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David Jaffe Wants To Live In A World Where Disney Owns Nintendo


Citing Disney’s successful ownership of both Marvel Studios and the Star Wars franchise, designer of popular games like Twisted Metal and God of War, David Jaffe, has stated that he believes Nintendo should be sold to Disney. In a new interview with HipHopGamer, Jaffe says that although he is a “fan of Nintendo,” he believes they should “do more with [the] brands,” at one point blatantly remarking that they need to “do some new s***.”

While on his Nintendo-themed tirade, he professed a reverence for Miyamoto, but claimed he is not a fan of Pikmin and that it’s been a while since Miyamoto has created something that really spoke to him. Jaffe’s full comments appear below. What do you think of his rant? Does Jaffe have some valid points or is he full of hot air? Let us know in the comments.

“I say this with love as a fan of Nintendo. But if I was Nintendo, I’d be sitting my a** down trying to figure out how to sell my company to Walt Disney, because if you look at sort of what they have done sort of the reverence they’ve had towards Marvel, if you look at what seems to be happening with Star Wars and the Lucas brand they’ve acquired, they clearly understand marketing, they clearly understand their audience. To imagine going to a Disney Land park and having an entire land – like not just like Tomorrow Land but others like Nintendo Land – and sort of integrating that into that world, doing more with those brands.

You know end of the day, we’re all standing gratefully if you’re lucky in the shadows, the very long and powerful shadows of Miyamoto. But ultimately, he said himself he’s setting up younger developers to step in, he’s talking about retirement. I’m not a big Pikmin fan, I don’t think he’s made a game that really has spoken to me as a gamer in awhile. But what he has done has been industry-altering and super important and his characters will live on and they should. But I think the idea of, you know, some new blood getting in there appreciating what they’ve got and doing more with it would be awesome…

…I’m a big Nintendo fan, but I just think it’s time to bring in some new blood that really is going to appreciate what they’ve got and bring it to a new generation and do some new s***. Never lose that essence, never lose that core, but for the love of f****** God, do some new s***.”

110 thoughts on “David Jaffe Wants To Live In A World Where Disney Owns Nintendo”

    1. No hes right.Nintendo is just bad.#NintendoTimeToleavetheShip
      #Bang Bang.

    2. Well call me insane too….i always had the idea to sell to Disney, Disney is the greatest story tellers…now with Marvel/Lucas arts they can speak to the adults… If zelda was made into a movie, I would want Disney to to bring it to life…DISNEY has money and can respect the orignal creators thoughts on his characters….

      I always thought of Nintendo as the new Disney.What Nin did was create characters for everyone, Characters that are to big to fail, Everyone knows Mario like they do with Mickey….

      1. I agree, but I would only want them to be sold as a last resort. They have so much money now I. Fact they have as much money in the bank as Sony. When they start to be struggling that’s when they should approach disney

  1. The Troll Who Owns a 3DS (AND WII U!)

    He’s pretty spot on with the fact that Nintendo needs to do something new instead of Pokemon, Zelda, and Mario.

    1. what they *need* to do is to keep these franchises
      due to continuing success they haven’t had to remove these franchises for over 20 years (over 15 in case of pokemon) and they certainly don’t need to start now

      most of their franchises are that old yet they still continue to innovate.. you don’t need a new franchise if you have nothing new to do with it anyway

        1. when have nintendo games not been trying to innovate? what many other studios do (and what is rightfully critizised) is releasing the same game year after year with updated graphics and a new name (sometimes not even that) and some very minor changes that are mostly copied from other successfully innovating franchises to keep risk down

    2. its not such bad idea i mean if nintendo declared bankrupcy im SURE disney would be one of the first people to make an offer , which of course nintendo will not be able to refuse.

