Sonic Lost World For Wii U Sold Just Over 2k Copies In Its First Week In Japan

sonic_lost_world_candyLast week’s Media Create sales for Japan revealed Nintendo exclusive Sonic Lost World did not perform as hoped, with the Wii U version failing to even chart. But new sales figures in from Dengeki Online show that Sonic Lost World for Wii U sold approximately 2,076 copies in its first week, making it the number one selling title for Nintendo’s console. If we compare that to the 4,919 copies sold for the Nintendo 3DS where it charted at number 18, there’s a striking difference. And with the Wii U managing to shift a pitiful 2,598 units that week, it’s a poor run for the blue hedgehog. However, he did manage to run rings around Ubisoft’s Rayman Legends, which sold less than 1,500 copies in its first week.


  1. Yay, everyone clap your hands for the way Nintendo uses its mass resources so wise in marketing.

    1. It’s a SEGA game, Nintendo have to promote 3rd party games as well as their own now?

      1. Yes, yes they do, especially when they’re exclusives. That’s why they’re promoted on the eshop as well as I’m the Nintendo Directs, but Nintendo needs some new advertising campaigns to get word out about what their consoles have to the mass market. That’s hard and costs money, but they have it. Nintendo usually let’s word of mouth do it for them, but they do need a trendy meme worthy advertising campaign, like how the Wii had the 2 Asian guys showing up at people’s homes ‘Wii would like to play’ or whatever they said. That was genius, they need stuff like that to get everyone to know what a Wii U is. Mass market attention is very important, even if 90% of the people don’t care and another 9% already have the system, that’s 1 more percent they can gain, and that can add up quickly, also can get the name recognized so people will be curious and maybe buy it spur of the moment, just to have it

        1. No they don’t, if it was W101 i’d agree with you. but 3rd party devs not advertising their games is not Nintendo’s fault.

    2. Why the hell are your testicles shaped like weird jelly beans? And why are they in your hand? O.O Why are you showing pictures of yourself like that? Why are you so weird? God, I’m grossed out now….

  2. it looks like sonic LOST SALES!!!!! nintendo knocks another fucking failure out of the park folks!!!!! it looks like nintendo has failed all of us yet again in crappy games and decisions to get those games folks. all the sonic fags cry because they are the definition of social rejects and cant just accept that sonic sucks or any bad reviews of it.

    well it looks like wii u is becoming even more of a failure and the fanboys are milking the damage control more than mario’s man tits can bear!!!!!

    1. Are you stupid? Ice, stop trolling you hater

      Sonic NEVER sold well in Japan, he always sold in best in EU and US

      so stop blindly hating

      1. I’m in the US and it’s not selling great here either.
        I was disappointed and wish I bought the 3DS version. It’s nothing like Mario Galaxy and just didn’t hold my interest. I bought it after doing a few shots, then the next morning kicked myself.

        Since I downloaded the fucking game, I can’t trade it. :(

        Hardcore sonic fans should like it though, most likely.

        1. Lol why did u buy it and expect Mario galaxy, that is the reason so many critics hated it

          If you buy it and expect Galaxy your in for a rude awakening since its nothing like galaxy

  3. Hopefully things pick up during the holiday season. I know at least three people in my school who want this game but aren’t get a WIi U till Christmas.

  4. can someone comprehensive yet not a drone please explain to me why 3ds had better games in its failed state than wii u?

    1. I would bet because Nintendo and many other Devs could create standard definition games.

      Nintendo is just only recently learning how to develop HD games, which is a double fail since they released their console a year later than they should have.

    2. I don’t claim to know, but I would guess that it was because of the whole 3D aspect. 3D was coming out with 3DTV, movies, etc. and the games were part of that new tech revolution that more developers were eager to jump into. I think they were banking on it catching on. With the WiiU, in most cases, it’s a different version of the same game to develop for, so it’s just more costly in their eyes; whereas 3D could be the tip of the iceberg, if it caught on. Although, I don’t think 3D was a big thing on the whole, the 3DS turned out to be the only really successful platform for the technology – and most people don’t even use the 3DS in 3D mode predominately. I use it about half the time. I love it, but I also play 2D games and all of the other non-3D features (Netflix, music, etc.).

          1. Yeah, because no one knew of the NEW SONIC game that was coming out (Sarcasm). It sold so little in Japan, because first, it got bad reviews and second Sonic isn’t big in Japan anyway.

  5. Lml oh man. Sega keeps trying with their macot but keeps failing. Should have just stick to racing and their crap olyimpic games sadly that’s the only money sega gets.

