Wii Mini Arrives November 17th In US


The Wii mini will be released in the U.S. on November 17th. The budget system, which has been available in Canada since 2012, will be packaged with a red Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk controller. One of the Wii console’s best-selling games, Mario Kart Wii, will also be bundled with the smaller Wii. Partly because it lacks Nintendo GameCube compatibility, an SD slot and Wi-Fi support, the Wii mini will retail for $99.


      1. Man, that’s only 10 dollars less than what Nintendo told me it would cost to fix my original Wii that went out. I never had it fixed because it was too expensive, and I knew that brand new consoles was only a little more.

      2. The 2014 Kia Optima has gotten a facelift and want it to replace the 2012 model to boost sells yet dumbtendo is wasting money on a Wii mini and toi dumb the Wii U can play Wii games anyway which is another advantage Wii U has over PS4 but Dumbtendo is too stupid to notice.

      3. lol no suprise but i think he’s just XBOX fanboys just trying to piss off nin fanboy’s but i think he’s just gonna bye wii u make bunch of nasty balls posts thin get banned from miiverse for crap like that

    1. Stick with PS4 bro. This watered POS isn’t worth the buck especially when Wii with all features and 2 Wii Sports is still around at $130.

      1. 2DS is market-oriented WAY better than this Wii
        SInce the WIi stopped production, this is really pointless, but a 3DS with no “3d” cheaper really helps covering ALL the the market possibilities

      1. you are just fucked up in the head…….. those aren’t ur balls or miomoto’s balls either so just stop spaming posts with dat shit

    1. You knew before you bought it… Right? And no gamecube functionality…hell, if it JUST played gamecube games I would have been happy.

      1. I knew before I bought it. At fist I just wanted to play the games without the online feature. But then when I wanted to play online or get DC, I retreated the purchase

    1. Hey buy a WiiU $300. Hey U buy a Wii $100. If they focus and give the WiiU more attention and not U a Wii. They wouldn’t be having this problem.

    2. Hey buy a WiiU $300. Hey U buy a Wii $100. If they focus and give the WiiU more attention and not U a Wii. They wouldn’t be having this problem.

  1. Nintendo has to make money one way even if the wii u doesnt sell well this holiday. Its good to have a back up.

    1. What would’ve been a better idea is to retire the Wii which should’ve been done since last year and apply more software and advertising focus on Wii U to give it a shot against PS4 (fuck Xbox One and its DRM/NSA BS) into next year when more bigger games are coming.

      This miniaturized Wii with its vital features (online, GameCube, VC) stripped out and bundled with a game thats online multiplayer focused on sale Wii is being sold used for $30-50 and new with all features attached bundled with 2 Wii Sports games for $30 more is fucking retarded strategy. Who wants this crap? 2DS may have worked somehow (I still don’t understand why people bought that pointless shit) but they’re pushing their dumb luck with this one and its not gonna work twice.

    2. Not really, it’s such terrible value. Who’s gonna give all Internet functionality to save $30? I can understand no Gamecube compatibility, because noobs coming to the Wii this late will have no idea what the Gamecube is (even though it’s had the strongest library of games of any console), but no Internet. Honestly if people wanna save money they’re better off getting a second hand Wii. Or a Gamecube.

  2. that title should be, piece of shit gimped system arrives November 17th in US. you can literally get the original wii for a fraction of the price of this dog shit system. they made this thing as a collector’s item, nothing more.

  3. The reason for Wii Mini is so consumers will see that if they want online capability and better visuals they will need to purchase Wii U. It’s a great move although the $200 price difference won’t look appealing.

  4. Thank god, I’m sure all those people who didn’t buy a Wii for the 6 years it’s been available would jump at the chance to get this significantly watered down version.

  5. I like to collect stuff like this, so I’ll be buying one. As for others, it’s a pretty good deal. If you own a Wii U, the included remote and nunchuk would run $60 in the store. Mario Kart Wii is still a blast and will hold people over until the Wii U version comes out. If you need the controllers and don’t have MK, you’re getting the system for free!

    1. “Until the Wii U version comes out”

      You know that’s going to be a few months from now, right? There’s no sense in buying a Wii Mini for that when you’ll just have to buy a Wii U immediately after. In this scenario it’d be bettter to simply buy a Wii U so you can play both.

      1. You missed his point.
        MK Wii + Wii Remote + Nunchuk = roughly $100.
        If you want these things, it’s worth getting the mini just for that, even if you have or intend to buy a Wii U. The mini itself is then just a free bonus. Even if you have to buy a Wii U immediately after, you still would’ve paid the same to get the controller and the game.
        Of course that only applies if you want MK Wii.

  6. Who actually wants this thing? No one even wants a Wii or Wii U, why would they buy something that’s even more of a downgrade?

  7. My sister wants to play Wii games but since my Wii died and only have a Wii U, I don’t want to keep moving it. So this will be her Christmas gift.

  8. ^This! No Gamecube, no online, no sale! Who’s great idea was this? They discontinued the Wii in NA, stores are getting rid of Wii space to make room for new systems, and here comes Nintendo filling up that same space with a discontinued item?


  9. Now Nintendo is doing a Sega, becoming too attached to the console that brought them so much success, to the extent of failing to ensure support to the console of the moment.

