Shin’en Says They Will Reveal Their New Wii U Game “In Days”

Nintendo senkt Gewinnprognose

Nintendo centric developers Shin’en have announced via Twitter that they will reveal their brand new Wii U game in the next few days. The development team have been hard at work creating new projects for the Wii U, but details regarding their plans have been rather scarce. Shin’en previously revealed that they are currently working on their second generation Wii U engine which they will show off when they announce their new games.

“Rather in days then in weeks”

– Shin’en via Twitter

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      1. Shin-en only ever works on simple games that are released on the e-shop. Don’t raise your hopes too high please. Though… I’m interested in what relationship you have with spocks nut sack.

        1. I knew him when we were in highschool. His balls were his pride and joy. He would always wear pants that had holes; allowing his balls to sway freely in the wind.
          I assumed it was something he’d grow out of. I found out one day that he made frequent visits to a pretty doctor so that he could get his balls cupped. I followed him into the hospital one day, caught him red handed. We ended up arguing over it. In my rage, I grabbed a scalpel. One thing lead to another. In short; I’m the reason he doesn’t have a scrotum. Even scrotumless, he still likes to show his balls off.


          Lol trying to call us out with shit we already know

      1. what should be added (and which is being omitted in that post) is that the small size of the games does not stem from their understanding of the hardware but rather their excessive use of procedural generation which itself however requires quite a bit of coding knowledge

  1. Cool! Those guys know in depth Wii U’s hardware architecture. Hope this game push the hardware to its limits.

    1. Nobody will be pushing any of the 8th gen consoles to their ‘limits’ for many years. They will however showcase what the Wii U can do when people simply follow directions.

    1. Right.

      They’ve been working on the second generation of Wii U engine for a while, and they unveiled it during August.


  2. Looking forward to see this game! Not only for what great gameplay formula it has, but to see if these guys can walk the walk graphically after talking the talk. It should be one of the best Wiiu games so far what ever it is.

    1. I hate to be a Negative Nancy, but you might want to lower your expectations just to be safe because if the game doesn’t meet your needs, you’ll most certainly be disappointed.

      For example: People had HIGH hopes that the next Super Mario game would be either a open world game or a third Galaxy game, but as you can tell, there was sooooo much disappointment and everyone was expecting this game to be suck-ish to put it crudely.


      A couple of months later, that game was a day one purchase because we wasn’t expecting the new trailer to be this surprising (in a good way). So yeah.

      Just be patient :)

      1. Shin’en has been the dev that has talked in depth about the Wiiu’s graphical capabilities in depth. No other dev has done so. They’ve talked about the GPGPU , Dedicated sound chip, the 32MB edram , the CPU cache memory and how they only used 1 cpu core when they made the sublime looking nano assault neo.

        It’s fair that we should expect like the best looking game yet on Wiiu to be announced by them in the coming days.

        1. Agreed. They put their neck out for Nintendo regarding the Wii U. They have been boldly talking up it’s power for over a year. My feeling is that what they show will be impressive.

          1. They’ve been very keen to prove that the Wiiu is indeed considerably more capable (when utilied) than last gen consoles. And us Nintendo fans can appreciate that.

            I’m certain their game will be jaw dropping with tessellation and everything.

  3. Better not be a puzzle game or anything else that looks like your typical indie game. I hope it’s something new! 💋

  4. Interesting. But don’t get oo hyped it could be a game targeted toward casual gamers. I hope i’m wrong though.

    1. i’m not sure what you’re asking here.. if you’re asking about shin’ens engine then no that’s their own…

      1. i am very dissapointed with the wii u as well.
        i even ranted many times about it.
        but i did smile when i watched the 3d world trailer.
        to me, yes, its another mario, but what i saw made ME feel like i might have one game atleast that i can enjoy.
        god grant me patience for its release.

  5. Well we can say that it will be a very nice looking game graphically. Unlike 3rd party devs they can tap into the Wii U’s actual power. Now by no means will it be like Metroid on Wii U but it will be very nice to look at.

