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Nintendo Planning HD Remakes Of Seven N64 Titles On Wii U As “ReUmagined” Series?


A new rumor making the rounds on the internet is touting the idea that Nintendo will be making a “ReUmagined” series in which the company gives seven Nintendo 64 games “the Wind Waker HD treatment,” remaking them in HD to be sold on the Wii U eShop. Supposedly, Super Mario 64 would be the first title, followed by six others, and all seven games would feature new content and retail at $30. The idea is that Nintendo would be filling gaps in their Wii U lineup of games by re-releasing the old N64 classics.

Some of the details on the hypothetical Mario 64 remake include a two-player mode in which both Mario and Luigi can be controlled simultaneously, with one camera following Mario on the main screen, and the other following Luigi on the gamepad. Does this all sound too good to be true? If the ReUmagined series turned out to be real, which N64 games would you want to see remade into Wii U titles? Let us know in the comments!

302 thoughts on “Nintendo Planning HD Remakes Of Seven N64 Titles On Wii U As “ReUmagined” Series?”

          1. Ocarina of time isn’t in HD. The graphics were improved for the 3DS version but the resolution is nowhere near HD :/

              1. the thing is they didnt actually remake OoT some model textures where swapped with higher res ones such as Link, Chests, hylian sword in stone and some bosses. it really looked kinda worse with the old n64 backdrops. im sure they saw this themselves and if i know nintendo i wouldnt rule this idea out as nintendo doesnt like being in the background, so heres to hoping.

        1. we need jet force gemini, hybrid heaven, tetrisphere, perfect dark, and a legitimate frame for frame/weapon for weapon/cheat code inclusive remake of Goldeneye. <3

          1. Not possible. Nintendo does not own Rare unfortunately so Jet Force Gemini, Perfect Dark and Goldeneye are impossible for them. Plus Perfect Dark has already been remade in HD for xbox 360. So has Goldeneye, just as a really crappy Daniel Craig version.

            1. I was pretty sure this was just a wish list format. didn’t know we were shooting for “possible”. but as far as goldeneye goes, I have it. can’t even begin to call it a remake. not a single part of the game is even similar to the original. which is why I specified so much detail about the remake I wish would happen.

    1. Man I’m the same way I don’t mind buying a cheap small game for 5$ on virtual console but if i’m buying retail full priced games having a physical copy is the only way to go. I mean come on now we need these games to fill up shelves and drawers lol. :D

    1. Yeah Super Mario Kart 64 HD Remake,Super Mario 64 HD remake,F-Zero 64 HD remake and Pilot Wings 64 HD remake!

        1. Cruisin Exotics HD Remake
          And a Super Mario All-Stars HD Remake with all the classic 2D Super Mario Bros games including Super Mario World 1 and SMW2 Yoshi Iland with the New Super Mario Bros U Graphical look like nintendo did with the Super Mario All-Stars back then with the 8bit to the 16bit graphical look of Super Mario World with the Classic Super Mario Bros games even though they did come with Super Mario Anniversary Collection for the Wii Graphical and look wise it still was like Super Mario All-Stars for the SNES. Also will be great is a HD Super Mario Collection Pack with Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 in a HD Remake Super Mario Collection set as well

      1. F-Zero X HD Remake,Goldeneye HD Remake,1080 Snowboarding HD Remake plus HD Remakes of NES Double Dragon 1 with two players co-op,NES Double Dragon 2 and 3, Contra, Super C and SNES Contra 3 Alien Wars!

      1. How so? There were only 2 TLOZ for N64 and one of them (Ocarina of Time) was already remade* (ported*) to the 3DS. Since this is Nintendo and they HAVE to include a Zelda game everywhere it makes more sense that they would give the HD treatment to Majora’s Mask instead of yet another re-release of Ocarina of Time.

        1. Nintendo already has the OoT engine, graphics and sounds, many of which are recycled in Majora’s Mask. It would make a lot more sense to release it on the 3DS with lower development costs and less resources on a system with a userbase of over 32 million opposed to higher costs and more resources for a system with a userbase of 3.5 million.

          1. It would make more sense if they wanted to maximize 3DS’ profits yes but that’s not what they want no. What they want is for the WiiU to kick the fuck off; to finally build and install base before all third-party developers jump ship to the Xbone and PS4 and leave Nintendo hanging (again). They may have been able to afford the third party’s cold shoulder with the Wii because people where buying Wiis by the buttloads just for novelty’s sake but that’s not happening now.