    3. What nintendo eeds to do is,
      1) Refresh/Revive their old and forgotten IPs, like: Star fox, F-zero, Earthbound, Mach Rider, Startropics, Game & Watch, Murasama Castle, Joy Mech Fight, Custom Robo, Geist, Eternal Darkness, Ice Climber, Balloon Fighter, Pro Wrestling…. and list goes on and on…
      2) Revive “Project H.A.M.M.E.R.
      3) Keep supporting the Xenoblade, Dillon’s Rolling Western and Wonderful 101 franchises
      4) Do a better marketing job with the Wii U
      5)Maybe MAYBE create a FPS franchise

      Nintendo doesnt really need to create a lot of new IPs, if they got a lot of old/forgotten franchises that can be revived, the gamers would love that, and the casuals(that dont know a shit about old old games) would see these revived franchises as new ones, everyone Happy :D

  2. … Is he some kind of idiot? Disney taking ownership of a single Franchise is one thing – Nintendo is on-par with Disney in terms of size. One couldn’t take ownership of the other, it would be a merger or a partnership.

    1. Disney is way bigger than nintendo. When you consider size like what sort of stuff they do.

      but it’s still a dumb idea. Least Kingdom hearts would be more interesting

    1. you and me both know what you just said is complete bullshit

      still not agreeing with jaffe but i’m certainly not agreeing with you either because, as i stated, what you just said is utter bullshit

          1. imagine mario and link in a disney land ride or whatever and singing along. you like that? the guy clearly said this. read the article. im telling you, let the japanese company do their thing and just let them realize that they need something new. nintendo will be ruined if they will be sold to someone else

            1. what that guy said is of no relevance
              what IS of relevance are the projects that disney has financed in the past and as you can see from my other comment those most certainly weren’t all made for kids

              also i have never said anywhere that nintendo should sell out to disney, quite the contrary, i specifically stated that i agree with neither him nor you, so don’t put words in my mouth

            1. “kids” was a kiddo movie? “pulp fiction” was a kiddo movie? try again

              “In 1993, Miramax was purchased for $60 million by The Walt Disney Company.[5]”


              “Bender brought the script to Miramax, the formerly independent studio that had recently been acquired by Disney. Harvey Weinstein—co-chairman of Miramax, along with his brother, Bob—was instantly enthralled by the script and the company picked it up.[56] Pulp Fiction, the first Miramax project to get a green light after the Disney acquisition, was budgeted at $8.5 million.”

              how about you try again

                1. Only a kid would even hate on disney or Nintendo for being “kiddy.” Only kids who are determined to show how grown up they are, what a big boy they are, bash things because they are kiddy. Sorry kid, go take a seat.

          1. i get it, were you offended by what i’ve said? by saying that “musical garbage”? well im sorry. i didnt know that you like those stuff… but look, bullshit is the dirty word, not garbage.

            1. i said it’s bullshit because what you said IS bullshit
              read my above post for further information
              that’s all i have to say about that

  3. I agree with him for the most part. Except where he says that they should be sold to Disney. Disney seems to do wonders when it comes to Franchises and movies. But when was the last time Disney actually made good decisions with video games? Yeah, not a fan.

      1. Kingdom Hearts is actually made by Square Enix with a license to use Disney properties in the games (ie, Disney didn’t create it themselves).

        1. It’s a shared IP where Disney actually owns the majority. Thus the reason you don’t see Kingdom Hearts videos on Square Enix’s YouTube channel, but on Disney’s Video Games channel. Even Nomura said that a lot of how the game turns out depends largely on Disney.

          In this instance, Square Enix is more the dev than anything else.

    1. Marvel games have never been made under Disney’s authority. As for Disney games, yeah most of them have not been all that impressive in recent years (although the classics were great). The only two franchises that I can say really stick from Disney in terms of video games are Kingdom Hearts and Disney Infinity. We will see how the upcoming Star Wars games go, but those are being done under Disney’s authority now. They’ll probably be better than anything we have seen from LucasArts in some time.

      Also, when doing a search, you might want to do it by score:

      With that said, Jaffe was mainly talking about the power of Disney marketing and taking already established franchises even further, like Marvel and Star Wars. Making movies, TV shows, establishing new toy lines, and incorporating these franchises in their Disney parks. Nobody can doubt the power of the Disney dollar when it comes to their reach and marketing.

      I’m not saying selling Nintendo to Disney is a good idea, in fact, I hate the fact that Disney is slowly becoming a greedy monopoly, but they do have power to take things to another level in terms of exposure.

