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GameStop Ad Reveals Zelda And Luigi 3DS Bundles Coming To North America

gamestop ad

A new GameStop ad for this upcoming Black Friday has leaked, and the ad displays the boxes for both the Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL Bundle, as well as the new Luigi 3DS Bundle, priced at 219.99 and 169.99, respectively. the two bundles had previously been announced for the European market, but no official word had come out about a North American release. A slew of new details about A Link Between Worlds have been revealed recently, increasing gamer interest in the title. Will you be picking up either of these bundles this holiday season? Let us know in the comments.

66 thoughts on “GameStop Ad Reveals Zelda And Luigi 3DS Bundles Coming To North America”

    1. Wrong! We have…sonic, and… Some third party ports, and um…
      I’ll go grab my winter coat.

      On the plus side, my 3DS is fucking insanely loaded with games.

      I use my WiiU to play Mass Effect3. The online is fantastic and matches are made quick. Once I finish Windwaker…I guess I can put my WiiU in Cryo-sleep. (unless I get Sonic…but I’m starting to wonder if I should. :(

        1. 3D World, Sonic, and okay so that’s about it. But its still not as bad as the 8 months with no real games lol.

          1. Really? If Wii U sales jumped as much as they did for Wind Waker, a 10 year old game, how much do you think it will jump for Mario 3D World, a brand new game which is the first 3D Mario to introduce 4 player co-op that looks really fun?

              1. It’s proof. The Wii U jumped to over 83,000 the week Wind Waker came out. It will most likely do much more when Mario hits.

                1. Even if I don’t buy a Mario game for a while, it’s a fact that Mario sells Nintendo consoles.

                  If we don’t see a spike with 3D World, the WiiU is in serious trouble

                    1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this. Finally I have a reason to upgrade to an XL :D I’m still buying a physical copy of ALBW though, I’ll be selling the download code that comes with the system to a friend for $20.


                          I don´t trust media reviews anymore. It´s better check out forums and Miiverse to see if a game is good or not. Sonic has been recieving very discrepant reviews, some say it´s excellent, some says its average, some says its not good. It´s just like Wonderful 101: it seems that many reviewers simply don´t understand the game

                          1. Dude. What kind of waste of space spends all day on a site trying to taunt peoole that like something? Piece of shit. My god you r a sad fucker. Hahaha. Truly pathetic.

                            1. My god you guys r worthless. The wii u is struggling. Who gives a shit? Who the hell r you? A pos internet troll. Do the human race a favor and kill yourself.

                              1. So you’re going to get mad because they are expressing they’re opinions ? Grow up man if you don’t like it don’t reply or read they’re comments

                                  1. I am grown up you don’t see me crying, bitching, or complaining about what someone else posts so again grow up. Don’t like it gtfo MNN

                                    1. You homo gay! Sonic sucks my ass. Look at ALL the reviews. But if you like playing with ass and sucking in it then you will enjoy Sonic Wii U.

                                      1. Anyone know if it’s possible to sell the download code for the Zelda bundle? I’d rather have the physical copy of the game. >__>

                                        1. If it’s anything like the Wind Waker Wii U bundle the download code will be on a piece of paper you can just give to someone else, and from what i’ve read around the internet that sounds exactly like how it will be.

                                      2. I will pick up 3DS XL ALBW Edition since Ive been stoled my original black 3DS last year…now I think its time to play Kindgom Hearts 3D as well :D

                                      3. I really wanted to hold out until a Zelda bundle was released, but there were simply too many titles I wanted to get my hands on. I caved when they released the Pikachu XL. Perhaps I can find someone to trade for the Zelda one.

                                      4. Sonic was a big hyped disappointment. It suck nuts! IF you like nuts then come have your fair share with Sonic. NUTS, GET YOUR NUTS!

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                                      6. Is the Zelda bundle a limited edition like the Pikachu 3DS XL was? Because nobody in town got the Pikachu 3DS XL (when it released) except Target, and my brother bought all 4 that they had in stock (for $160 each). They didn’t even have them on display. They had them behind their counter. That’s the only reason my brother was even able to get them. It was EXTREMELY limited.

                                        Though I’ll probably be forced to miss out on this cool Zelda edition 3DS XL, because I’m trying to save for the Wii U.

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