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Check Out The New Trailer For Bloody Fate, The Upcoming Bayonetta Anime Film

Last month we reported that Sega would be making Bayonetta into a new anime film, called Bloody Fate. Now the project is a bit farther along, and a new Japanese trailer has been released. It has come to light that the film will begin playing in several theaters across Japan starting on November 23rd, with several Japanese actors taking on the voice roles. The new movie is sure to drum up anticipation for Bayonetta 2, which is still slated to arrive next year as a Wii U exclusive. No word yet on whether the film will be released in the West with an English translation.

32 thoughts on “Check Out The New Trailer For Bloody Fate, The Upcoming Bayonetta Anime Film”

  1. Aside from all of the graphic content that film looks awesome! I won’t be checking it out, but I’m sure that the fight scenes are going to be awesome. A must watch for all Bayonetta fans

          1. PS4 already is having some issues. Watch Dogs bundle for example. Watch Dogs while a 3rd party game was a main launch game. Now what can you get to play at launch of PS4? AC4 I suppose. But PS4 has nothing worth while till Destiny next year which is yet another Multplat. Even Xbox One starts off with a drought. Titan Fall not till next year, Halo not till next year, nothing worth while.

      1. Its going to flop on Wii U because only baby games like Mario appeal to Wii U owners but when a non baby game like this comes along it flops because it’s too manly for the nintenbabies

        1. Um… I only have Nintendo consoles, but I love CoD, Metal Gear, and Assassin’s Creed. I don’t think all of us need to be forced into that category, troll.

          1. I’m not a troll lol and It still applies to majority of Wii U owners. Look what sold the most on Wii U so far, NSMBU but something like W101 sells bad because it’s not a baby game like Mario blame the fanboys for the Wii U’s doomed fate

            1. So Japanese Nintendo fans, European and North American Nintendo fans all like baby games? Sure…MH3U soldl amazingly. Pokémon yet that’s mostly 20-40 year olds who bought it. Just stfu and go back to your mature games. News flash no game is mature though.

  2. Looks to me like the animated movie version of the first game. Regardless, I can’t wait to watch it. And they’d better get the voices from the game, especially Hellena Taylor (Bayonetta’s va) for the English Dub.

    Oh, and I’ll still get the second game on the Wii U when it comes out.

  3. At first I thought this was Sega flexing muscles and telling people they own Bayonetta.
    But now this seems almost as good way to for Wii U gamers to prepare for Bayo 2, than a port of the first game.
    Though I hope that still happens, then I can finally stash that PS3 in a closet with rest of the forgotten stuff.

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