            As succesful as the 3DS is, if the WiiU keeps poking a hole on Nintendo’s pockets a lot of that revenue the 3DS is generating is gonna disappear making up for the WiiU’s losses. The 3DS does not need Majora’s Mask, (We are already getting A Link Between Worlds anyway) the WiiU does. Is that simple.

    1. If this news is true, it’s really sad. Really, Nintendo has to remake games to gain time, it’s just pathetic… The only game I would like to replay would be DK 64, Banjo Kazooie + Tooie and Conker (which I never played), but they’re all Rare games…

  1. My choices would be:

    Majora’s Mask
    Mario Party 2
    Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon (Working with the Konamis)
    Bomberman 64
    Super Mario 64
    Donkey Kong 64
    Pokemon Stadium Extended to all 6 generations

    1. Majora’s Mask
      Super Mario 64
      Donkey Kong 64
      Pokemon Stadium Extended to all 6 generations

      I agree with these ones and would like to add:
      Perfect Dark
      Pokemon Snap (nevermind, I want a completely new Pokemon Snap game)

        1. Sadly Rare/MS completely owns PD now, the original was even Published by Rare not Ninty, so I beleve MS the have all the rights to it.

            1. Fuck you. Pokemon Snap was some good shit. I downloaded it on Wii my friend and I took turns beating the shit out of it all over again in one night. I love you.

    2. Imo, Mario Party 3 would be the better choice of the 3. I would like to see the original Mario Party remade with control replacement for the joystick rotating minigames. Pokemon Statdium would be AMAZING. Connectivity with 3DS and X&Y would be awesome. But I think it’s more of a full game at this point.

      For Goemon, why not! I’ve never been really able to beat it (I was still a youngster with less than minimal understanding of English).

      I don’t agree with Bomberman. Paper Mario or F-Zero X has much better chances of actually being remade and probably the most probable.

      Rare’s games are out of reach. Such a shame, really because Jet Force Gemini in HD would fucking awesome IMO.

      My own list:

      – Majora’s Mask
      – Mario Party 3 (that was my favorite)
      – Super Mario 64
      – Donkey Kong 64
      – Paper Mario
      – F-Zero X
      – Mario Golf

  2. The Troll Who Owns a 3DS (AND WII U!)

    Nah, not going to happen. Nintendo wouldn’t add something in an HD Remake it would just be updated graphics, they’re far too lazy.

    1. depends on who’s doing the remake. Ocarina didn’t do any new stuff, but Majora tweeked some stuff–and Mario 64 added in a buttload of crap, and diddy kong racing ds had some great updates too.

    2. well Wind Waker added a lot of subtle and not so subtle details so… I don’t see your logic, OoT 3D had some new features too, subtle but still there

    3. Yes, because, you know, Nintendo is definitely the only one’s doing this. (There are over 30 HD re-releases for the PS3, go figure)

  3. It’s a shame that there won’t be any Rare games. Would DK64 doable?
    I would love some starfox and rogue squadron with online dogfights.
    Enhanced waverace and f-zero. Turok and Shadowman as darker games.
    I would love it, but it would mean a lot more work for them to translate these classics than WW.

    1. Nintendo still technically owns the Donkey Kong franchise, so a remake of DK64 is possible. They’d just have to take out credit to Rare throughout the game, maybe change a few other things.

  4. Super Mario 64, Goldeneye, GT 64, Re-Volt, Donkey Kong 64, Majora’s Mask. Actually I think this sounds as the greatest remake idea ever made. I’m not so much in to remakes usually.

  5. taken from the source:

    – Super Mario 64
    – ***** ***** **
    – **** **** **
    – **** *** **
    – ********** **
    – ******* **** <- majoras mask?? :D :D :D
    – **** ************

    1. – Super Mario 64
      – ***** ***** **
      – **** **** ** <- wave race 64
      – **** *** ** <- star fox 64
      – ********** ** <- pilotwings 64
      – ******* **** <- majoras mask?? :D :D :D
      – **** ************

  6. Nintendo titles? Super Mario 64, the two Zeldas and Star Fox. Maybe DK64 too. But this is of course not true.

    1. As awesome as it would be I highly doubt Ocarina of Time would get yet another remake within such a short timeframe.

      I’m thinking Majora’s Mask, F-Zero, Pokemon Snap… can’t think of any others

    1. I doubt they’ll ever make another remake of it considering they already made it twice in recent years…

    1. Conker’s Bad Fur Day is no longer owned by Nintendo. I believe RARE owns it so there’s no chance they can actually remake it.