    1. Or they shouldn’t have made it an exclusive for Wii U. It has too low of an install base of people to sell any where good on it. and since people that own that console want mario games, sonic was ment to sell bad on it.

      1. Stop damage controlling it man it didn’t sell well here in the US either. Don’t make excuses for a game selling bad. It didn’t sell well because the game was an exclusive on Wii U and the game just sucked (played it btw)

        1. What is your source that it didn’t sell in America? Also im not damage controlling by telling you the truth

          And also it didn’t suk, your opinion of it that it was bad but it was a average game that showed lots of potential

          And also did I make an excuse?? No id didn’t I said “You all need to know that Sonic NEVER sells in Japan, you all need to know that”

          since when is stating a fact damage controlling? and why the fuck would I damage control? if it sold like sht it sold like sht, im just telling u, hating on japanease sales for a series that doesn’t sell well in japan is just pointless

          1. Sonic doesn’t ALWAYS sell bad in Japan so you didn’t speak facts. Saying it always sells bad is damage control and false and just a bonus excuse as to why the game didn’t sell well there. Point is if the game was any good it would have sold well at least in Japan. Also I wouldn’t use the “opinion” logic because I can say you’re view on the game is an opinion too. The game just wasn’t what sonic is about, it was slow paste, bad boss battles, and had a non interesting plot. Bad sonic game is bad. (sales show it too)

            1. Did I say bad? No I said he doesn’t sell well, well doesn’t mean bad well can mean average to bad and he sells average in Japan

              First of all, was Sonic fast in the original game? No he is a platformer, slowing him down was a good thing because this opened up more platforming options which is what Sonic is and you can go VERY fast if you know what your doing (just like the original games)

              The boss battles were interesting but bland and too easy and the plot is relatively simple but the way the plot happened through the cutscenes were amazing because those cutscenes were rather well

              Average Sonic game is Average

              and sales don’t show anything (underrated games don’t sell well) example being W101 which is a great game but is underrated and it didn’t sell well

            2. Sonic Lost World is actually the closest modern Sonic game to the originals. People are just way too used to the 3D Sonic games with the boost that they say this game is really slow. Yes it is slower then the past few games but its more like what Sonic originally was was, a more faster then usual plat-former.

  6. LOL at everyone that said this was going to help Wii U sales. This game was a gimmick. Next game to fail on the list is 3D world. Its going to sell ok/good at most not enough to bring the Wii U back. It just doesn’t offer anything unique or special. No intense dialogue, no real storyline, just Mario in a cat suit. Then after this game we wait till SPRING (cuz DKctf is going to flop too) for Mario kart and smash and only Mario kart will sell well since smash is also on 3ds it will shit on Wii U sales. But Wii U won’t make it that far due to the 5 MONTH (dec-April) with NO GAMES and by then ps4/bone will have establishes themselves on the market. Yup Wii U’s time is coming to and end as predicted. People won’t even know it exist by December. Since Nintendo doesn’t advertise, support, or care for it.

    1. who gives a fuck about sales, i want wii u to flop in sales and only sell gamecube status!!!! that is the only way nintendo will learn not to make a shitty system like this and its about the games not gimmicks and casuals.

      time to make a system that is as good as ps4, make account systems, good online systems, get 3rd party. they also need to make innovative games again, create new games like you did with luigis mansion, pikmin and recreate some of your old ips. they need to get more companies like monilthsoft and retro and then they will be good again. also iwata and reggie need to leave to achieve this. the new nintendo is just failure and repeating all this garbage, which they keep saying they wont!!!!!

      1. Agreed 100% if they made it on par with ps4’s spes, offered as many GBs (500) had more online on first parties, dropped the unneeded gimmick pad and AT LEAST make it an OPTION and revive old ips into the HD world. Star fox, metroid, f-zero etc they would have easily dominated the competition with no contest. Like star fox with something like an online death match would have been dope. Metroid with team battles. Like shit give me something new, take advantage of HD, and the online world but alas Nintendo just doesn’t get the memo or listen to fans and for that reason they will fail with the Wii U

        1. Whoa whoa whoa… hold your horses there now will ya – You’re making TOO MUCH SENSE WAY TOO FAST***

          1. How does it make sense? Sony don’t make any money on their hardware, so far they’ve had the resources to cover the losses as long as they’ve managed to sell mass quantities of units.

            Nintendo don’t have the resources to cover the losses that they would incur by making a console that matches those specs.