      1. “Marvel games have never been made under Disney’s authority.”

        neither will lucas arts games be made under disney’s authority.. or for that matter nintendo games
        disney would want to get rid of the nintendo EADs as soon as possible since they’re not really that much into the games development market and they sure as hell can’t use development studios that are located in japan
        and then they’d license the franchises to another studio -> loss of quality ensured

        “Also, when doing a search, you might want to do it by score:

        and yet disney’s best scores are still right about there where nintendo’s worst scores of their major franchises start

        like i said i have absolutely no beef with disney but nintendo being bought up by disney would be a disaster

  4. PSU(Playstations+WiiU)

    man if disney and nintendo came together as 1 they would literally shit on the game… seriouly I couldn’t even imagine the news they would come up with like movies games toys etc

  5. Disney will never get my beloved stimulant enhancer aka Nintendo. Nintendo still dishes out classic games no matter the console’s limitations. On another fancy note, they should remake F Zero X. Zingo! And hugs!

  6. Disney couldn’t even hold Star Wars, shipped Lucas Art’s IP’s to EA. What makes this retard think they could hold Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, etc?

    1. well it should be added that they never intended to keep star wars developed internal
      of course the same would hold true for nintendo franchises.. they’d just license them to another company and close down nintendo which obviously would lead to an extreme decline in quality

      1. Not necessarily true. For example, when Disney bought out Marvel, Marvel Entertainment still stayed intact but is now a subsidiary of the Disney umbrella. So Marvel Studios still makes Marvel movies, Marvel still writes Marvel comics, etc, but now Disney has the power to take these franchises further with $$. They have a crap ton of new toy lines, new TV shows (although the ones on now are crap), they’re being incorporated in the Disney theme parks, etc.

        1. yeah however marvel is a movie studio whereas the nintendo EADs are game studios

          disney is not interested in developing games aside from their own franchise and some social/casual games which is precisely the reason why lucas arts was shut down
          they’ve expressed no interest in expanding their games division

          but what are we even talking.. nintendo is a traditional japanese company… with so much tradition it almost hurts
          japanese shareholders would chop off their right foot before selling their shares to a US owned company
          it’s unlikely this is ever going to happen even IF the higher ups at nintendo have no problem with selling out to disney

  7. New IP’s within the last couple years:

    Xenoblade Chronicles
    the Last Story
    Wonderful 101
    Pushmo and Crashmo
    Pandora’s Tower
    Sakura Sakurai
    Dillon’s Rolling Western
    and Steel Diver

    New gameplay experiences:

    Fire Emblem Awakening
    Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon
    Kid Icarus Uprising
    Pikmin 3

    They’ve been doing plenty of new. The last two 3D World trailers were nothing but new.

  8. Nintendo being owned by Disney would be HORRIBLE. Just look at what they’re doing to Marvel, milking the living shit out of it in every way imaginable. I’d say we’ve got 2-3 years left before everybody is sick and tired of a new Marvel movie/tv show/game every few months. Now they’re going to destroy the Star Wars franchise as well.

    Disney is a terrible company with a long history of messing with kids heads. Anybody remember the whole “offensive VHS movie covers” from the 90’s? Ever seen the South Park where they throw the gauntlet down on how Disney sells sex to kids? Fuck Disney, Nintendo is WAY too good for them.

    David Jaffe, STFU, you are delusional is you think Ninty should be owned by Disney. How about all companies just sell themselves to Disney, so they can own everything? I’m sure there won’t be any problems from that! lol. Why is everybody who can get their name on a gaming news site always saying “Nintendo should stop doing this, should start making crappy ios games, etc…”??

    1. Lucas Arts hadn’t done anything noteworthy for years. Closing them was not a bad idea. Nintendo and its studios have been continually putting out quality games that bring in big bucks. I don’t think Disney would shut them down. They would probably just make them a subsidiary like they did with Marvel.

      Of course, this is all speaking hypothetically.

  9. EveryOne keeps saying bad things about Nintendo and at the same time they all what to own or have nintendo games on their consoles….Theses people should just get a grip. It would NEVER happen

  10. One company owning everything? No, thank you. Disney has enough with Marvel and Star Wars. Now Nintendo? What’s next? Sony? Microsoft? DC Comics? Disney now sounds as billionaires wanting to own the entertainment world now and power hungry trolls. Buying everything with they big dollars. I like competition and variety in the media, thank you.