  7. Seeing as these games are from the N64 era, I’m fully on board with this! The N64 was truly the Golden Age of Gaming!

    1. But at the other side of the coin, it was also High Command’s biggest failure in creating the Sonyans by accident…

  8. that seems a bit off.. they prolly won’t be able to use +90% of the assets created for those games since they’re just too old which means they’ll have to entirely redo the games -> lots of work
    still sceptical but i’d be awesome of course :)

  9. Super Mario 64
    Donkey Kong 64
    Banjo Kazooie
    Mario Kart 64
    Majoras Mask
    Diddy Kong Racing
    Pokemon Stadium with x/y support

    Would buy them all

        1. I usually HATE when any company keeps releasing games in the same franchise over and over, for some reason, it doesn’t bug me all that much when Nintendo is doing it, though.

        1. well i don’t have a 3ds because i don’t like handhelds and so do millions and millions of others

          also considering it was a console game then it should deserve a console remake now
          it wouldn’t need a lot of work either, they could just use most of the assets from the 3ds version and slab HD textures on them and add some nifty effects
          that’s pretty much what they did with the WW remake

          there’s no reason not to do it really

        1. because obviously the 3ds and the wii u are exactly the same thing and everyone on this planet has the same interests as everyone else

          1. At this point in time, considering how recent the 3DS version is, it doesn’t make sense business-wise. And the 3DS is selling a lot better than the Wii U so… there’s that.

            1. again: not everyone who’s interested in consoles is interested in handhelds
              i’d buy it in a heartbeat on the wii u and i know others who would too

              technically people could have just bought a gamecube on ebay and gotten themselves WW to go along with it and probably would have ended up saving money
              but they didn’t

              and if nintendo were to consider your argument they obviously shouldn’t be releasing any games at all, especially not any new ones with high investment costs, because the wii u isn’t selling

              sorry but that’s just nonsense

  10. LOL, I first read *reUnimagined* (whatever; same shit). Good ol’ Nintendo – sucking the Nostalgiafags bone dried since 2000. On the plus side, Gamepad two-player co-op integration sounds like a good plan.

    1. Nostalgiafags? So you’re telling me that you have absolutely no emotional connection whatsoever to the things you loved as a kid, and would like to see those things, whatever they are, remade in a modern environment? Don’t bullshit me, dude.

  11. My wish list

    TLoZ majora’s mask
    TLoZ ocarina of time
    Donkey king 64
    Pokemon snap
    Mario 64
    *Banjo kazooi
    *Banjo tooie

    *this is a wish list but if not those 2 i want Jet Force Gemini and pokemon stadium 2

  12. Here were my guesses so far…

    ***** ***** ** – I’ve seen folks saying Paper Mario 64. Makes sense.

    **** **** ** – Wave Race 64

    **** *** ** – Star Fox 64 / Mega Man 64 (Hard to tell. There was already SF64 3D)

    ********** ** – DonkeyKong 64 (Should be a space there, right?)

    ******* **** – Pokemon Snap (YES!) / Majoras Mask fits as well.

    **** ************

    The source article doesn’t specify N64 games, so perhaps one, or more, of those is a Gamecube game? I had hoped for Super Mario Sunshine, or Eternal Darkness, but neither fit.

  13. Majora Mask pretty much confirmed, eh? damn. I want it for the 3DS but having another reason to get a Wii U is great as well.



  15. I would love a Banjo Kazooie remake ! Majora’s Mask, Conquer’s Bad fur day, Mario Kart 64… Wave Race… 1080°… F-Zero X…

  16. I know we already got this on 3DS, but I wouldn’t mind Zelda OOT. Any excuse to replay that game is good enough for me. Having MM would be great too, since I never finished that one. Only other game I could think of would be Sin and Punishment. I had an N64, but I can never remember the good games for it.

  17. should be gamecube games and not n64. there are much more exiting games on the cube than n64. missed opportunities if true.

    1. The original site this came from didn’t specify that these would only be N64 games, just the first 7 would be. There could be GameCube games down the road.