            The Wii U can actually hold it’s own the information is out there, 3rd party devs are producing “current gen” standard games to maintain “parity” with PS3/360 games.. It’s not the specs that’s the problem, it’s 3rd party politics. Nintendo would be better to move away from AAA 3rd parties more and offer something different, trying to compete in an already saturated market is not going to bring success.

            Competing with Sony and MS who have already split the market (PS2 155 million, PS3 78 million/Xbox 360 80 million) would not be a smart move.

      2. Agreed.
        (But I love the gamepad.)
        They needed to put a little more horsepower in the WiiU, and more importantly, needed to know how to develop HD games AT LAUNCH, not a year after, using Windwaker as the Nintendo Dev HD 101 class.

        1. ^^^^^^^

          he knows what hes talking about, why?? he started playing nintendo from the beginning and actually stayed unlike most people who left because they know nintendo has become shit.

        2. If they used all the money they spent to include a gamepad in every Wiiu to actually improve the hardware, it could be on par with the Xbox One and PS4. They could just have done it and have the Pro controller as the main controller along with the Wiimote plus. It would have been perfectly fine. The Gamepad was a bad decision, it’s too expensive and they had to dumb down the hardware or the price would skyrocket

          1. Exactly its not needed. A standard pro controller would have been fine and if it had something along the line of ps4 specs it would have been even better. They just fucked up so bad with the wii U that it’s too late to turn it around

      3. You want the system to sell as low as their most powerful system? Gamecube is the reason they stopped competing in that arms race because even with that power being on par with the original Xbox it still sold like crap. Even if they did make another very powerful system you wouldn’t buy it. No one would buy it. It’s a shame.

    2. Do you know that Sonic doesn’t sell well in Japan? He never has so you can’t judge besides we are getting Sales from japan constantly and not from the rest of the world. Sonic sells best here and EU

        1. Yea, they even made shit games like Banjo and Kazooie and wasn’t that the time that you said that Nintendo was best? You know when they were getting their ass beat by Sony? You don’t know what your talking about dood, not anymore at least

          You need to stop trolling the fanboys because competent fans will come and shut your crying down

          1. hahaha ok, like nintendo’s best games didnt just fucking destroy playstations games out of the water during n64. sales?? thats never the most important thing. (gamecube) also nes and snes was their best systems, nintedo’s first party was on top of its game in n64. also they innovated their games during gamecube and before, created new and brought old ones too. nintendo is garbage gimmicky crap that milks their same old franchises now and gives us this shit sonic instead of funded you know good games with all that money??

            1. They have always been like that, you just weren’t blinded by nostalgia like you were know

              Ice, game sales don’t mean a thing because the install base was better on the ps1 so best selling game that gen was on ps1

              1. no they arnt like that anymore are you kidding me?? same old mario and zelda which are getting stale and un original, wii fit, wii music and all that other crap. nintendo arnt king of anyhting anymore besides stupidity. oh what we will get another mario kart and smash bros ok. its not about sales it about the games, exactly why wii sucked. it hardly had any good games, it was all gimmicky crap and shovelware.

                1. They were never king of anything, its been the same thing since Mario launched and if you think the Wii hardly had any good games, then boy do I have an article for you

                  Moving on, Yea Nintendo tried some new stuff with the Wii congratz, but saying Mario Galaxy is the same old Mario and Skyward Sword (which is the only game where ppl cared about Zelda as a character) were the same, you do not know what you are talking about

                  You are blinded with your nostalgia of the old times that you don’t see that they operate similar to then except they don’t rule the industry anymore. Ice you say games matter, then why come and hate on an article about sales in a region that this certain franchise never sold well in?

                  1. no, im not. games like xenoblade last story pandoras tower, no more heroes, red steel 2 fatal frame and exite series was the fresh and good stuff. nintendo itself, has been giving us the same old shit and crap like wii music. i know exactly what im talking about. mario galaxy and super paper mario are the only things nintendo brought to the table that didnt feel stale and un original.

                    1. face it Iceeczama you are stuck in the past, no matter how nuch you hate on Nintendo, it wont bring your precious little nostalgia memory into reality, you hide you fear and sadness through anger and denial thats why you troll so much but catch a wake up, you are just being pathetic

                    2. So you want to talk about the shovel ware? Nintendo has always had shovelware shit like that
                      Mario’s voice actor appeared in some teaching game before the actual n64 game

                      You can’t talk about 2-3 shovelware games that Nintendo tried to do something interesting with because those didn’t define the console at all

                  2. “shit games like banjo kazooie”

                    Man you are a fucking faggot. I stpoped reading everything you typed after that. Kill yourself.

