly say, this is the best game of the series.

      1. Do you think the Wiiu is a Shitty console?I wanna buy Wiiu For Barbie Dreamhouse Party Exclusiv for the Wiiu.But I dont think it runs Hardcore Gaimz.

      2. Yea the music is beautiful indeed. It had me captivated the whole game and damn that means you saw that scene with the legendary xeranes!!! And the elite 4’s places where you fight are fucking hot!!! Also the champion was surprising. Best Pokemon game ever 10/10 for me

  3. Dragons are OP you say, but you guys made Blizzard’s accuracy 70% when it used to be 90%. And there are only a few fast & powerful Ice types…
    Well, with the Fairy type, I guess its no big deal anymore…

      1. Yea 100% acc in hail and dragons aren’t a threat anymore with the new fairy types to eat up there stab dragon attacks

  4. They made it easier to level through the game with the new Exp. Share, but unfortunately there aren’t really any good places to raise your Pokemon after the Elite 4.

  5. I found the games way too easy, I never felt threatened until the elite four. The levels of the gym leaders needed to be about 10lvs higher in the last half

  6. well now the game is extremely easy and the fairy type is the new op type. should have just left that title to the dragon type. at least dragons are still the kings of beast stats.

  7. Honestly I hated the amount of grinding needed in pokemon to the point where I stopped playing after ruby and sapphire. I’m glad they made it easier to level now the game was only really long because u had to grind so much after every area u passed. Now I believe it flows more and is way more enjoyable although the ai is too easy but no big deal

  8. The Experience Share for all pokemon makes a game much better. It used to be: I pass from one city to the next, going through the grass. I get to the next city, and now I have to go back and forth with each pokemon ten times before I get to a level that’s remotely close enough to challenge a gym. Now I don’t even have to worry about training, and if I do I don’t have to train individual pokemon.

  9. I really loved how they made the game easier to get through. I don’t play Pokemon for the story anymore, I just want to get straight to breeding, EV training, and battling online. With EXP Share, I swept through the game.

    I love the fairy type moves. It really helps against everyone’s Mega Charizard X I always see online.

  10. Trainer silver fan girl

    For someone who will do anything to win, ( status butterfree, rare candy, revive spam, ect.) this helps me beat my rival. (From white pearl to you, fede.)

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