  18. Could be pretty cool, we’ve already kind of seen what a modern Mario 64 would look like thanks to that level in Galaxy 2. I would probably buy it.

  19. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    If this is true and we get another Mario game first, Nintendo’s screwed. It doesn’t matter if the game was ground-breaking. People are sick of Mario, myself included.

    And I’m still waiting for a Metroid Prime HD remake lol. It’s too bad it already got a remake.

  20. Majora’s Mask on wii u

    the guys who worked on this trailer. might come true… so far in update on there deviantart page they mention they have time to start working on majora mask project again? and that it will be a different experience…and not a game? so confused on that part.

    no clue, but I do hope it turns out real..

  21. Sound like a Nintendo fanboy fantasy, I wouldn’t be surprise if it was fake…But then Nintendo already had some remakes, so I wouldn’t be a surprise if it’s real either. It’s also looks like Nintendo can’t depend on 3rd parties wont deliver.

    But I still think it’s fake, dual gamepad and online co-op?? Come-on, these have got to be from someone’s wishlist.

  22. Stop saying Majoras Mask. we are already getting that on 3DS mark my words.

    Instead I would say
    Pokemon Snap (played entirely on the game pad)
    Super mario 64
    Yoshi Story
    Star Fox 64/Lylat Wars
    Paper Mario Possibly
    Kirby the crystal Shards
    Wave race

    These are the most likely

      1. that was one of my favorite games as a kid….. fucking yoshi.

        then i played yoshis island, its way better but ill always like yoshis story because it was one of those childhood games and its good for what it is, not a bad game but i would never want a new yoshi game like that.

      1. this is the only good thing i heard of wii u pretty much ever, but its probably not true, and nintendo would pick shitty ones instead of the good ones, they always disapoint. if OOT and MM was in hd alone i will be happy, any other ones is a bonus if i care, no rare franchises though…………….

  23. Would be Mario 64’s second remake. But when I read what’s going to improve, I want it so much!
    I would also love other remakes, missed this generation

  24. first of they should NOT call it reUemagend (its not that I don’t get the idea, its just the wrong direction) they should look at this as a line up of games for ALL past systems and simply call the games “virtual console HD” they should be reimagined version, with new HD graphics, and updated game play (motion, touch, duel screen, multiplayer, online, added content) but they should focus it on updating old games rather then selling them like new products when clearly they are not.
    that said I would love to see…ugh hem “virtual console HD”
    paper Mario
    Mario 64
    castelvania 64 & castelvania legacy of darkness
    Pokémon snap (with some added pokemon)
    and the n64 games of Kirby and Yoshi

    also wile all the games should have some duel screen/touch support they should also have off tv play

    also the idea should not be to pretend to stuff the wii U with franchise games, but rather a way to reintroduce old games for a new generation that might not be familier with old ip like Mario, Kirby, castevania, DK, Yoshi, Pokémon, exe. BUT they should also be working on new games in these IP

    wile their is a new super Mario, and they are making a Mario 3D tittle, they should not just remake Mario 64 to replace a would be Mario adventure game, as technicly Mario 64 is the first Mario adventure game, fallowed by sunshine and the galaxy games. so they should focus on the next adventure game and allow Mario 64 HD to be a intro for new gamers to the first adventure game.

  25. I’d definitely love to see both Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask Wii U remakes, even though Oot was on 3DS I’d still get it on Wii U. Mario 64 is a great choice, probably my favourite 3D Mario game. I’d also like to see Donkey Kong 64 on there, although I think they might not be able to do that due to disputes with Rare, the same as with Banjo Kazooie.

    1. they still own the rights to DK, clearly they are still making DK games. but rare owns any IP they created like banjo which MS owns. that said I love both Nintendo and MS so, and the xbox one is having rare make a new KI and by the sound of it they are working on 2 other rare IP games. they well most likely be conker and perfect dark. but if they all do well (and they well) then banjo and others well be sure to come, they have heard the fans screaming in pain and they are finaly letting rare do its thing and have moved the Kinect games to a new office.

    1. PLEASE NINTENDO! DON’T DO SOMETHING THIS COOL, AND THEN RUIN IT BY MAKING THEM eShop-ONLY. That would suck major swollen baboon butts!

  26. They don’t have to take out credit to rare in any their games as long as Nintendo owns them. The DKC games on the wii shop didn’t and those went through without a hitch.