      1. Nintendo knows what they are doing so don’t worry :) they will sell alot of wiis this holiday

      2. Well, I hope so. I just think they should put as much effort into the Wii U as they did for the 3DS. They don’t seem to be going all-out to save the Wii U. I want it to be a success.

      3. They’re preparing for the discontinue of the Wii U. That would explain lack of support, ads, commercial for it.

      4. I know you’re joking, but that honestly seems like the truth, haha. They need to approach their business with a fierce competitiveness.

      5. Iwata has all but admitted that he doesn’t know what he is doing. The Wii Mimi is a waste and a colossal waste of time. What they should have done is drop the Mario Kart Wii bundle to $79.99. Either that or just pull the plug.

        All this does in further confuse already confused consumers on the Wii and Wii U.

      6. Fanboy. That is the major problem for Wii U. With this watered crap pointlessly standing in shelves, its gonna cost Wii U sales and people are seriously buying the Mini over Wii U when U can do everything Mini can’t and Nintendo thinking everything backwards with their strategy to sell Wii U?

        I swear…people these days are unbelievably fucking retarded. X(

  10. Hey buy a WiiU $300. Hey U buy a Wii $100. If they focus and give the WiiU more attention and not U a Wii. They wouldn’t be having this problem.

    1. Its like they’re not even trying to support their new system anymore.

      I’m seriously thinking about selling my Wii U and just jump ship to PS3/4. This Wii U predicament is getting fucking ridiculous. X(

      1. Why are considering selling your Wii U for a stupid business decision? Sooner or later you’ll regret it.

        I’m keeping my Wii U because I’m waiting on my games to come out such as X and Bayonetta and other nana ounces titles.

        What I’m trying to say is DONT SELL YOUR WII U! Don’t repeat the mistake other people had made!!!

      2. He won’t regret anything. What’s he going to miss ssbU ? (3ds has it) Mario kart 8 ? Not really missing out. X isn’t anything special either. Point is Wii U has nothing fresh and new coming to it. Its just putting 3ds, Wii games in HD.

      3. Shut the fuck up… your a moron and dead beat to your family… STOP throwing your opinion at people like its a fucking FACT. You don’t want a Wii U then fine fuck off… but for you to start telling OTHER people to not get one or to sell there’s because of your shit tackular taste in gaming.

      4. You don’t know what Nintendo is developing as far as we know is that Nintendo is still finishing up their IPs and releasing them soon and secret projects. X is a new IP, and bayonetta 2 am waiting well.

    1. Lately I’m seeing my own favorite gaming company making one dumbass decision after another and its pissing me off.

      I’m about to give up on Nintendo and just move on with PS3/4 man. :( Or I’ll just stick with 3DS since most of their interesting games are on that system alone and has as much support even when it started the same way as Wii U.

      I almost feel sorry for Wii U’s existence. Even Nintendo is neglecting their creation for god knows what stupid reason and its not just 3rd parties giving the system and gamers crap.

  11. Seems the consensus is that this a piece of crap. I think it could be brilliant. By making it red, and smaller, they are really differentiating from the Wii U. If they discontinue the original Wii then it will make sense to me. There will be a clear difference between the two offerings. One will have online, HD, and backwards compatibility with everything the other has..the other will be a bargain basement no frill model that just plays discs. No more confusion. Even if it is pointless to own one as I believe, it will at least put the focus on the Wii U. If however, they don’t discontinue the original Wii, then this is so f’ing stupid and pointless. I think I might be leaning towards them NOT discontinuing the wii for this holiday season but by next year yes. So then there will just be the Wii Mini and the Wii U.

    The 2ds is going to sell very well this holiday season. Not sure why people are down on this. I rarely if ever use the 3D on the 3DS. So I can understand just getting everything in just 2D, and it seems more sturdy and safe for kids.

  12. I just hope Nintendo of America knows on what they’re doing… PLEASE tell me they know with what they’re doing!!

  13. Stupid decision. This will confuse people. Get a $100 Wii or a $300 Wii U? Just wait and see. Parents will get a Wii Mini for their kids for Christmas and Super Mario 3D World…only to find out they don’t work together lol.

  14. Nintendo? Seriously, when you ppl wake up in the morning after a good night rest, what do you think of? (No offense)
    The Nintendo 2ds is much better deal than the wii mini…. And even the 2ds was not worth it at all…..
    Can you please wipe out all current original wii products, and don’t move backwards?
    Instead, please move forward in tech, to make more money :)

  15. Keep in mind the Wii Mini also only supports composite output, so you’re also getting reduced video quality over the regular Wii, which supports S-VIDEO and component. In other words, this will look even worse on HDTV’s than the regular Wii already does (unless someone was foolish enough to stick with the included composite cables on the normal Wii). Plain and simple, the Wii should have been discontinued everywhere so whatever sales would have gone to the Wii might have been diverted to the Wii U, which desperately needs it. This is just adding to the confusion that’s out there and taking up valuable shelf space in an increasingly crowded competitive landscape.

  16. Can’t believe I’m the first person to point this out, but why Mario Kart Wii?
    Last time I checked, the online was a very big part of it, why give a game with a big online scene with a console with no online capabilities?

  17. Seems like a terrible idea to introduce a new model of the Wii at a time when consumers are having trouble distinguishing the difference between the Wii and Wii U. Adding a third layer to that problem is just asking for trouble.

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