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Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Headed To Japan February 6th, 3DS XL Bundle Announced

dragon_quest_monsters_3ds_3ds_xlSquare Enix has officially set a date for the release of the new Dragon Quest game in Japan. Dragon Quest Monsters 2 will arrive on February 6th, 2014, but the most notable aspect of its release is the announcement of a brand new 3DS XL bundle to go along with the game. The bundle is priced at 24,390 yen and will include the handsome-looking 3DS XL console pictured above, along with a copy of the game. The game alone will be priced at 5,490 yen.

Dragon Quest has been in the news frequently as of late, with Square Enix also recently revealing that the earlier installments in the series would be appearing on both iOS and Android smartphones. No word yet on a possible release of the new bundle in the US.


  1. I’m sorry but this is exactly why the Wii U isn’t selling: they’re putting 90 percent of their effort into the 3DS while Miyamoto smiles his Japanese smile while rubbing his balls on the Wii U trusting in his loyal fans to lick it up.

    1. Yeah and all the best ones are in Japan and they are also region locked. I’m getting real tired of this bullshit.

  2. I want this so bad! And now there are 4 dragon quest games in Japan I really want localized! Do it squeenix! And nintendo get off your ass and do some parenting!

  3. Dragon Quest on 3DS + Special edition XL
    It’s almost as if they were forcing everyone on japan to get 3DSs

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