    Also Smash 64 remake for the win!!! Maybe they add in a few characters they didn’t have time to include in the original.

  27. @jokergallagher you are aware that rare isn’t making the new killer instinct right? Double helix is making it. I personaly wouldn’t want a another banjo or conker game under Microsoft’s name. If they did make another then they would most likely be kinect games which would suck big time.

    1. What sucks is most of Rare’s games is what made N64 a sweet console. But here’s my choice that ain’t going to happen: Banjo-Kazooie, Smash Bros with Gamepad functions 1, Starfox 64, Bomberman64, Quest64, Donkey Kong 64, Mario Kart 64 online mode, War Zone, Mortal Kombat4 . Gosh my young child hood games brings back memories. My friends and I would play Diddy Kong racing, Smash Bros. Mario Party and take turns playing Super Mario 64. My friends used to enjoy watching me play Banjo-kazooie like a pro. Mom would call down for breakfast and we would go right back to the N64………..oh how I loved Videogames back then. No one didn’t care about specs or horsepower or any of that shit. Today if a game doesn’t reach 1080p 60fps it is considered non playable. To tell u the truth not even PS4 can match PS1 or N64 back in those days…….not when it came to those games. N64 was the best console Nintendo had so far. Too soon to tell about Wii U but I doubt it will match N64.

    2. I am aware that its being made …in part by helix, how ever the directing is done by rare, and its still a rare IP. Rare is still the same rare studio, they know what their doing

  28. I don’t think it’d work, N64 games would need more updating than Wind Waker did, because it looked good on its own, N64 games.. Y’know.. Don’t as much. But oh well, time will tell.

  29. This seems a great idea, but I really don´t think they should release them on disc. These should be on Eshop only at low prices.

      1. I loved multiplayer mode on Bomberman64. Remember the commercials on 64? I don’t get it Nintendo had advertising with the N64. What happened Nintendo? Bomber man bomber man on new Nintendo 64!!!!! Get N or Get out. The best smash bros commercial was indeed the one for Super smash bros 1. Remember the days when Nintendo advertised their software masculine and aggressive? Remember the days playing Donkey Kong 64 and everyone was trying to remember the theme song? Rember the good old music from grant Kirkhope on Banjo, perfect dark, Donkey Kong 64 and Conker 64. This was before greed. People didn’t care back then if you owned a Sega, Sony or Nintendo. It was about the games but now its about which console and specs. If your friend spent the night and owned a Sony and you owned a Sega or N64 he would bring his PS1 and be playing allllllll the games on all consoles. Those were the good old days. Now all I have left is memory.

        1. Remember on starfox 64 slippy was always in the way? “Were always saving your hide slip” Falco used to say. Remember the rhymes Grentildaused to say, ” Tooty says she’s fine with me. If you go home I’ll set her free?” ” Banjo I watch you play and can’t think of much to say” “That’s right swim under there, icy water takes up double air” That’s when Nintendo was raw.

          1. Rember the theme song on Super Mario 64 “Bowser’s Road” oh how I love that song!! Remember on Mario Kart 64 “Peaches Royal Raceway? You could trick your friends into thinking Peaches Castle was a short cut. Lol

  30. Do HD rebuilds this time. Update the models of all the seven games to super mario galaxy level/super mario 3D world level. DO IT

  31. As much as I REALLY want this to be real, I am really doubting it. The original article says that 2 gamepads can be in use and it will have online multiplayer…

  32. altough it would be great to have super mario 64, zelda’s majoras mask or f-zero in hd, i don’t think that this would be a great idea beccause it could seal nintendo’s image as a backward orientated company who only release old titel or the same IPs all the time. nintendo should make more new games and bring more new IPs!

    and btw – the price of 30$ would be much too high for that.

  33. Mario 64, mario kart 64, mario party 1 and 2, donkey kong 64, buy the rights for banjo kazooie and we will have banjo kazooie and tooie. Those are the games we need. No oot since they remade it already and no MM. We already had a WW remake

    FUCK YA!
    I’d love to see Super Mario 64 reimagined in HD. I hope the upres the game models too otherwise it’ll be an iffy affair.
    Star Fox 64.
    Star Fox: Adventures with the original villain General Scales as a bonus difficulty replay of the game.
    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time HD with updated game models, music, etc.
    The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, ditto.
    Super Mario Sunshine, would be fun but they need to tinker with this a big. It felt un-Mario…
    Pokémon Snap!