                    1. Lol wow, you are truly sad if you thought I was serious

                      and telling me to kill myself over an n64 game? wow, your one of the people that give the industry a bad name

                      Why don’t you read the actual comment because I was making a point and why don’t you read the comment I was replying to?

                      And if you aren’t then don’t reply when you don’t know what your talking about sir., show respect

                2. yo ice don’t debate with lazyanmtor he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and keeps trying to damage control sonic lost worlds selling bad. He clearly was born in the Nintendo Wii era to think Nintendo operates the same as back in the SNES- GAMECUBE era. Back then they made there games for all ages (not just little kids) there games were difficult, not auto easy as like today’s Nintendo games. Everything’s different with them. Now they forgot all there good franchises too. Its not living In the past its telling it for what it is.

            1. Instead of be rude, read my comment in full and read the comment I was replying to because its obvious that it is sarcasm

  7. HAHAHA! The babies said that when the Wonderful 101 would release sales of the Wii U would improve, nope nothing. The babies said that when Pikmin 3 released sales would get better, nope nothing. The babies said that when Zelda Wind Waker HD released sales of the Wii U would increase, nope nothing. With all those failed games the babies said then that Sonic Lost World would be the game to safe the failing Wii U, again nope nothing. Oh well, now babies will say that it will be in 2014, got to keep on waiting for the baby saviour game that will safe the failing Wii U.

    The reality is that only babies are interested in the Wii U, as ever since Iwata got in charge Nintendo only makes baby games. All hail Mr. Iwata and the baby Nintendo company he has created. Gone are the days when Mr. Yamauchi was in charge and Nintendo was a much more diversified company that made games for gamers who aren’t interested in all the Mario and whatnot baby games. Rare, Left Field, Silicon Knights, excellent relationship with Factor 5 (Goleneye, Perfect Dark, Conker, Excitebike64,Eternal Darkness, Star Wars games, 1080°, Wave Race). A variety of different type of games for the ones who aren’t interested in baby games. But the masters in charge decided to sell all their awesomeo 2nd party studios years ago. Only the baby fanboys would say selling Rare wasn’t a mistake. The one studio they have left who could have done something different (Retro) is put to work on another baby game. Oh yeah, more baby games!!! Keep them coming, more baby games, there has to be a baby game that will attract more babies to the failing Wii U.

    1. Hey can you blame him for calling their games baby after they advertised 3D World? They should have used the trailer.

      1. What’s the point of defending Nintendo they make baby games when Dumtendo advertises their games all wimpy like babies feeding trolls? Dumbtendo should have advertised that trailer they put together in Aug. From NSMBU to Bayonetta 2. That will sell hardware and software not advertising for 5 year olds. It almost makes an adult ashamed to say he is a Nintendo fan.

    2. I don’t think anyone on their right mind would say selling Rare wasn’t a mistake. You need to be completely retarded to think that.

      1. It wasnt mistake imo. Rare was turning into piece of shit. Perfect Dark Zero the shitty sequel to Perfect Dark was in development for GC at first, then the project moved to Xbox then to 360 when ms bought them. All the key devs who were responsible for original PD were left to form Free Radical entertainment (now known as crytek uk) before PDZero were in development. List goes on. Rare was turnin into shit. End of story.

  8. I like how he mentions Silicon Knights, Eternal Darkness actually bombed, “sales wise”…

  9. im thinking Nintendo does its own thing…forget about what our customers want and …..ask larry..the retarded parrot….lets see our customers don’t want another Metroid, Zelda, or final fantasy or any rpg game ,…but larry saids they want puzzle games …… and a smaller size wii and a new version of ROB the robot….wait, nevermind larry said no on ROB the robot…

  10. it has nothing to do with promotion sega fucked up and now is blaming nintendo when the truth is nobody give a fuck about sonic anymore lets not forget you was giving lives in the game as dlc and your launch day was the worst a week before the launch you had batman arkham orgin.then you did not notice that ac4 was released the same day and cod ghost a week later thats 3 major blockbuster title’s, no way sonic would have survive it was death from the beginning.

    1. I’m actually surprised at how many Sonic games get made nowadays. I don’t know anyone that has played Sonic in years.

  11. Well, I bought it and I like it. It’s no Sonic Adventure Battle 2, but It’s MUCh better than that last Sonic game I played… Sonic and the Secret Rings (GAG ME!!!!)

  12. Ever since the wiiu came out, things have still not looked good. I thought they would’ve gotten better.

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