  6. I liked Nano Assault on the 3DS (did not play Nano Assault Neo on the Wii U), but the gameplay wasn’t terribly varied and it got old by the end. I hope that what they come up with next is less flat, i.e. not every level or challenge feels the same. They clearly have some talent, so hopefully their next effort impresses.

  7. Shin’en Multimedia & VD-dev should totally collaborate sometime on the Wii U 😊 they’ve both been long supporters since the DS (Shin’en longer, not sure of VD) & they both are allowed to work on the Wii U. Just imagine, Shin’en’s skills with intense racing games, combined with a more experienced VD regarding open-worldness, with their said to be favorite genre fps on the Wii U :DD

    1. i’ve never even heard of VD-dev before today.. looked them up and it seems they only released a dozen games in over 20 years.. only one of which was released within the last 5 and none of which were released on anything but a handheld (except for one amiga game way back in the 90ies)

      and they’re supposed to be experienced?

      sorry.. just no

  8. I hope it’s F-Zero.
    FAST was basically their application form for making an F-Zero game, but as a developer they know how to
    1. Make a game look good
    2. Make it run really fucking well

    1. and they’re also too small a team to stem something like an HD f-zero title (not even half a dozen people are involved)

      it would seem like a good idea but believe me it’s not
      all the talent in the world is not enough if you lack the manpower for something of that scope

      1. Shin’en isn’t any smaller than Double-Helix and look what they are able to do with Killer Instinct in less than a year? The game is unbelievable (I know because I played it.) Plus they are working on Strider as well and that look raw business too.

        So Shin’en can do an F-Zero game just fine.

        1. Yoooo, im glad someone else has actually looked (and played) the new KI.
          It’s fucking rad, so much fun, most fun i’ve had with a fighter since P4 Arena.

  9. Shin’en are some talented MF’ers, they did an incredible job with Nano assault, can’t wait to see what they have come up with…

    1. Agreed. It’s mainly because they understand Wii U’s hardware and what it can do, therefore they can optimise their code for it. Then again the CPU inside Wii U is designed for that purpose anyways.

    1. days rather than weekS
      i’d doubt they meant less than a week

      probably means something less than 3-4 weeks but your guess is as good as mine

    1. Me too Croxynd. That’s the last thing Nintendo needs. After Lost Word’s flopped and told me right there, Wii U needs some serious games.

      1. i’m predicting that actually thinking nintendo would entrust a 5 man team with a game like f-zero, no matter how talented they are, is delusional
        no offense
        i’d love to see an f-zero title as much as the next guy but it’s not going to come from shin’en anytime soon

        1. I find it laughable when people purposefully set out to offend and then follow with “no offense.”

          I predict that anyone who would take that statement as of being “delusional” simply because they have a difference of opinion is guilty of what they accuse.

          But back on topic, who said that Shin’en would develop it alone? As I stated earlier (which was purposefully ignored of course) Double-Helix isn’t much bigger if at all than Shin’en games. Not only did Microsoft entrust them with a major 1st party franchise, it was an iconic franchise that people have been waiting for 17 years to play and not one person that has seen it and/or played in person has had any complaints. To the contrary, it has gotten rave reviews. Is Double-Helix doing it all buy themselves? No Microsoft is helping them out with all the assets they need.

          On top of that, they are simultaneously working on Strider which is another major franchise title that Capcom is entrusting Double-Helix with. With their shaky financial situation they cannot afford another failure.

          So of course, Nintendo with 10 billion dollars CASH in the bank cannot help out Shin-en Games on a F-Zero title. It’s like Nintendo has done it before or anything…..


          1. shin’en -> 5 people, fact

            double helix -> about 100 employees, fact
            (already said that but apparently you chose to ignore it)

            get it out of your head, it’s not going to happen for as long as shin’en stays that small
            and they already stated that they have no interest in expanding (read link above) or having to take the backseat when cooperating with another much larger developer (and such cooperations are usually bad news anyway unless the devs can actually meet in person)

            or stick to your illusions, either is fine with me, you’re the one who will end up being disappointed

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