    How about digging deep back in the catalogue Nintendo.
    Bring the original Mario Bros Trilogy to the world of HD,
    Super Mario Bros, HD
    Super Mario Bros. 2 – Since the big N is continuing ignore the world of Subcon and Wart. How about a bloody beautiful HD remake of the game similar to Super Mario Bros U but with updated modeled versions of the enemies from that game.
    Super Mario Bros 3. Epicness, would love this in HD.
    Super Mario World: Gotta throw that in there.
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past HD,

    aww hell…. since I’m gushing.

    Bring back Donkey Kong original. Pauline has been sadly MIA,
    Donkey Kong Jr. Whatever happened to that guy.,,

    Ok… I’ll stop. Setting myself up for disappointment.

    1. Hey dont wanna sound rude or anything- your ideas are great! but i just wanted to let you know that Super Mario Sunshine was a gamecube game :) but I LOVE SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE :) great comment though! pokemon snap totally!

  35. I am soo excited for this, n64 and gamecube were like best eras- i cant wait for antthing they put out!!! :D especially mario (i hope fr DK too :) my fiance would love DK)

  36. I hope they rerelease some new IP’s.

    I’m sorry but I prefer my old skool games just that. Old skool. How bout releasing a new StarFox instead of rereleasing 64. I’d much rather that.

  37. I doubt it’s true, but if it is, I hope for these games to be remade:
    – The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
    – Donkey Kong 64
    – Super Mario 64
    – Pokémon Snap
    – Wave Race
    – 1080 Snowboarding
    – Paper Mario

    Make Wave Race and 1080 Snowboarding online-capable, and give Pokémon Snap Miiverse-features like sharing points and pictures.
    I really wish Nintendo owned Banjo-Kazooie, but sadly they don’t, so there’s no chance of seeing those games.
    Diddy Kong Racing wouldn’t be a good choice either, since they can’t use Conker or Banjo in that game.

  38. Nah not happening. Leave the N64 remakes for 3ds and leave the gamecube hd remasters for the wiiu.
    Mario Sunshine HD
    Luigis Mansion HD
    Paper Mario2 HD
    Star Fox Adventures HD
    Fzero Gx HD (with online)
    Zelda Four Swords Adventures HD(with online) (local up to 2)
    And with wind waker hd that makes the 7 right there.

  39. I don’t know why they’d do Mario 64 considering they already remade it on DS with additional content. This is an awesome idea though, I loved the N64 and would love to see remade games!



  41. Should have been “Wii Umagined Series” XD

    Well, this is definitely awesome news if it’s real. I could definitely go for a Paper Mario 64 remake. That would certainly be awesome!! Plus, full retail remakes are the way to go. I could finally own a lot of the good ole N64 games

  42. DK64 (I hope theirs no legal issues with this since rare made the game)
    Technically OOT was remade on the 3ds and porting it over again would be good.
    Majora’s Mask
    Wave Race 64
    Sadly Rare owns the following titles:
    Banjo Kazooie
    Jetforce Gemini
    Banjo Tooie
    Conker’s Bad Fur Day

    1. I would LOVE an HD remake of Majora’s Mask as well as other N64 titles like Super Mario 64 and especially Banjo Kazooie (Probably won’t happen…). :P

  43. I’ve been saying for years that they should take Mario 64, and just give it a graphical upgrade and a few tweaks on the console. It would be the best game of our time!
    1) Mario 64
    2) Mario Kart 64
    3) OOT
    3) Majora’s Mask
    4) Diddy Kong
    5) Donky Kong 64
    Last but certainly not least 6) Pokemon Snap

    1. Mario Kart 64 and Majora’s Mask would definitely be two of the games that I’d be psyched for. I never got a chance to play them so it’d be great. Donkey Kong 64 as well!

  44. I swear to GOD we better have an HD remake of Donkey Kong 64. Please Nintendo I’m begging you! Make Mario 64, remake Majora’s Mask, remake anything but please put DK64 in the remakes!

  45. Thank you for sharing this story and for stating that it is in fact a rumor, for that’s what I labeled it as. If I do receive more concrete information, I will definitely share it…and that goes for both it being proven true or false.