    1. That’s the only thing I don’t like about Disney. They’re trying to monopolize the entertainment industry (among other things). I never liked how Disney did business, but I can’t deny their power in terms of marketing and reach.

  11. This is coming from a guy who designed God of War 1-3, two God of War PSP games, and a God of War prequel. They’re all hack and slash and quick time events. He’s one to talk about “make new s**t.”

    1. David only made God Of War and over saw God Of War 2 and then left the company to start something new… Which flopped and no one cared. Then he tried to do a new Twisted Metal and that flopped BIG time… now he wants to start another company.

      In the end the guy is a moron and anything he says should be taken with fine grain of salt. The guy can’t make a good business decision to save his life.

  12. God of War and Twisted Metal are one of my favorite sony ips. I respect Jaffe but i have to disagree what he just said. I do understand what he means though.

  13. A) Miyamoto wouldn’t allow it
    B) Nintendo’s franchises are too and they wouldn’t bother selling the rights off
    C) Who does this guy think he is?
    D) Stupid thing to even think of
    F) What happened to E.

  14. I agree Nintendo need to make new IP’s and really make something “new” with existing ones, but FUCK Disney

    1. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

      Plus, what the hell do Disney know about making video games, some of the greatest Disney games of all time have come from SEGA, Capcom, Square Enix and RARE (Mickey’s Speedway). not Disney Interactive..

      1. They don’t have to come from Disney Interactive. For example, Disney owns Star Wars but the Star Wars games are going to come from EA and its studios.

        If Disney owned Nintendo, Nintendo could still remain intact, making the games and maintaining most control as a subsidiary. Disney could just lend a hand in terms of marketing and a few other business decisions as they do with Marvel Entertainment.

        Not saying that it’s a good idea, or one that I would even want to see; but IF it was to ever happen, it wouldn’t necessarily be a complete disaster.

  15. I know when I think ‘new shit’, I think Disney, the primary purveyor of formulaic mass-market entertainment. They are certainly agile innovators and not some gargantuan, plodding leviathan of a mega-conglomerated supercorp media empire.

    Also, it should be noted that Nintendo does make new shit, but in general the console market is extremely hostile to new shit in any form. Anything that’s not an established franchise or a recognized gameplay system or control scheme gets either panned or trashed. It’s really not their fault if they make something really cool, genuinely new and interesting, but people don’t play it because trying new things is icky and doesn’t make the consumer feel safe in their purchase.

  16. Coming from the guy who got completely lazy on the latest Twisted Metal, which had such potential, but ruined by game breaking glitches and many other things, I wouldn’t put much into his opinion. His game sucked balls and he didn’t do shit to patch it. Fuck you Jaffe! You ruined your own great series!

  17. Umm…Microsoft TRIED buying Nintendo after they bought Rare during the PS2/GCN/Xbox days and Nintendo laughed at them saying “FUCK YOU!”. So, no way in hell they would get Nintendo anyway. Besides, if we look at it now, Nintendo has WAY more profits than Disney or even Sony.

    If anything, Nintendo would rather fold than become a part of another company. And think about it…Disney is a mediocre company anyway. In the recent decade, they gave Mickey Mouse a big FUCK YOU and replacing it with the Jonas Fags, HSM, and Miley Cyrus.

    If any company Disney could buy is probably Capcom. Why? 1. Capcom had a HUGE partnership with Disney in the 80s & 90s and…
    2. A lot of Marvel Vs. Capcom games were made by Capcom anyway.

  18. Yeah, a world where Japan’s most successful cultural giant is owned by America’s. That’s as Yankee as anyone can get. Good job.

  19. HipHopGaming is a thing? Gotta hand it to the guy though, he’s about as eloquent as I pictured a Jaffa cake to be.

  20. Not a big fan of Disney as a company so I would hate to see this happen. What Nintendo needs to do is start listening to what it’s fans what. When we want online multiplayer they should give it to us. When we demand games to be released in the West they should release them. Nintendo just hates listening to it’s fans.

  21. His contribution to games is a psychopathic asshole who murders anyone he encounters, why the fuck should I care what this asshole has to say. GO FUCK YOURSELF SIR!

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