Aonuma Says He Wouldn’t Develop A Mario Game As He’s No Good At Them


Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has explained that he wouldn’t dare develop a Super Mario title as he isn’t too good at Mario games. Kotaku asked Aonuma which Nintendo franchise he would love to be able to tackle next, to which Aonuma replied that it wouldn’t be the Super Mario series as he’s not particularly good at platformers. Aonuma concluded the interview by saying that it’s ultimately the Zelda franchise that he is into.

Kotaku: What Nintendo franchise would you want to tackle next?

Aonuma: It wouldn’t be Mario because I’m not any good at that type of jumping game.

Kotaku: There are different reflexes involved there. What about Pikmin? There’s some similarities there. There’s a lot of exploration and a focus on figuring out the gameworld.

Aonuma: When I look at Pikmin, I feel like it’s something that kind of comes out of a lot of the ideas for Zelda. I think that is what happened with in Mr. Miyamoto’s head. If I made a Pikmin game it might turn into a Zelda game. Zelda is the main thing I’m really interested in


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  1. Kid Icarus, Takamaru’s Ninja Castle, and Metriod. Are games I think he could pull off if he tried

  2. I think Aonuma & his team would make a pretty good Takamaru game.. They’re both similar I several ways; that said, I think it’d be awesome if Nintendo would be willing to collaborate with Platinum Games to giving life back to their Takamaru franchise *_* I think Platinum Games would be the best because they make fantastical action games, I mean Hideki made DMC. Maybe if Aonuma or even Miyamoto were to supervise them (as he did with Retro on Metroid, & Next Level games on Luigi’s Mansion) then it could maybe pretty please happen? :x

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  3. It would be interesting if Aonuma designed an all-new RPG game, as some of you have stated. OR, Nintendo could buy the rights to Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy and create the looong overdue sequel. Okay, now I’m just dreaming. Sigh…

  4. that’s right. stay with the zelda series and continue to improve the franchise. nobody messes with my fav game series.

  5. Having heard this, the idea for a platformer Zelda has crossed my mind. It’d be a pretty interesting change of pace!

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