    I personally hope it is the real deal, because it’d be a smart move for Nintendo to make in my opinion. If smaller teams could focus on several month long titles to pump out that are awesome, in between the more grand 2-4 year development games for Wii U, then why not?

    We’ll see how this paves out and hope for the best in the time being. Thanks again.

    – Paul Gale Network

  46. Thanks for sharing this story and for stating that it is in fact a rumor, for that’s what I labeled it as. If I do receive more concrete information, I will definitely share it…and that goes for both it being proven true or false.

    I personally hope it is the real deal, because it’d be a smart move for Nintendo to make in my opinion. If smaller teams could focus on several month long titles to pump out that are awesome, in between the more grand 2-4 year development games for Wii U, then why not?

    We’ll see how this paves out and hope for the best in the time being. Thanks again.

    – Paul Gale Network

  47. This sounds like a terrific idea. Even though they’ve already re-released Mario 64 on the DS, I don’t think anybody would mind an HD (and hopefully multiplayer) version of the game. Mario 64 is timeless in the sense that it’s one of those games you can play over and over again throughout the year. It actually seems like a more obvious choice than Wind Waker due to its immense popularity. I really hope this rumor proves to be true.

  48. Castlevania 64
    Shadowgate (I never got the chance to finish that game)
    Pokémon Snap
    Mario 64
    Mariokart 64

    I miss Nintendo 64 games. We still have ours, along with a handful of games but some titles are hard to find and I love the idea that Nintendo would revisit the games for the 64. I hope this turns out to be true.

  49. I know they don’t have the rights but omg please Banjo-Kazooie!!

    My thoughts on Zelda, since we already have Ocarina on 3DS I would rather have Majora’s Mask for 3DS instead of on the Wii U!

    Other games from N64 I would like including Mario 64 are probably Mario Party 1, Mario Kart and Goldeneye

  50. @jokergallagher Rare is not the same company. Everybody left because of microsoft’s own bullshit. Spiritualy Killer Instinct is a Rare ip but microsoft says otherwise. Hell I highly doubt Rare would be credited for the new game.

  51. TLOZ: MM, TLOZ: OoT (If still possible after 3DS…), CASTLEVANIA 64!!! Super Mario 64, STARFOX 64!! Yoshi Story… Jet Force Gemini… Killer Instinct Gold! Those are definitely my first wishes, but after those maybe Perfect Dark? Turok? WAIT! Maybe a Turok collection, which would include as many of those N64 Turok games as possible, yeah that would be amazing! Lots of great possibilities…

  52. YES PLEASE. I’d love to have the physical copies of the games though. I’d love to get remakes of Zelda MM and Donkey Kong 64. And this is me dreaming, but I’d could die happy if they remake the Banjo-Kazooie games.

  53. 1. Super Mario 64
    2. The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
    3. Star Fox 64 (with online multiplayer, voicechat+facecam)
    4. Donkey Kong 64 (same upgrades as Super Mario 64)
    5. Goldeneye 007(online multiplayer)
    6. The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask
    7. Pokemon Snap

  54. If Pokémon Snap or Stadium 1/2 came out on the Wii U, if would make me buy the console in a second! Still haven’t invested in one, still haven’t found a title that makes me want to. (Coming from a proud and happy Wii owner).

  55. I’m aware that this is a rumor and all but, just focus on the Gamecube Virtual Console already! The Nintendo 64 got all the credit it already deserves while the Gamecube needs more love and attention. At times like this, I feel that the old 64 is the most overrated console in Nintendo history. -_-

  56. Here’s what I think the games could be on the list:

    – Super Mario 64
    – *****Ridge *****Racer **64
    – ****Wave ****Race **64
    – ****Star ***Fox **64
    – **********Pilotwings **64
    – *******Pokémon ****Snap
    – ****1080 ************Snowboarding

    I would love for Nintendo to give us official word on the HD remakes. I’d def. also want Mario Kart 64 on that list too. There’s a lot of games like Turok and that that would look amazing in HD!!

  57. A remake of super mario 64?!!! YES!! And make Luigi a playable character too! He was originally supposed to be in there any way wasn’t it? And multiplayer too!

    Also remake major’s mask. It would look so fraking amazing!

    And the SNES starfox game, with remixed music and all. It’s better than remaking 64 yet again. Or make a new game. DO IT NOW!!

  58. Super mario 64 was remade for the ds and star fox 64 was remade on the 3ds, along with Ocarina of time. and I don’t think that the will remake games that are still going like mario kart and mario party when those games where on every console and most likely gonna be on Wii U. I could agree on Donkey Kong 64 because the games they make are probably going to be about the story mode and not multiplayer, unless that was in the game back when it first came out

  59. I really think that there needs to be another ocarina of time remake. 3ds was okay, but once they do one on the wii u, they’ll never need to remake it again. Plus they have leftover animations that they can easily redefine. That, and Majoras mask’s animations – they’re very similar. THEN, MY LIFE WILL HAVE REASON. ( just no gamepad Nintendo, we want to use the pro controller for someting. )

  60. The games I would want?
    -Super Mario 64
    -Paper Mario
    -The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    -The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
    -Mario Kart 64
    -Donkey Kong 64 (If Rare would allow)
    -Pokemon Stadium

    Also if they do this they would NEED to upgrade the polygon count. They didn’t in Wind Waker HD and you can really tell.

  61. Hallo warum denn nur 7 :( gab doch mehr als nur 7 Gute Spiele auf dem N64 :(

    1. Forsaken 64, 2. ShadowMan, 3.Perfekt Dark, 4.GoldenEye, 5.F-Zero X,
    6. Zelda Majora’s Mask, 7. Banjo-Kazooie

    8. Zelda the Ocarina Time, 9. Super Mario 64

    Forsaken 64 verdient auf jedenfalls ein Remake so was in HD auf der Wii U wäre einfach nur Gail :D

  62. Rayman 2, Mario Party 1 2 & 3, Rocket: Robot on Wheels, Harvest Moon 64, Gauntlet Legends, Pokemon Snap, F-Zero X, Donkey Kong 64, Mario Kart 64, Paper Mario, Starfox 64, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

    Allot of people don’t remember allot of those underrated titles I mentioned…I really enjoy allot of these but Rare produced allot of my favorite games. Too bad they can’t remake those.

  63. 1. Mario 64 using Mario 3D World engine
    2. Majora’s Mask using Wind Wakers engine
    3. Donkey Kong 64 using Mario 3D World engine
    4. Ocarina of Time using Zelda U engine
    5. Star Fox 64 using Star Fox U engine
    6. Yoshi Story using Yarn Yoshi Engine
    7. Wave Race 64 using game engine in order to show WiiU is no slouch graphically albeit underpowered compared to competition Nintendo still is the master at pushing the hard ware

    I ranked the by most likely to happen. I’d be happy with this list too. It makes the most since business wise to reuse game engines that have already been developed.

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  65. Castlevania: Legacy Of Darkness Remake in HD
    with the level up system, etc.
    another idea…
    a remake of Castlevania: Circle of the Moon 3D

  66. officialmiamidolphinsspokesperson

    Banjo Kazooie

    STARFOX 64

    Majoras Mask

    Pokemon Stadium (all 6 generations in 1 game)

    F-ZERO X

    1080 Snowboarding

    Wave Race

  67. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time HD for Wii U
    The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask HD for Wii U

    with those games getting a remake, Nintendo will have my money! i mean i bought a Wii U just for The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD & a 3DS just for Oot3D.

  68. 1.- Conker’s Bad Fur Day
    2.- Star Fox 64 (Yeah, another remake, but for the Wii U this time)
    3.- Banjo Tooie
    4.- Paper Mario
    5.- Banjo Kazooie
    6.- Donkey Kong 64
    7.- Super Mario 64

  69. You sure this is legit? It was just a rumor after all. Oh Wii U, guess you might be a remake machine after all. But it would suck if Majora’s Mask wasn’t on the 3DS instead.

  70. For those saying they wont make another. Ocarina of Time remake because they already did that with 3ds…did yall forget it was released on game cube too? So it is definitely possible that they do more than one remake. That being said Ide like to see

    -ocarina of time\majoras mask combo
    -goldeneye\perfect dark combo
    -conkers bad fur day
    -and maybe a rampage remake game, thatd be pretty sick

  71. StarFox64
    Kirby Crystal shards
    Super Smash Bros Original 12
    Yoshi Story
    Donkey Kong 64
    Quest 64?
    Diddy Kong Racing

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  73. Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon
    Conkers Bad Fur Day
    Super Smash Bros
    Paper Mario
    Kirby and the Krystal Shards
    Bomberman 64

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